Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Barking mad

I really must be. I knew this would take some time but I've been at it all weekend and still haven't emptied the the room.....ack.

It wouldn't be so bad if we were moving in to a new house but once the new furniture is in I have to move everything back in.

It hasn't escaped my attention, nor Mick's but really how can someone who make such tiny things as I do have so much. I seriously need to be ruthless about what comes back in here.

And, apparently, one of Micks objections for moving the workroom to the bigger room was that within 6 moths I'll just have crammed that room as full...he has a point :-)

Anyhow, my back is sore and I need to sit down so I thought I'd show you all some pics.

These are my desks. The one on the left bends around the corner and is about 7 feet long one way alone. The little one I might put in the bedroom for bill paying, doing taxes etc. There is nowhere else for it to go and the filing cabinet is in there anyhow do it isn't as if I will be ruining the ambiance. Mick wants to set up another computer in there....obviously 2 pc's between 2 people is not enough.

This is Micks lab bench...it is a beast of a thing. and it took 5 guys to carry it into the yard.

And that isn't all of it....the thing on risers on the right here fits on top. It has it's own 2 tube fluorescent light fitting on top...and 20 electrical outlets :-)

All of that computer stuff is Micks....I think he believes one can't have too many computers but that is all going to recycling.

And here is where I am at...still a long way to go but getting there slowly.

Every little drawer, shelf, nook and cranny has to be emptied :-(

Mick is taking tomorrow off so we can get it all into the house. All the furniture is so big and heavy that we have to dismantle it and reassemble it when we get it in here.

I might be back in a year :-)


  1. But it will be much nicer once you have everything in place. I swear I'd be there to help if I was anywhere within the area. I'd bring beer and chocolate! ;-) And probably FH to heft things as well. ;-)

  2. Ah thank you...sure you don't fancy a vacation to Ca...blue skies and 78 degrees here today :-)

    Beer and choccie would make it seem much less like work lol.

    I swear, next time we do anything like this it will be because we are buying a house. Moving around all the while is fine when you are young but I am getting too old for this and perhaps it is time we quit being so irresponsible and settled down :-)

  3. Oh, Jayne, I feel for you! My back and feet are killing me!! I must have tracked up and down the basement stairs about 50 times today . . . I just hope I make a big wad of cash this weekend at my garage sale! Again . . . good luck!

  4. At least you have the chance to make some money...all I'll make is one grumpy wife :-)

    Good luck with the garage sale....and remember.....if it don't sell leave it on the curb :-)

  5. I really do not envy you but I'll think of you and send good wishes. That's the sort of work that I'd never do unless with a gun on my back.Good luck

  6. Really feel for you Jayne but it will all be worth it in the end ! That table is brilliant :0) I'm getting a new kitchen this year and the only thing putting me off actually getting started is the fact my work room is part of my kitchen and will have to all come out .......aaarrgghh ! Hope when I see yours all finished and fab it will give me the push to get started here ,
    hope this time next week you are sitting all smug in your new workroom drinking that beer as you create another mini masterpiece :0)
    julie xxx

  7. God. loads to do. I'd not know where to start.
    Last time i swapped two rooms around i was in a right pickle. I found it so dfiicult taking everyting form one bedorom and outting into the other and then again taking from that room to the other. Everything got mixed up, there wasnt enough room for moving an inch and i spent 3 days in tears... lol.
    Never again.
    Hope it gets done quickly for you and all goes well. Take a good rest though.
    Nikki x

  8. Jayne,

    I also wish I could come help you! Of course, my hubby would never let me because I tend to come home with things people don't want a lot. I am a horrible pack rat! I don't think I could stand to see all that Mick's company is just throwing out. I hope that you get it all sorted out and are still able to walk upright! Don't forget to take a break once in awhile!! Maybe with chocolate and beer :)

  9. I have just a minute before the computers get unplugged :-)

    Nikki...that is one of the problems...if we were moving house it'd all get boxed properly and put in the garage or in a truck but storing it just while we switch about is a real pain.

    My stuff is a lot but then there is all Micks stuff as well...I was trying to sort it as I went but it was taking too much time so everything is everywhere now.

    Thanks for all the offers of help. That would actually be a load of fun and you'd all go home with loads of minis :-)

    Right...best get off here and moving again.
    I'll post pics soon.

  10. Hi Jayne. I wanted to email you but i'm having problems signing into my account. My son is downloading something and because its so big i can't sign in. If i do manage to sign in by the time i send the email it times out. Aol isnt brilliant at the best of times.
    Just to say if you can invoice me for the foxgloves i will pay straight away.
    Hope your moving around is going well.
    Nikki x

  11. Please find an award waiting for you at my blog, I love following your blog

  12. Jayne, I hope you don't sprain any important parts with all that moving. Mick's workbench is lovely. You should claim it.:-)

    What a LOT of stuff!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and great photos. I moved my workroom once and I really took my time moving so that I would know where everything was...it took me ages. It is fun though if you like organizing. All the very best with your move. You will feel so good!!
    Mini Hugs, Jean

  14. Hows it all going Jayne? Hope you are all in abit more order onw and getting things sorted so you can get back to your minis! We have an award for you on our blog when you get a chance to go see! When the computer goes back online youll probably have loads of them to collect! lol Kate and John xxu


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