Friday, 1 May 2009

Foxgloves.....all finished...really :-)

Oh my goodness.....I cannot believe I have finally finished these foxgloves.

This has been a journey of sheer frustration, a lesson in patience, many temper tantrums, and yet I came out the other end with a huge amount of learning and satisfaction under my belt.

Had I been making these for myslef or just to list for sale I'd have given up long ago. I am glad I was making them for Nikki simply because it pushed me to finish something I would otherwise have wimped out of.

Right now, I cannot make up my mind whether I am sad to see them go or glad to see the back of them :-)

These have so consumed my every waking minute for these last weeks that I feel kinda lost now and am not sure what to do with my hands...I am sure I'll find something....maybe housework even...that'll please Mick :-)

For my first attempt I am fairly pleased with them. Will I make them again ? I have no the moment my answer is definite NO. I do have 3 partly finished ones here which I planned on keeping but whether they'll get finished is another story.

Anyhow, here are the photos. You may notice the colors look slightly different between the pics. This is just due to different lighting conditions. it is so sunny here that outdoor pics are difficult yet indoor pics aren't lit enough. Also some of the flowers have got knocked out of place slightly as I was moving them to take pics...not that they all should be in perfect position...each flower is wired and can be moved however Nikki chooses.

It was difficult to show all the detail. Each flower is spotted inside. Each stem has the remnants of blossoms that have dropped off leaving nothing but a bit of leaf and stamen. Each stamen was cut from fine thread, painted and tipped. Many of the leaves are caterpillar chewed or dying off.

And there is a little detail in there that I've not mentioned..perhaps someone will notice it :-)

Hope you like them Nikki.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me on this journey...
I have
truly appreciated ever single comment.



  1. Jayne,
    They are truly outstanding! You do such fine, detailed work- Nikki is going to treasure them. I think I see a little bee behind in one of those flowers :)

    I cannot wait to see what calls to you after you take pity on Mick and do that housework :)

    Hope you have a calm, restful, sunny weekend!

  2. Hi Kayne.

    I can see the bumble bee doing his work. Lovley touch and just perfect.

    I think you are a wizard and have magic hands. They look 100% real and i'm totally in love with them.
    I couldnt have wished for more even though i know they have caused you much frustration. I couldnt wait for them to be finished yet i also wanted you to stop because i was full of guilt. I know how it feels when something proves dificult and takes much, much longer than expected and to have carried on shows you must have loads of patience.
    Thank you so much Jayne for making them and just hope my witches house does them justice.
    I should get to work on the ground and roof so i can be nearer to planting them.
    Debbie is also making me some flowers for the pond area and ground, and mixed in with my sun flower and hopefully other little bits i can create the scene thats in my mind.
    Thank you once again Jayne and i will be in touch with you.
    Nikki x

  3. Excellent job Jayne! I love all the detail you've put into them and I applaud your perseverance! And I think I can spot a little bumblebee's bum in one of the flowers...;)

  4. Kim has been quicker than me in this spy game. There is a bee inside the central flower on first row. I do not know how to show my feelings. They are so incredibly beautiful! they really shout their beauty in every tiny spot and little detail. You are truly an artist and have eyes which look beyond the surface.Thank you for sharing with us the making over of these incredible flowers.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Jayne! All of your hard work definitely paid off. And I agree with Kim about the bee. :-)

  6. Well, what can I say, they are absolutely stunning!

  7. They are unbelievable, and I don´t understand
    how it is possible to do such flowers! I
    see two holes in one leaf, so I am guessing
    on a snail who has now moved on to one of
    the flowers!

  8. They are fabulous! I knew you could do it! :-)

    I'd offer to take you for a beer if I was closer. ;-)

  9. Truly amazing Jayne! They are beautiful and the detail is unbelievable. I see what I think is a caterpillar inside one of the flowers. Fabulous work!

  10. They are breathtaking Jayne, Nikki is going to love them to bits. Wonderful!

    Debie xxx

  11. Yaaaay! clap clap clap They look fantastic!

    I see a bee too. Well done as always you.

    Maybe next a tree?

