Monday, 1 June 2009

Can you guess....

.........What I am making now :-)

Actually this might turn out to be something bigger than originally planned.

Although I find making the wire forms fairly simple, they do have a tendency to run away with me and what sometimes starts as a bonsai becomes a tree !

I had forgotten how fiddly these were to make.....rather arrogantly, I thought that since I'd completed Nikki's foxgloves that anything else would be a doddle....perhaps not :-)

* * * Be sure to check back in tomorrow when I will be having a giveaway * * *


  1. Im going to guess a wheeping willow ........and one day I may be right!! lol Kate xx

  2. I'd say it's something in the bonsai family of cherry trees for Sans. ;-)

  3. Already looks amazing..I wonder what it is?? hmmm..

  4. :-)

    Well will be weeping...but not a willow. One day you'll be right though :-)

    Sans and Kat...yes it will be a blossom :-)

    However, I made it too big for a bonsai so this will have to be a weeping cherry bush.

    The new bonsai form is drying !

  5. Ok, I was going to guess weeping willow but I guess I was wrong too. A weeping cherry bush would be beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished.

  6. Happy Birthday, Jayne!

  7. Thank De :-)

    A weeping cherry bush will be beautiful...if I can figure it out :-)


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