Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Where we live.

Well, the sense bunny did come and slap us so we stayed at home last weekend after all.

We had so many things to do about the house. We keep ignoring because we choose to go off and play instead so we decided to stay here and get them all done.

So.... the grill is spotless, plants, veggies and seeds are planted, we have shelves to put our outdoor speakers onto and the bike is sparkling.

It wasn't all work and no play though....we did go check out some of our local places.

I shan't be taking 3 days off from the computer in a hurry again though...it will take me all day to answer the emails that came in.

So no lotus pond piccies today....it is nearly finished so I should be able to post them tomorrow.

In the meantime here are some piccies from where we live. We are lucky that our immediate area is so pretty there is no need to go more than half a mile down the road :-)

Lake Perris....I could walk here and I should....but I never do.

Downtown Riverside. The Mission Inn, the old Courthouse and the Chinese Pavilion.

Such a beautiful town and I should have explored it before now.

Martin Luther King statue...such a wonderful work of art.
His entire body had carvings in it.

I shan't' bore you all with my photos but if anyone is interested in looking at more pics of our travels around America please feel free to visit my album here.

I keep them all on myspace as it is just simple to have them in one place for family and friends to see.


  1. Lake Perris looks so lovely! Beautiful pictures. Sometimes it is nice to take a vacation at home :) Sounds like you are ready for summer now :)

    I can't wait to see the pond!

  2. Wow! You do live in a beautiful place!
    Weell done! getting all those odd jobs out of the way.

  3. Oh, I bet it feels good to get so much done around the house! Well done!

    Glad to see that you got in a little fun too! We live about 1/2 mile from one of the lakes in our area too . . . which I don't make it down to often enough. Perhaps 'Roxie' would like to go for a ride! LOL!!

    You live in a beautiful part of the country . . . thanks for sharing!

  4. Jayne, wow, what a beautiful place, and tsk tsk you should go walking around that lake LOL.
    Debie xxx

  5. Beautiful photos. My fave is the Martin Luther King statue which is fantastic.
    You have superb scenery around you and i dont think i'd ever leave. I'd love to live somewhere like this.
    It was also nice to see pictures of places i send my mini's too.
    I loved all the architecture pictures and theres a beautiful building on your downtown section. The windows are spectacular.
    Nikki x

  6. What gorgeous pictures! I would walk to the lake if we lived near one. So pretty! :-)

  7. It is beautiful down here...but it is beautiful in many many places as well.

    Here I just love the Spanish / Catholic influence and all the adobe and Missions. So wonderful and so much history.

    And I love the fact that the weather is nearly always wonderful....blue skies everyday ...can't get more perfect than that.

    But we can find beauty any part of the world ...just have to go looking for it.

    I come from a very industrial city, Birmingham in England. All the canals and canal houses, all the Tolkien history, the foundries, the old coal mines....even in areas so industrial they got named the black Country there are wonderful things to look at...and take pics of... & I love to take pics as you may notice if you looked at my myspace albums :-)

    And yes....I should get off my lazy fat bum and walk the lake. I do walk but only round the block...often though :-)

  8. You took those pics?? I thought they were postcards! Jayne, maybe you can part time between minis and photography- serious. Who needs to walk if you have that much talent ..lol. Actually I am all for exercising every 36 hours.

  9. yes...all my own work :-)

    I am a very amateur photographer who, for the most part, have no clue what I am doing but once in a while get something reality good.

    Perhaps one day a week I'll put some of my photos on here.


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