Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Not my usual pretties !

Well the lotus didn't get finished laid plans and all I thought I'd share some pics of what I was playing around with a few weeks ago.

These plants are very much outside of my comfort zone but I do think I could have fun with this.

The making of them is no different to making any other flowers. The main problem I seem to have is that my imagination just doesn't flow very well in the 'spooky' direction so coming up with ideas is hard for me.

Also, I am in the habit of trying to make my usual flowers look as realistic as possible and I am struggling to let that go with made up plants like this.

I know they don't have to look real because they don't exist but I still find myself thinking in this way. Perhaps it'll just take practice.

Anyhow, this is my floozy plant.

She has been around the block more than her fair share and is a bit of a man eater. Very rough round the edges and definitely more wrinkly and dead than not but she still puts on her biggest smile in the hopes of attracting something.....anything.

You know the kind I talk about.....past their prime but still sit around the bars looking for the leftovers after all the young chicks have taken there pick....that's her !

This is Drax.....# 1... because I need to have another go with this idea.

I wanted his leaves to be vine like and fall in a cape like fashion. I think perhaps I need to go with larger leaves. I also wanted the leaves around his head to stand up like a collar. The idea is there I just need to change the design.

And this little plant is based on Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.

This was the first 'odd' plant I made and I had the most fun with this one. Probably because I could just copy and idea that was already there rather than think of my own :-)

The coffee can is not identical to that in the movie but very similar.

I will make a more grown version of him soon but wanted to start with the baby one.

He now belongs to Nikki now.


  1. I love the floozy plant and Audrey 2. They are scaring but nice to look at. More dangerous for this reason I suppose.

  2. I love them!! I hope you make more like these. If you ever need ideas for spooky, shoot me an email! ;-)

  3. Jayne, these are adorable in a spooky way! Audrey rocks, lucky Nikki, and as for Floozy..well shes superb, that flirtacious smile is so cheesy and wonderful!! Well done you!! Kate xx

  4. Jayne,
    These are all amazing! I have to say that the floozy plant is my favorite because I love the cheeky grin- like she is up to no good :)
    You do such outstanding work- I wish I could be a fly on your studio wall and watch these creations come to life! I think your transition to spooky is a complete success!!

  5. Jayne, I love them all. My fave is the Floozy. Can't imagine why.:-) It seems like this a very good way to exercise the ole creative muscles in between crafting your life like flora.

  6. Jayne I love them, The Little Shop of horrors is one of my favorite films. Make more I am sure you will sell ooodles of them.
    Debie xxx

  7. Jayne, they're great! Too funny! The kids just love them!

  8. Hi Jayne. It's great to see you back and busy after your break away and what a fantastic spooktacular return. I know i missed you.
    I have not shown anyone the Audrey plant you made for me because i can't get a good photo, so if its ok with you can i pinch your photo?
    I'm ever so proud of my Audrey and so in a mad hurry to get the witches house built and put Audrey and the foxgloves in place. I wish that day would hurry up.
    I love your floozy sunflower and she really makes me laugh. I have no doubt witchy/spooky lovers will be after these new plants. They're such a hit! Her teeth are fantastic.
    Drax is absolutely spectacular and i think when your are finished with him and further tries to get him how you want he will be the best vampire plant ever. We all know you are a perfectionist and always prodding and poking, but at the moment i think they are perfection.
    Will look forward to seeing your lotus complete too.

    Did you ever see the carnivorous cabbages Debbie made? She sent me some to add to my witches veg plot and they really are brilliant. Can't wait to plant them too.

    Look forward to your spooky updates!

    Nikki x

  9. Thanks…I wasn’t sure what you’d think of these :-)

    I am glad you all like Floozy and even more that you can see what I was aiming for. I am very pleased with her…cheesy grin and all !

    Rosanna…yes she looks harmless but watch out !

    Oh I’d love ideas… …thanks Kat.

    Kate…adorable is Floozy’s secret weapon.

    Kim…I’d love you to come work with me…I would any of you. It would be so much fun to teach you how I do things. Shame I didn’t know you when I lived in MN :-(

    Patti…no I can’t imagine why she’s your fave either lol.

    Debie..I shall make more to sell when I have a minute. You know I’ve never seen the Little Shop of Horrors movie. Guess I should now.

    Mercedes…glad the kids liked them…guess they aren’t that scary after all. Hope Liberty doesn’t get nightmares about a man eating sunflower now !

    Nikki….Of course you can pinch the photos she is yours now :-)

    I think Drax will be a fab vampire plant…just need to figure out how to make him a bit better.

    No I’ve not seem the carnivorous cabbage…I’d love to. I have the Chinese chomping cabbage…is that what it is called from HP ? I have it on my to do board.

  10. I think they are on my March page. mayne feb.

  11. Cool...I'll go searching :-) Thanks.

  12. I love the floozy plant as well. She looks like the plant version of my doll, Dot. :-)

  13. LOL, excellent! Great smile on the floozy and I love reading your descriptions.. a man eater, so funny!!

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  14. I love it!!. It´s a worderful work!!!.

  15. First of all I want to thank you for your visit to my blog and following it. I was a bit aprehensive when I read that you were into flowers and plants, but that's all gone now. What a lifelike quality they have! And when I read this blog I had a big laugh. they are all so humoristic. And yet, when klicking on the image of Floozy, the details on the leaves and everywhere else blew me away. Her laugh is infectiouness! She (and her friends) have made my day. Thanks!!

  16. Hi Debby

    Absolutely no need to be apprehensive :-)

    I am glad you like them. I must get round to putting them up for sale.


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