Friday, 5 June 2009

And the winner....

.....of this cute little pot of daffodils is ...................

~ ~ ~ ~ MINIKAT ~ ~ ~ ~

Sorry to all of you who didn't win.....but there is only 1:-(

I picked the name totally at random from all who posted a comment. It had nothing to do with what plant you suggested or whether I liked it....otherwise you'd all have won.

Well most of you. Some of you appear to think I can work miracles with bits of paper lol.

I was going to show you all the little bits of paper but my camera batteries are dead this morning.

Thanks so much for was fun and I'll be doing another one of these giveaways at some point.

Kat, will you email me please with your address and I'll get these in the mail tomorrow :-)


  1. Congrats, Kat! Wasn't it lovely of Jayne to do this?

  2. Congratulations Kat!! I know you will be so absolutely thrilled :).

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-)

    Mary and Sans are both correct. I'm fantastically thrilled and it was absolutely wonderful of you to have this wonderful giveaway.

    You've made my day today, Jayne. I do not know if I can thank you enough! :-)

  4. Lucky girl! the daffodils have found a happy house.

  5. Brilliant, and congratulations to Kat!
    I think your flowers are fab and Kat is so going to love them!
    I left a message for you on my blog after you asked about the leaf veiner. Its the last comment on the third post down.
    Nikki x

  6. You are very welcome Kat...I hope you'll love them. I got your email and will reply now :-)

    Nikki...I just this sec emailed you too :-)

    I am sorry I couldn't send all of you was horrible actually picking out a name knowing there was only one prize :-(

    I'll do another soon I promise.

  7. What a wonderful prize to win!!!! Congtatulations to Kat!!

  8. Felicidades a Kat. bonito regalo.

  9. Congratulations Kat, waiting to see what you do with them when they have traveled across the miles.
    Debie xxx

  10. Well done Kat, look forward to seeing where you put these beautiful Daffs! Thanks for the lovely idea Jayne. Kate xx

  11. Congrats Kat.... If it could not be me...I was happy it was You!!

    Jayne you are so sweet for offering such beautiful treasures...


  12. I was more than pleased to do it.

    Just wish everyone could have own :-(

  13. congatulations to Kat and thanks for letting me participate!
    Crafty Hugs

  14. You're welcome Eva....maybe next time you'll win.


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