Tuesday, 2 June 2009

~~~~~~ Birthday Giveaway ~~~~~~

Today is my birthday and to celebrate I am giving away this little pot of daffodils.

To get in the drawer for a chance of winning is really simple.

Just post a comment telling me what flower you would love to see created in miniature.

And, if you have never seen them in miniature before, all the better.
Just let me know that as well :-)

Caveat lector - I may not attempt all these idea...
but if I do you'll be the first to know :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Well I have reached the grand old age of 42.

Now, that might not seem old to some of you, and I agree I have a long way to go yet.

I was 10 years old when Elvis died and I remember the day as if it were yesterday. He was 42 and I was 10. To me back then 42 seemed sooo old and now here I am at that age.

My Mom is a huge Elvis fan and, oh my, she was devastated.

I spent the entire day at school in tears…..I didn’t even know why I was crying.

After all I didn’t know Elvis. I was just crying because my mom was upset.

Back then, my Mom was only 33 but I remember being really worried that there were less than 10 years till she was 42.

Of course I can laugh about it now....a lot... but back then it really worried me.

We took my Mom to visit Graceland a couple of years ago and I was sure she’d go to pieces. I even joked with Mick that she might throw herself on his grave and refuse to leave. But she did so well….I was the one crying.

Anyhow, I think I’ll do a tad better than poor old Elvis…..fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches just ain’t my thing :-)

I’ve had a good 42 years and have no plans to stop. I don’t feel old and hopefully I don’t look that old and haggard yet :-)

So, get those comments coming…..I will pick a winner at random by the end of the week.

And rest in peace dear Elvis.

He was pretty hot huh :-)


  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a blessed day and life. (Personally I think violets would be nice in miniature)

  2. Jayne- Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I would love to see alstromaria lillies in miniature, but hope you don't pick it because it would be very fiddly and you would curse my name millions of times. They are just about my favorite flower though :) Hope your day is grand!!!

  3. Thanks jx2 :-)

    Hi Kim...don't worry....I might never make them....always good to get new ideas to keep me on my toes though.

    I promise I won't curse anyone :-)

    I rarely look at other peoples miniature flowers because I don't want to be subconsciously influenced by them....I figured this way i could find out what people would like to see made.

  4. Happiest Birthday to you! My mom loved Elvis too...

    ok - here we go...staying in theme (addams family) ... I'd like to suggest Cleopatra (the african strangler). She's Morticia's favorite plant... I am not sure if she's a flower though. here's a photo:


    She somewhat favors this desert plant/flower:


    Although my favorite flower is tulips :)

  5. Happy Birthday Jayne! I would love to see Peonies in miniature. They are my favourite flower and in bloom such a short time.
    Yes, Elvis was a hottie. That is something I never appreciated until I was older and he was long gone. If you see his movies today you can understand what all the screaming was about.
    Enjoy your day and eat some cake!
    Susan (Susan's mini homes)

  6. Happy Birthday! Have a great day. One of my favorite flowers is lily of the valley. I have not seen them in miniature - at least not in detail.

  7. Happy Birthday, Jayne. I love lilacs. The pale purple big bushes are my favorite.

  8. Happy birthday to you! 42 is a great age, trust me!If you don't mind I'd love to see fully bloomed artichokes. They are a favourite veg of mine and they make wonderful, big violet flowers.
    Oh, I forgot, I mean the ones with thorns on the leaves,not the Roman tipe wich are far less interesting both in taste and appereance.
    Best wishes again

  9. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you ,
    Happy Birthday dear Tallulaaaaaaaah
    Happy Birthday tooooooooo Yooooou!!
    Trust me its better in print than listening to me sing!! LOL
    42 is a good number and according to the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, its the answer to life, the universe and everything!!

    I absolutely love iris's and am sure I've seen them in miniature somewhere before but can't remember where, or maybe it was a kit..... either way I can remember thinking I'll get them when I finish my house in a few months LOL that was several years ago and still I dont have a single finished house yet!

  10. Have a superb Birthday Jayne, what a great age, Ill be 42 next year too!!
    I love Oriental Lillies but would love to see the Germini Daisy, I adore them, red or pink, they just look so splendid in a bouquet! Have a happy day and hope you get spoilt rotten!! Lots of Hugs, Kate and John xxx

  11. Hi Jayne.

    I too remember the day Elvis died and my mums friend was in floods of tears. I too cried because everyone was crying. I built my very first wigwam (linen cupboard building) the same day and it triggers in my mind when i see them now and all the crying. I must have been 5 or 6. Elvis and wigwams go hand in hand to me.

