Friday, 22 May 2009

And I'm off...again !

Just when I get back started :-)

Mick thinks we need a vacation....after the last few weeks he is definitely right but we are already planning on a small to middling size trip in the general direction of new Mexico before the end of June.

He, however, thinks we should go somewhere this weekend.

Me, being as irresponsible as he is tends to agree...any excuse for a trip right :-)

So, unless the sense bunny comes and slaps either of us this afternoon I shan't be back till Tuesday.

Not too sure where we'll end up....we have covered pretty much everything within a few days drive in the southwest already.

Hmmm...wonder if there are tickets available for Santana in Vegas for this weekend.


  1. Have fun! Hope you can get tickets! -ara

  2. Jayne hope you have a wonderful break.. Enjoy yourselves.

  3. There's a great hobby shop in Vegas that FH brings me presents from occasionally. It's called Dansey's. ;-)

  4. Bummer...Santana doesn't start till next weekend :-(

    Oh well that'll keep for another weekend away. Vegas is only a hop skip and a jump from us.

    I've seen Danseys online and it looks huge but I can see how the conversation will go. Honey we can't really afford a weekend away but we can afford a spree at a miniatures shop :-)

  5. If you do get away Jayne I hope you have a wonderful time. Hobby shops in the UK are generally crappy and the last time I visited my Dad (he lives near Seattle) he took me to Michaels, kiddie in a sweetie shop.
    Debie xxx

  6. How funny...I miss Hobby Craft ...I think that was the name. There is a huge one in Tamworth. And I think Micheals is pants :-)

    Do you ever got o Jennifer's in Walsall...I am not sure which side of Brum you are in but that shouldn't be too far from you. That used to be a real good dollhouse / railway / scalextric store.

  7. Drat the luck...we get you back...and then you head out again!!! Have a wonderful time...

    How about Mendecino on the coast...lovely! Vegas is nice to...but will be super crowded...WOW..Santana...I forgot that he was there for the next few months...COOL!!

    Whereevr you go...enjoy yourself and be careful


  8. I know...tough life I live huh :-)

    Mendecino would be lovely but is probably a bit far for 2 - 3 days.

    I'll do that on my fall up PCH to Washington state :-)

    Santana is one of the few people who I really must see and have never seen. Pricey but I bet it is worth every bean.

  9. great to see you back even if it is short and sweet ! have a fab time wherever you head off to, look forward to hearing about it when you get back,
    julie :0)

  10. OMG SANTANA! He is not to be missed! Go to New Mexico, come back and head out to Vegas for his act. Be irresponsible, you only live once.

  11. Thanks for visiting my little blog and signing on as a follower! I love your work-- it's stunning! Love the lotus flowers-- and the blossoms in your banner too!
    Oh! I saw Santana in 1982 when they opened for The Police. Believe it or not, they got boo'd off the stage! It wasn't that they weren't good. It's just that the crowd was really there for The Police, and Santana just kept playing, and playing, and playing....crazy, eh?

  12. Well for once in our lives we took the responsible approach...shocking huh :-)

    We are going to have a decent vacation soon though so that's OK.

    Hi Jill and thank you very much.

    Santana booed off for The Police...oh my !


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