  12. Wow Jayne - they are phenominal! I would never have the patience you did when making them. I thought the insect inside the flower was the caterpillar that had been eating the leaves but it could also be a bee. Which one is it? The flowers look so real and your perseverance paid off.

  13. Phenomenal work, Jayne. They are so lovely in every way.

  14. Ohhh so many wonderful comments....thank you all so very very much. I am beaming like the Cheshire cat here :-)

    Yes it is a little bumblebees bum :-) It came to me in a dream...not that I became obsessed with them or anything :-) I though it was a cute little touch.

    The leaves do have little snail and caterpillar bites in them...I decided against leaving a slime trail.

    I am so grateful for all the encouragement I have been given on here....I really am. Considering I resisted blogging for so long I have met so many wonderful people and thank each and everyone of you (((())))

    Oh and i just had an email from lady who had Googled "what do foxgloves look like' and Google bought her to my funny is that :-)

  15. They're just so awesome what more can be said. Love the little bee bum sticking out!

  16. Thanks :-)

    I just wish I could have got better photos...they are so much better in real life.

  17. Jayne, I must have seemed like I was talking through my nose when I said (like a long time ago) that I had all the materials for making a foxglove. I now know I do not. I feel awe and amazement and a little sadness (must confess) when I look at your foxgloves, knowing I can never achieve greatness like this. BUT I am glad we get to know each other a little because being in the company of greatness is greatness itself! ;p.

    Anyway, I seriously look forward to your next project. You have made me love foxgloves. It will inspire greatness!

  18. What can I say jayne, these are absolutely stunning !! I cant quite believe they have been made by hand and not grown !!!
    The little bumblebee is the sweetest little touch that just makes them more special.
    I've heard of green fingers but you have something extra special in those fingertips to create such wonderful work
    julie xxx

  19. Exquisite, they look wonderful! It has been such a pleasure sharing in your creativity.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  20. .. excellent!!!!! outstanding job!!!


  21. WOW! they are fantastic! absolute perfection :o)I don't think I'd have the patience to finish something like this (..... or even know where to start LOL) thanx for becoming a follower too :o)

  22. Jayne, I think the lady that googled 'what do foxgloves look like', couldnt have come across a better example. After all you must be the best person to ask with all your intense studying of them and careful intricate work on them, so yep you'd be the perfect one to ask!
    They look awesome, cant wait to see them in situ in Nikkis garden. Bet your so proud, and also pleased they are well and truly finsihed!! Well done you on such great perserverance , patience and fabulous work!! xx Kate and John xx

  23. Hi again Jayne. Yesterday i had really sore eyes which i think is caused by the rape that grows around here, and at the moment all you can see is yellow. So my vision was not great.
    I'd also lost my good glasses... lol

    Now my eyes are a little better and i've found the glasses and so come back to have a closer look.

    Yesterday i thought they were out of this world but today now i can see better i just can't believe how you have put so much detail in.
    All the colours, the leaves, the dots, the dead little bits of leaf and all the tiny little buds are beautiful.
    How on earth you bring all of these together and without a trace of glue is beyong me.

    I'm now going back for another look and thank you once again Jayne.

    Nikki x

  24. Jayne, your foxgloves look so real I had to take a double-take! They are truly breathtaking! I love the little bee's butt . . . I took a picture of that exact thing last summer in my garden. I tried to find the picture, but remembered my computer crashed earlier this spring and I lost everything! Oh well, your little bee reminded me of a beautiful moment! Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. WOW they are so delicate and wonderfully made, you have magic in those fingers.....truely amazing work

  26. Morning everyone

    Sorry I didn't get chance to say thanks yesterday but I was busy running around and sorting next blog post will explain why :-)

    Nikki....I thought you liked them first time but if you like them even more now...well that is splendid :-)

    Sans...go on give it a go :-)

    As for patience...well I actually have very little. However, one of the things making these have taught me is to be more patient which I fell is a good thing. Now perhaps I'll tackle something even bigger.

    Mini Madwoman, I am glad the pics bought back good memories for you. What a shame to have lost your photos :-(

    I am so pleased everyone has been able to share in this...makes it much more fun !

    Now....what to make next :-) I have to take a break for a week or two but I do have some other pics to share soon.


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