Thursday, 28 May 2009

Random pics

No mini's today.......I really must get cleaning.

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos with you from our travels.

Cayucos, California.

My first visit to the US and my first night here.

Is it any wonder I went home, sold everything I owned, quit my job and moved back here.

Santa Monica Pier

Malibu Beach

San Francisco.

Alcatraz at night...that was one cold boat trip back across the bay but there was no way I was going inside and missing that view.

These are all pics of places local to me here in California but keep could be your town next :-)

Actually, it could be quite interesting to see what I took photos of where you live...we tend to miss the beauty on our own doorstep !


  1. Jayne, they are beautiful. You must come take pictures of my dollhouse, hehe. How come some people have so many talents? It's not fair!

  2. Gorgeous flowers, you have such an wonderful artistic eye. Love all the colours.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  3. is easy when I have all of these wonderful places to photograph :-)


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