Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Painting The Roses Red 2

As much as I'd love to, there isn't going to be much point updating the making of the rose tree on a daily basis. On most days, although I will have worked on it, nothing will look any different. At least not for a while anyhow.

This picture basically shows how it looks after a couple of coats. It still needs more coats to hide the twists in the wire. Although I want it to look gnarly like a rose tree I don't want to be able to see any wire twists in it....never seen a real rose bush look all twisty :-)

Then I need to start making leaves....lots of leaves...and each one needs to be cut, painted, veined and colored round the edges so please don't expect more pictures too soon.

In other news my kitchen sinks are blocked. Both sides, the sink and the garbage disposal. I have Draino in there now and am hoping that will do the trick.

A plumber will be the last resort because I am sure this is my fault...well it has to be...Mick never goes near the sink lol. As he was trying to plunge it last night out popped a paintbrush....ooops !


  1. I had to laugh that you had a paintbrush down your sink! Sounds like something I would do! The tree looks great so far. Anything that is done so well has to take time and love to create. Besides, the wait makes it so much more exciting when we do get to see the next picture. I hope your sink unclogs without the expense of a plumber. I'll be crossing my fingers today for you!!

  2. hahahahahaha....'out popped a paintbrush" too funny! The rose bush is looking great!!

  3. Too funny was not Mick's reaction lol.

    I think I convinced him it was in the washing up water and I had only just used it...truth is I have no idea how long it was there :-)

    You all understand I am sure...our brushes are so flippin tiny of course they'll fall down the plug hole !

  4. Omg things like that are usually something I do.
    Hope it gets fixed soon.
    Debie xxx

  5. I understand too well...I lost coffee spoons down the drain, not only paintbrushes...but up to now nothing hapened...I keep crossing my fingers

  6. I know what you mean about the bushes being small enough to go down the drain. I'm glad Mick isn't too vexed with you.

    I hope the Draino does the trick. Plumbers are expensive.

  7. Oh I love it!!...the rose bush too...but the paint brush down the sink is a classic, I bet I know what type of 'look' you recieved from would be very close to what I would get from David....Oooops!

    Thank you for the early morning laugh!!

    I'm enjoying seeing the progress of the rose bush!

    Regards, Linda x

  8. Well I am glad it gave everyone a smile if nothing else. No Mick wasn't vexed with me.....not until we have to call the plumber anyhow.

    Regular Draino isn't working so he's stopping on the way home to buy Super Draino MAX lol.

    I really really hope that works :-)

    Rosanna our plugs have pretty small holes....I couldn't lose a spoon in mine. That's what makes it so odd.

    I am wondering if it is clogged up with acrylic paint !

  9. The rose tree is looking great already. Paintbrush huh? My biggest item down the drain was a pair of knickers (no idea how!!). Quite embarrassing when the plumber fished it out..


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