Monday, 22 June 2009

I'm back.....kind of :-)

Whilst I might be back physically I am definitely not here in spirit.... I hate it when vacations come to an end and reality kicks back :-(

We only had a week so only managed 2540 miles this trip but we did manage to see a pretty big chunk of the Southwest.

I have a couple of thousand photos to sort out, a bunch of laundry to do and a weeks worth of mail to sort, trash and file. I'll be back later win the week to show you some piccies and tell you all what we got up to.

In the meantime this pics is for you MiniKat......they are normally on the side of the road, which was where we were looking, but this was on the median so Mick turned around so I could go back and take a photo for you :-)

More piccies to come !


  1. welcome back Jayne, look forward to seeing your pics its the nearest I'll get to the southwest !!
    looking forward to hearing all about it :0)
    julie xx

  2. Uck, the horrid laundry on the return from holidays!!!
    Glad you had a smashing time, lovely to have you back even if youd much rather be still on holiday, wouldnt we all!lol Kate xx

  3. My mountains!! Thank you, Jayne!!

    You were about 4 miles from my grandmother's home when you took this.

  4. Only 2540 miles. LOL

    Patiently waiting for piccies.....:-)

  5. Getting back to normal :-)

    Piccies are up at least now....everything else could wait !

    Kat there are some more pics now. We drove around a fair bit so likely was even closer to your grandmas house.

    Next time you come with us :-)

  6. Oh hell yes! That is, if I can make it down there.

    Grandma makes the best salsa on the planet and has an awesome view of the mountains from her back yard. :-)

  7. must try....before we move on to Australia lol.

    We can sit in Nanas back yard, eat Salsa and drink beer together :-)


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