    Do you realise what you have done? Imagine asking people to name a flower they would like to see made. You will have them all saying foxgloves or something equaly as hard.
    Hope nobody says apple blosson or something else that really will need to be tiny tiny for scaled work. Or tiny daisies. It will just make you want to get making them.

    Its a beautiful pot of daffodils and whoever wins is one lucky person.
    I won't enter because i feel the luckiest person around to own your foxgloves already. It would seem unfair for me to do so.
    Even though i will not enter how about a ring of daisies like children make as jewellery... lol.

    Good luck everyone. Jaynes flowers are so beautiful and little treasures to own.

    Oh yes, i fogot to tell you. I planted the wildflowers seeds you sent and waiting for them to grow. I'm watering every day. Nobody would believe they would grow from the paper sheet you sent. Its a fab idea.

    Good luck with the competition. When will the winner know? Look forward to it.

    Nikki x

  12. A 'Bleeding Heart'
    They are so pretty.

  13. Yep, The King was definately The Man! I saw him live at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in 1972. Had a front row seat because the security people always put the young gals (us 20-somethings) in front. He was still in good shape and the show was fabulous!

    Have a lovely birthday, Jayne. I've seen lots of flowers in miniature, even some tropical ones, but I don't think I've ever seen a Bird of Paradise in bloom in miniature. They're so exotic that they don't even look real in real life!

    Anyway, whatever you may choose to do, I'm sure it will be beautiful. Those foxgloves were outrageous! What a challenge and how well you rose to it.

    Enjoy your day!

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  14. In my best Elvis voice....Thank you very much :-)

    OK, I need to go edit this post to say that I might not be able to make any of these lol :-)

    Ara, are there any better photos of Cleopatra the plant or do you know what kind it was.....I am liking that idea very much.

    Susan...you should check out Josje's ponies....I cannot possibly compete with those...they are truly amazing.


    Or Sabihas.....gorgeous


    Doreen...I love Lily of the Valley too...i tried once a long time back but those little bells are sooo tiny. Maybe now I am a bit better at this I should try again.

    De...I love lilacs too....great big lilac trees....hmmm.

    Rosanna...you're having a laugh aren't you my dear. I just looked at blooming artichokes.... how on earth could I possible recreate the center of those lol.

    Wendie...of course it is the answer...trust a Brit to remember that :-)

    I've seen Iris and kits somewhere as well. I have some fab new pencils (Thanks Nikki) and was thinking of trying Iris again.

    You are the opposite to me...I have a house...just not enough time to make flowers for myself. And your singing was pretty good by the way...at least in my imagination :-)

    Kate...spoiled....not a chance :-) Now Germini Daisies look a piece of cake :-) Oriental lilies...I have one pink one of those here that is in my reject drawer but again, with my new fab pencils I think I can have another go.

    Nikki - Elvis and Wigwams lol...funny how our brain connects memories.

    Yes I realise what I have done...that's why I did it :-) It is much more fun to get ideas here than sit and trawl the internet.

    A daisy chain...I made one of those some time back...wonder what happened to that. I make it for a fairy necklace. I think I'll make another, thanks for reminding me.

    Hope your wildflowers flower...I should plant one myself really shouldn't I lol.

    The winner will be announced on Friday.

  15. Feliz Cumpleanos, Jayne! I hope your day is as lovely and spectacular as your miniature creations! One mini creation I'd love to see is magnolia blossoms--my favorite flower. The catch is that they grow on trees...so if you go for this one I guess you'll have to make an entire tree. But I'd be happy with just one blossom, too!

  16. oh, yes, I forgot to say: I'm positive that Elvis is still alive and well!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday, Jayne! Many blessings to you this day! Trust me, 42 isn't old . . . wait until you get to 49 with 50 looming! LOL!!

    I would love to see you make some peony's just because they're so blooming happy in my garden right now! There are so many varieties that I'm sure one of them would be challenging enough for you!

    Thanks also for giving away something on YOUR birthday . . . that's very thoughtful!

