Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sacred Lotus Pond

Finally, a day without interruptions and I managed to finished the sacred lotus pond.

OK so they are water lilies but the Indians call it the Sacred Lotus which I think is a much nicer name :-)

It measures about 4" long tip to tip and about 1 1/2 inches wide. The base is a beautiful and delicate crackled finish.

It is difficult to see the 'water' in the photos because it is so clear but I promise it is there.

I partially sunk some of the leaves into the water and the others I sat on top of the water. These are not glued on...I figured I'd leave that to the person that got this so she can decide where to place them herself.

I am really pleased with this for a first try which is unusual for me...I think it is really pretty.

I will be making more of these both in this style of pond and others that I can find or make. I will make them for sale but custom order only. I think I may also offer to make individual flowers and leaves so people can buy them to place on ponds they might already have.

Hope you all like it :-)

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Well 2 posts in one day from me....that's a first. Now i can spend the rest of the week vaccuming and mopping...not that I want to you understand but we have friends coming on Saturday so I ought to. Nothing like inquisitors to make me clean...surprised Mick hasn't cottoned on to this yet :-)


  1. The sacred lotus pond is lovely and I like that name far better as well.

  2. Oooh Jayne this is marvelous! I love every bit of it, the container, the flowers, the leaves. Boy didn't the water turn out amazing?

  3. Thank you Doreen...It is much prettier a name isn't it.

    Thanks Patti..... I like marvelous :-) I am very pleased with the way the water turned out. I was a bit nervous but there was no need to be.

    I am adding water to everything from now on :-)

  4. Ladies, sorry, that's mine! woohooooooo! Be sure to sign it , I want the water to read "Jayne, the High Priestess of Bonsai/ Sacred Lotus" lol! LOVE IT!

  5. ROFLMAO....I'll see if that fits :-)

    I am honored it will be in the palace YOU are building !

  6. Jayne, WOW, that turned out just beautifully! I love how you 'dipped' some of the leaves into the water. It's so realistic!

  7. Congratulations the pond is so beautiful. I love the waterlilies!!!

  8. It's beautiful! I thought of San's palace when I saw them. I'm glad they are going to live there! :-)

  9. Jayne, you have done a wonderful job...I love them!!! I love how some of the leaves are under the water, you have made them look so real.
    Regards, Linda

  10. Jayne the are so tiny and delicate, you surpass yourself. I think there will be a lot of people who will want these.
    Debie xxx

  11. These are abso-tively beautiful! Thw water is so sparkling clear....mine usually turns out yellow. Great job! I just love these.

  12. Wow,I love your sacred lotus pond,ad you have made so many...beautiful!

  13. This is so gorgeous! Hope your cleaning goes quickly- nothing like company coming to get a person motivated. I think that is when my house gets the cleanest :)

  14. You've got the lovely blog award from me and yes, I am totally bias with this one..haha!

  15. Thank you all so very much :-) These are very close to being my favorite piece.

    I spent ages studying photos of them and found that many of the leaves do sit just below the water level which is what led me to do the same. And they look really good though the water so I am glad I did that.

    It was Sans who inspired me to make them….all that talk of India on her blog got me going :-)

    Cleaning....hmmm…haven’t started yet…but I will…soon :-)

    Thanks for the award Susan !

  16. How very pretty, Jayne!

  17. Exquisite Jayne!!

    Mini Hugs, Jean


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