Saturday, 11 July 2009

Mend All Mighty Glue

Anyone ever heard of Mend All Mighty Glue or seen it in any stores...googling doesn't bring up much except the manufacturers site and that doesn't say where to buy it.

It is supposed to be excellent for using as a wigging glue.


  1. I've never heard of it. I use GRRRIP or Fabric Tac for my dolls. :) Marsha

  2. I am always always on the lookout for good glue. 3M Super Extra Bond ?? is supposed to be good as well. But I like the name Mend All Mighty better.

  3. I've not heard of it before but will go and have a search for you.

  4. Found these. Hope they are the right glue.|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A30|293%3A1|294%3A30

  5. looks like another PVA type glue to me, just based on the manufacturers site. The higher resin content probably makes it "tackier" so the mohair grabs quicker. I remember using something called "Super Tacky" or "Super Tac" once that came in a jar; our mini group used to call it "cold hot glue".

    Anyway, I'd send Linda an e-mail and ask her where she gets it. Or I'd contact the company directly for a retail source. I'm thinking you might find it at a shop that specialises in products for the woodworker or possibly even a hardware store. Good luck.

  6. Never heard of it Jayne...

  7. Thanks everyone...I am on my way out of the door but I'll see if I can find out how my freind heard of it....that might give us a clue.

    Thanks Nikki...that first website is the right one but there is no info on there about buying it. The other 2 are 'As seen on TV' specials - similar names but not the right one...thanks for looking though.

    Tabitha...yes contact the company...that's a good start...thought I'd ask here first.

    Email Linda ? Linda who lol. You've lost me there.

  8. hehehe....sorry Jayne. I thought you had gotten the idea for Mend All from here...

    So that's who I meant...Linda Smith. I think you can reach her via her blog. She has apparently been using this product for her wigging a long time.

  9. Jayne.....heard from Linda Smith...

    "Hi Susan,

    Thank-you for writing today. Within the materials list for the tutorial is a link to the product's website with contact information, I've not been able to locate it at a retailer either. I recently had a friend who had contacted them and was able to order from them direct.

    I purchased mine years ago through Karan Schneider of

    She may be contacted at:

    It is a poly resin glue which bonds the hair to the polymer very well and without any shiny effects, which is why I swear by it for all hair applications.

    I hope this helps."

    But I'd still try the company for a retail outlet. Geesh, if it's THAT good we should all be using it!

  10. Thanks so much Tabitha (((((()))))) I've didn't have chance to check in here this weekend not chase this up anywhere.

    I heard of it through a freind who had in fact seen it on that blog :-)

    It does sound really good...I'll email the company and let you all know.

    Thanks again.

  11. OK Jayne...found your question...sorry to not answer sooner. Yes indeedy I have not only heard of this glue but have been using it for several years now...9 to be exact. The trouble is...I really cannot tell you where to buy it... it is always sent to me via fellow artists/ friend and normally from back my guess is it is a glue primarilly used in the east. I have had people tell me they find it in hardware stores...not art/craft stores.
    It is a fantastic glue...a Resin white glue and VERY strong...stronger than any other white glue I have used including Tacky. I have for years told other artists about this it is my main glue for wigging my dolls.. so many others use it now for this purpose. If when I make my 'Score' again (sounds like I am buying drugs) I will get you a bottle as well if you like...a little goes a long way...Oh and also it is the ONLY white glue that super bonds leathers and fabrics...and they stay bonded..

    Hope this helps


  12. Hi again...

    I just read some of your comments... and had to laugh...I see that Karen Schnider was mentioned ...she was one of our students in California many years ago....9 to be exact...LOL.... and she is the one who originally turned me onto the Mend All Glue... great gal and I do hope she is still selling it. I think I might have told Linda Smith about it years ago and how I use for the hair without any shiney after look...funny how things go around and around when mentioned...LOL!

    Possibly we should get several artists together to order a larger amount through the company (if you can't find it) I believe when I contacted them last...they said wholesale and large orders only... hopefully the company has changed...


  13. Hi Jodi…thanks so much for popping over :-)

    Fancy Karen being one of your students…it is funny how things go around…and I think we just started it all again lol.

    How strange it isn’t easily available. I can’t even find a seller online, even on Karen’s website.

    Well whoever orders it should have no problem reselling it lol. I emailed the company 2 days ago but haven’t’ heard anything as yet.

    If you manage to ‘score’ then yes I’d love a bottle…hope it isn’t additive:-)

    I am sure I’ll do fine with regular glue for wigging… it will be my first time I won’t know any different….besides I don’t even have an armature made yet so I’ll be some time.

  14. Guess where I first heard of Mend All glue? Jodi.:-) Several years ago in another forum. I searched far and wide for it then with no luck. This time I'm not gonna give up. Must have Mend All...

    Jayne, You will be less frustrated with your first wigging if we can get our hands on this stuff. It is so aggravating to deal with shiney glue bits amongst the hair.

  15. Roundy roundy we go :-)

    I do wish the company would hurry up and rely !


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