  18. Jayne, truly I'm not laughing, I know they are tricky but it is my BLIND faith in your abilities which made me speak. Can I change it with a smelly bunch of fresh basil leaves? they speak of home to me.Again many many happy birthday wishes

  19. Jayne,

    Here is an episode of the addams family where they have a vet examine Cleopatra I believe. (if its not this one let me know!) But this way you can even see her in action.


    If you attempt her please please let me know!!! I would be very interested!! I need her for my conservatory :) hugs -ara

  20. Mags...ever since reading your blog I've been thinking of bleeding hearts :-) I am still not sure how I'd get the fullness of the flower...everything else seems fairly easy. there is a kit available from someone but the flowers are too 'flat' for my liking.

    Tabitha...you saw Elvis....wow now I'm impressed. All I got to see has the holographic Elvis...that was pretty good though and I cried all the way through that as well :-)

    I've made a lot of Bird of Paradise plants... one of my faves. If you look at my website on the gallery page or at the slideshow at the bottom of my blog you'll see them.

    Mary - Magnolia trees...hmmm....yes I am seriously considering one of those. Aside from the sheer size of the trees I think they'd be pretty easy to make. Our street is lined with them...so pretty. The only problem I had when I had a play about was scale...those flowers are huge...at least the ones here are...when I made them to scale they looked wrong.

    Teresa....peony's are stunning flowers. I will do them one day but really Josjes are so beautiful.

    Rosanna......blind faith lol. If you can think of a way to make all those little spikes let me know :-)

  21. I'm really thick.

    Do you know i forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!
    All the Elvis talk and flowers!

    Happy Birthday Jayne and hope you have a lovely day.

    Best wishes... Nikki x

  22. Don't forget the wigwams and thanks :-)

    Ara...I'll check that out shortly and let you know....I am very interested :-)

  23. Happy Birthday, Jayne!

    You do know that 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, right? ;-)

    As far as any new flower ideas go, I've had another one that would go well with the spookier theme we were discussing before.

    A corpse flower. Good thing we don't recreate smells in mini very often. Ugh.


    But I've never seen one in mini and it is spooky/creepy. So there you go! :-)

  24. Thanks Kat...I do :-)

    Now you're talking....Rafflesia arnoldii ...I have a pic of that on my board already along with the Titan arum - I'd loev to do bioth of them.

    And Mick has even said he could reproduce the smells for me :-)

  25. Oh I just realised how that sounds lol...Mick wouldn't produce the small personally...although I am sure he is capable lol.

    He would mix up one of his mad scientist potions :-)

  26. Ara...that is the clip...about 17 minutes in.

    It is hard to see though still as it is mixed in with that floral arrangement. It looks to me like it is just one long bendy stem though...do you think ?

  27. Hi! Happy birthday to you and thank you for your story, it was a good read. I'll be 38 next Christmas, so coming right behind you...

    I'd love to see dandelions, lilies of the valley, clovers, lilacs and forget-me-nots in miniature, all impossibly small, but familiar to all. Bigger ones would be hibiscus, camellia and magnolia. Also I love branches of apples and cherries and plums in miniature and have not seen many.

  28. Happy Birthday Jayne, may the Birthday Bunnie bring you all you wish for. Have a lovely day. Lots of Love
    Debie xxxxxxxx

  29. Yeah... they keep everything pretty scrunched up in there.... I think she might be a mix of a bunch of vines coming from one pot but with just one head maybe? They don't show her in any of the movies... but they do have a vine that captures people so I don't know if that's supposed to be her? She's not a very pretty plant is she? - haha! I guess this means you could interpret her however you please :)

  30. Hanna - I have made dandelions before...not sure if I have pics of them it was ages ago. Forget me nots are beautiful. the problem with the real mall flowers is not cutting my fingers when I cit them out. Some are so small I can barely hold them.

    But, I never thought of just doing branches...wouldn't that look pretty in a vase.
    I always got with he entire tree...silly me...branches would be so much easier and I could offer them much cheaper....thank you.

    Debbie...the birthday bunny was very nice to me this year :-)

    Ara...my own interpretation...gotta love that way of working lol. It has gone on my board and I'll be thinking of it while I get these current orders done. Watch this space :-)

  31. Happy Happy Birthday Jayne....42 is a delightful yet puzzeling year to be... to young to be considered an 'older woman' and to old to be a 'teenie bopper' ...you have reached a perfect year...light side of 40's...remember a woman is like a fine wine...with each year she ages more to absolute perfection!
