Monday, 13 July 2009

Fit for a King

I recently made some flowers for the Maharajahs palace.

Sans has done some really clever photograph using these pieces.....take a minute to go over and check it out for yourself here

My Maharajah's Palace Day 83

You have seen most of these photos but there are a couple of new plants on here I've not shown yet.

Now, back to working on my next piece....the rose tree....this time
fit for a Queen :-)


  1. All so beautiful Jayne. What a treasure to find in the mail- I am sure Sans was overjoyed! I love the bowl in the last picture-did you make that too? Beautiful! Every single time I see that lotus pond I fall more in love with it- it just makes you feel peaceful by looking at it.

  2. As you know by now, I am head over heels. Your kokopelli has been featured in another story as well and I think there will definitely be frequent appearances of your flowers in my stories even if the palace is not up yet. I am so thrilled with the silver bowl , I want to make 100 for the

  3. Wow I am truly in awe of your mini flowers...are you self taught...are there any books or websites that you'd recommend to a beginner? I would love to learn to make flowers even half as pretty as yours.

  4. Jayne, they are superb, so tiny you are a very gifted mini gardener :O)
    Debie xxx

  5. Oh wow! gorgeous flowers! And the photo's taken by Sans are great as well :)

  6. Your work is beautiful! I am so impressed by the intricacy of your creations. I am now a follower and so look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. As always they are absolutely stunning Jayne. Palace perfect!

  8. Thanks very much :-)

    Sans my dear friend. I am so pleased you love it all. The bowl is easy…you can make them no problem.

    I am honored my flowers will be featured in your blogs :-)

    Kim, yes I made the bowl...dead easy. It was a couple of bead things glued together. I painted the gaps with stained glass paint to color it.

    I think I'll make some lamps this way as well at some point.

    A mini gardener…cool :-)

    Stephanie…aren’t her pictures fun.

    Thanks Claudia…your blog looks fun....I am eager to read more.

    Thanks Mercedes…Palace Perfect…I like it.

    Deborah…thanks so much. Yes I am totally self taught. Some of the flowers I make are extremely complicated…like the foxgloves. Others, like those daisies are very simple to make. I don’t know of any books unfortunately. There are a few tutorials online but many of them aren’t that great. But, basically, the best way to make any mini flower is to study the real one…doesn’t matter if you have to look at 100 pictures…it needs to be done. If you have access to a real flower even better. The best way, I have found, to make realistic mini flowers is to dissect a real one, recreate the parts in paper, and put it together just like the real one. A lot of work but the end result is worth it in my opinion. Sometimes this can’t be done due to the size we work in so you have to improvise. I find that if I have to improvise so much that I can’t reproduce a realistic mini then I skip that type of flower and find another one.

    If you’d like to email me I’ll be happy to help you out.

  9. You do lovely work, Jayne. It's wonderful to discover that I'm not the only one who gets so focused on the creative process. I don't know that I'd make an entire tree with individual leaves, though. Thank you for your nice comment on my 1/4" scale floral arrangements!

  10. Beautiful flowers!!! They are just right for Sans Palace!!! Wish I could be able to do somes, not as nice as yours, but just a little!!
    My congratulations for your work!!

  11. Very beautiful flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous!!

    Best regards,

  12. I'm in awe! Your gorgeous bonsai and lovely flowers are true perfection! I loved seeing them displayed in Sans great photographs, but so nice also to see them in detail here, so I could get an even better look at all the stunning details!
    I loved the bowl too, and though you said it was easy, I think the use of stained glass paint was really clever!


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