Sunday, 3 May 2009

Soooooo....whats' next.

Actually, while I was waiting for my paper to arrive I have been working on something else which I'll share pictures of soon.

It is something I never ever thought I'd be called to do but some of the blogs here got me thinking and I have really stepped out of my usual comfort zone.

In the meantime I have lots of other things to do...a complete redo of our workroom for starters.

Mick's company recently closed down the branch where he worked and have transferred him and the other engineers to a larger facility 60 odd miles away. The new commute sucks but what can you do….at least he still has a job.

Anyhow, due to the fact Mick has broken his back more than once, he has problems sitting for a long period of time. So the company bought him this ‘super duper orthopedic, ergonomic, won’t cause back pain chair.’ worth around $400.

He went to pack it up to take with him and was told he couldn’t as it didn’t match the color scheme in the new building. Excuse my French but WTF !!!! I thought he worked for a medical company not Martha Stewart. Even the fact that he is an engineer, works mainly in a lab and won’t be in view of any members of the public didn’t change their minds and they are going to buy him a new chair.

The good news is that I am now sitting on the aforementioned ‘super duper orthopedic, ergonomic, won’t cause back pain chair.’ :-) When he bought it home I was expecting to see this fluorescent lime and pink colored thing that would clash with their color scheme. And after all of that, it is very boring neutral beige / grey color…give me a break guys.

It is pretty comfy I have to admit. I still haven’t figured out what all the levers and knobs are and to say it is adjustable is somewhat of an understatement.

Anyhow, as it transpires, the company are not taking anything with them. Can you believe it…..what an obscene waste of money….now I understand why medications are so expensive. And it makes me wonder, if this company is doing this, how many others do the same. Scary to even think about it.

So we are now the owners of a whole bunch of stuff. Desks, workbenches, shelves, filing cabinets, chairs, enough stationery to last me 2 lifetimes and a ton of electronics stuff that I have no idea where we’ll put it let alone what it does. Mick and his buddies are out there with a UHaul right now.

It is all hugely expensive, top quality stuff we are getting and I would have much preferred that they took it with them and laid off one less person with the money they would have saved :-(

Still, if we don’t take it, it will end up in a dumpster and I guess it goes some way towards them no being paid any extra to travel more than 100 miles extra a day. Still just seems really wrong to me.

But now we have to figure out where to put it all. Our workroom is the small second bedroom. I have thought about making this our bedroom and using the master bedroom as the workroom…big patio doors, windows, skylights the lot…it would be fab and where the rules that say your master bathroom and closest have to be off the bedroom you sleep in :-) But, alas, this little room is so tiny I doubt we aren’t able to fit the bed and 2 nightstands in it and still be able to walk around it all.

So, for the next week or so we have to sort out and move things around. Mick cleared me out more space in the garage so some of my stuff will go in there. Between all my bits and pieces and all of Mick’s electronics and scientific equipment we have so much ‘stuff’.

The thought of sorting and moving all my stuff is more traumatic than making foxgloves but it has to be done and I need to start before he gets back this afternoon :-)

I’ll be back with my new work soon !


  1. Show us the CHAIR! :D. If I own it, I will put a sweet pillow, maybe an ethnic ok, Indian sari over the chair so that it will match my mood!

  2. Wasteful and lacking sense... sounds like a big company to me. Ah well. At least they are buying him a "properly colored" chair. And you get some new worktables, chairs, filing cabinets...

    If I lived closer I'd ask him to find some shelving for me. ;-)

  3. I will show you ALL of it when it is finished Susan :-)

    Kat...a HUGE of the largest in the world in fact. I don't even want to imagine the waste they create globally. Shocking.

    Shelves....take them....please.

    I suddenly have this feeling we have bitten off more than we can chew...or at least taken in more stuff than our little house will hold lol.

    Ah least there is the good ole American practice of putting stuff on the sidewalk and finding it gone next morning :-)

    We put out a very nice leather chair last night and hey vanished.

    I have to admit, as a Brit who is totally unaccustomed to this kind of strange behavior, I was rather embarrassed at leaving it out there but it did the trick and Mick got to say 'Told ya so' :-)

  4. LOL, I put out a microwave circa 1978 with a "free to good home" page stuck to the front last summer... yeah "gone in 60 seconds" is not a movie reference around here :)

  5. He he :-)

    Even after 5 years here there are still American 'customs' that I am not used to. I have only just got over my embarrassment to use coupons lol

    Our old vacuum was from outside someones house and it lasted years after Mick picked it up. I think it will take me a another few years here before am am brave enough to actually take something off the curb though !

  6. LOL!! I had to get used to those 'in the night vanishing tricks' too! Coming from Canada where that sort of thing isn't done takes some getting used to!

    I'm going through something similar, Jayne. Brian called me from work this morning saying that the 'town' garage sale is this weekend! Yikes! That means I have to clean out the garage (after a cold winter, who knows what lurks in there?) and get everything sorted out in the basement and then cart it all to the garage. Can anyone say sore back?

    Anyway, good luck with your project, Jayne! Wish me luck too!

  7. Good luck indeed....that is somthing I don't envy.

    Although I hate our garage because of all the black widow spiders hiding in there....creep me out big time.

    I'd love some kind of posh shed to work in in the garden but then I think of those spiders and quickly change my mind :-)

  8. Oh, I know what you mean! We don't have black widow spiders here (at least I don't think so), but what creeps me out big-time are mice! I hate them and wouldn't you know it . . . I came across a mouse nest in an old trunk in the garage today. I didn't stick around long enough to see if there were any mice in it . . . that's a job for Brian!

  9. No you are safe from Black Widows up there :-)

    Last week just as Mick was going out to work there was one hanging just above his head from the garage door. Lucky we say it else he'd have put his helmet on and it might have bitten him trying to get out. That would be very nasty as Mick has no immune system.

    I always check my shoes before I put them on as well lol.

    @ days after we moved in we had a spider on the fireplace. Oh my that beast was was 4 or 5 inches long. We had no phone, no internet and Mick was at work. I spent the day outside just coming in every few minutes to make sure it hadn't moved. I would not have slept here with it on the lose.

    I can't remember what it was but it was harmless and Mick wanted to just leave it here....erm NO.

    Mice...I'll take those nay day over spiders...especially big or dangerous spiders !

    Are you anywhere near Door County...we spent a lot of time there when we lived in MN...I love it.


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