    As for flowers...I would LOVE to see Gardenias... but then a lovely cactus in bloom would be brilliant. I have seen few good ones out there...if you need photos to work from...I'm your gal!!


  32. Hi Jodi

    Funny but I was just thinking about you...I got a gift certificate to an ebay store that sells sculpting supplies :-)

    The light side of 40....I loev it :-)

    Gardenias...hmm...I think I have one of those in my garden but it is only about a foot tall. Could be something to do with the fact it is planted in only about 3" of soil. Looking on the internet, it seems there are many different varieties of them as well. I'll go check you blog to see if you've posted any pics of yours.

    As for cactus...well....yes I would love to be able to make them but have never been able to figure out a way to get the impression of fullness or how to get that many spines on them.

    I think they would be best made from clay than paper and as yet I am useless with clay :-(

  33. Oooo here is a thought...how about Agaves they could be made wonderfully with paper...and many of their blooms are long center stems with flowers or 'bobbles' at the top...would be a challange, but I have never seen anyone do it...

    Again...I have lots of pictures for you


  34. Oooh piccies would be great...I've not heard of those :-)

  35. Jayne, Happy Birthday hun!!! Your lovely daffodils, are well...just lovely! And that pretty blue pot...hmm I can see them in my mom's quilt shop *wink, wink* Just kidding hun. I personallyt love Stargazer Lilies...those and white roses are my absolute favorites. Hope you have had a wonderful birthday. :-)

  36. Happy birthday, just dropped in for the first time. Defenitly will visit again.I also saw peonis in someones blog and they looked beutiful in miniature as in rel life.

  37. My dear Jayne, my nieces and nephew have just sung "Happy Birthday to You" in 3 languages, English, Malay and Mandarin just for you. Can you hear them? Anyway, Happy Birthday,my dear.

    When I turned 40, I decided I was going to do something to mark the big 4 and ran the marathon ..whole 42.37 (whatever) km. For each km, I thought about that year of my life and the milestone. At 33km, my mind went blank and I think I was just running to my heartbeat..lol! Couldn't walk for 3 days after that.

    Although you know the flowers I will like made in miniature eg birds of paradise, daffodils (hey looky, its the prize), cherry blossoms and sacred lilies, what I will like is Saffron Corcus because I am making a scene which will feature saffron :).

    Just so you know, my dad's rendition of "my wooden heart" sounds exactly like Elvis Presley's.

  38. I wish you a very happy birthday!
    Crafty Hugs

    PS: your daffodils are great, I think I'd like to see anthuriums in miniature

  39. Good luck! The most beautiful flower is a dahlia in my opinion, I would see it like the thumbnails

  40. Happy birthday yesterday, Jayne. Hope you had a nice time.

    I am probably too late but I would love to see you make white heather.

  41. Dearest Jayne,

    The very best of birthday wishes!!!!... all the way from Australia!!!!
    While the birthday is very important, the number isn't...well that's working for me anyway!!!
    Hope you had a fabulous day!!

    When it comes to what flowers to make, I think you have to choose something you are passionate about, making somthing you don't like is just a chore!!!....

    Linda x

  42. I am so late ! jayne I hope you had a fab birthday , been sqirrelling away here getting ready for some shows and am catching up on blogs this morning. Hope you had a wonderful day and yes have to admit Elvis was pretty hot :0)
    julie xxx

  43. Disarmywife….hopefully your winking brings you luck.

    Mirel, thanks for popping in. I bet those peonies were Josje’s or Sabiha’s…both very beautiful.

    Sans, tell your nieces and nephew their singing was beautiful. What lucky children to be growing up fluent in 3 languages.

    Can’t see me running a marathon. I am very impressed you did though..wow !

    Have your Dad come over and sing to me please :-)

    Thank you Eva, I have added those to my pictures file. Lovely flowers.

    Maija, dahlias are lovely too….I have thought about making a spooky black one as well.

    Joyce....ah heather lol. Pretty much the same concept as foxgloves but much, much smaller and in larger quantities...we’ll see :-)

    Linda..you are so right…it has to be flowers that I am drawn to and love myself.

    hey Julie..thanks and good luck with the shows.

  44. Hollyhocks would be lovely. I like the powderpuff kind. Pink and yellow are my favorite.

  45. I would love to see some Scottish Thistles if you could make them. They really are beautiful.


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