Thursday, 16 July 2009

Painting the Roses Red...all done

Ok the last post was a bit of a joke. Fun to do but it was hard to show the tree properly.

Here is it...all finished.....

As with most of my flowers, it is fully wired and completely poseable.

The entire tree is 4" high.

This is the photo I had to work from. I think I got it right :-)

I have to confess to not liking it one bit....I loved the tree and I think the roses are OK but together it just doesn't do anything for me. Not that I think it is bad...technically, it is one of the best things I've made but I just don't care for it much.

You girls who buy the roses kits...really you need to have a go at making them yourself. The leaves aren't so easy but the absolute doddle. If you can get your fingers round a kit I guarantee you can make these. Just ignore the many online tutorials for roses...the ones I found weren't much use at all.

One more thing to do then I'll be taking a short flower break to have a go with some clay :-)


  1. Beautiful! You got it exactly right! Off with your head!!!

  2. Well I love it - gorgeous work! I don't think I realized you were making the Alice in Wonderland rose tree. How neat!

  3. It's lovely Jayne, but am I missing something...(or perhaps not read something)...Why have you both red and white flowers on it???

    Confused...Linda! x

  4. Thanks :-) is the tree from the Alice In Wonderland scene where the 2 men with cards are painting the Queens roses red.

    Sorry I've no read the book nor seem the movie so i have no idea what those men's names are :-)

    The person who ordered it will add the figures...I just made the tree.

  5. Okay....thought I was going a 'little mad''s all very clear now...dah!!!

  6. Nah...just the Queen that is mad :-)

    I thought I was going mad to when she told me what she wanted...I had no clue what it was and had to go look it up.

  7. I get what you mean: the bush is brilliant, the leaves are wonderful, the roses are so natural but together they possibly look a bit stiff?!may be is just the different colour or they way they all stick out of the branches. Anyway it's perfect for an Alice's scene, the Queen's garden was very stiff and prim. Hugs Rosanna

  8. I love this, it might not do it for you but its wonderful to me :0) for some reason the whole painting the roses bit is one of my favourites from the book, dont know why it just tickled my fancy LOL
    Good luck with the clay !
    julie xxx

  9. Great work! When I enlarged the photo and I saw the details ... WOW!! It is wonderful.
    Congrats!! :-D


  10. Beautiful Jayne, your customer is going to be thrilled. x

  11. precioso, como todo lo9 que haces.

  12. This is great!! I have seen the movie many many times!!! The tree is perfect!!! I hope the lucky owner of the tree puts a few drops of paint on the ground below the tree as I think the whole painting process was a huge mess! -ara

  13. Jayne its superb, spot on for that kind of scene. Its excellent. WONDERFUL :O) You are truly blessed with natural talent for mini flower and plant making. Mini hugs
    Debie xxxx

  14. Ive had one of these Alice scenes planned for such a long time (as you know) but after seeing your wonderful tree, I doubt if mine will ever be as good :o( Well done on such a terrific job!

  15. Thank you all very much....glad you all like it even if I don't lol.

    Rosanna...stiff is right. The roses originally were sticking our more like a real rose tree and I moved them in. I just think it is the 2 color thing that puts me off...even if it is meant to be that way. And the shape is too perfect...but again, I did it just like all the pictures I found. I am just not much of a fantasy person I guess :-)

    Glad you like it Julie...and thanks for the luck...I'll need it lol.

    Thanks is the details that make any mini plant work.

    Thanks Debbie.....she does like it so that is good :-)

    Thanks Dora...I need to translate that.

    Ara...I am sure she will do somehting along those lines but that is best done when the figures are in place so I left it.

    Thanks Debie....glad you love it :-)

    Wendie...I'll hear no such thing. I promise this was dead easy to'll have no trouble.

  16. I agree with Ara. From my childhood storybook and the movie, this is how the tree looks in my mind's eye. I love the previous post with the Queen. I always thought she was the meanest critter. LOL

  17. Thank you Patti :-)

    My photoshop skills aren't the best but I thought it was a fun idea for a pic.

  18. Here's a very late 2 cents worth. You have got it spot on I think. The flowers seem a bit "unreal" because they are in the midst of being "painted". You have always been so into getting it real. Maybe that's why you are not so happy with it. But it suits the purpose i.e. a Alice scene and it suits it perfectly! Just my 1 cent worth.

  19. I think it's beautiful and once the figures are added it will be even better!


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