Friday, 31 July 2009

You wanted pictures

And, because the British sense of humor is typically self depreciating, I don't mind showing them and letting you have a laugh.

This was my first head....looks masculine enough here right.

Well, in my attempts to refine it, I did more harm than good and
ended up with this....

You can't notice in the photos but the head is now considerably bigger than it was :-)

After a bit more poking it became even more fairly like and eventually became a filthy mess of mush which got scrapped.

So I started again....

As you can see I have a LOT to learn yet :-)

One of the biggest problems I am having is mushy clay. It is hot here and I have hot hands. I've got the A/C turned down so low I am freezing and keep having to goo outside to warm up...completely backwards to normal :- )

I've leached the clay, I hold ice before I touch it and all sorts but it isn't working. So until I can get some more clay I am a little stuck.

However, I don't want to stop so I made 2 little skulls.

Very unconventional I am sure, but hopefully these will just hold the clay a tad more secure so I can practice with the faces.

The theory being that once I've got the new clay then I should know what I am doing... yeah :-)

Where I am failing most is the forehead....I don't make it high enough or forward enough but I am aware of this now so can try harder. Hopefully with the more solid skull underneath I won't end up pushing it backwards.

I haven't even touched the eyes...other than those oversized white balls lol. For now I am just concentrating on the shape of the nose and the mouth.

One thing I am finding hard is the size. This head is under 1 inch high. I am seriously contemplating starting a new armature and making a much bigger figure to start with.

So that is it for a little bit.....I'll be back with new piccies as soon as I have some.


  1. Jayne you are getting there, you have done really well for a first attempt. Dont give up he will happen.

    Mini Hugs
    Debie xxxxxx

  2. Jayne I think it has the right sort of look for a rock star, he looks moody, Mick Jaggerish, they all have that moody mouth thing going on and that looks perfect! great job! Kate xx

  3. This is the conversation I had with you when I was reading your post:
    "Right", "Bigger, really? hmm, doesn't look like it" "Fairly like? Wazzat? Nevermind, must be bad right?" "Nahh.." *Nodding.."WHAT?? now you want to make the skull 1st so that you can shape the head!!Jayne..and leaching?? are you sure?"" oh well, will be great eventually, as usual."

  4. HAHA! I like the first one! I definitely has that "huh?" rock star look.... you know the one after they kill a few brain cells?!

    Sorry to hear about your clay melting... I am nervous I may have the same issue - perhaps I will save my sculpting trials until winter!

  5. Laughing with you here! That first photo cracked me up! Looks like ME sometimes! :)
    I admire you for even trying this! I'm sure it will all work out beautifully. Thanks for sharing this - made my day! :)

  6. Laugh away Kathi...I am :-)

    You all should have heard how much my Mom laughed :-)

    Mick Jagger huh....that will be the too pouty, too large lips :-)

    Ara...definitely a huh look about him that's for sure...same as my face really when he didn't turn out as planned :-)

    Susan, as ever you crack me up girl...but yes that is how the conversation went :-)

  7. Jayne... you are most definitely headed in the right direction. From what I am reading in your 'know' what it is that you missed on and are fixing it ..that is half the battle. It is when you sculpt and can't see where you are making the mistakes that the problems arise...
    Keep hand cleaner on your table...and give a quick clean often...polymer clay is like a ooie magnet..picks up every bit of dirt and dust ...I clean my hands soooo often with rubbing alcohol I am completely sterile...LOL! I would suggest that you do what I did when I first started sculpting small heads.... I made a head pattern size to follow and basically stay within the lines...and compare often...I tend o add more and more clay...of course making a larger head...the outline REALLY helps me. If you cannot find one I would be happy to send you a copy of my patterns that I follow...let me know.

    Like I are one your way...remember Carniegie hall..."Practice man, Practice"!!! LOL


  8. Jayne, there's a challenge for you over on my blog! Hugs, Marsha

  9. Thanks Marsha I'll go check it out :-)

    Jodi thanks. I do think I know what I am doing wrong and yes I agree that is half the battle. At least if I know I can work on it.

    I was just laughing my head off at these again...I'd forgotten how funny they were.

    I keep adding clay. My latest aren't as bad...I've found it is easier to add than use to much and take least for me it is. But yes my head keep getting bigger :-

    I am not sure what you mean by a head pattern. Like an outline of a skull ?

  10. Hi Jayne...

    I have body and head outlines, that are the perfect scale for say a 6 ft man in miniature scale...helps when building your armature, positioning of joints and also to keep within the given size of a head always have to think just a tad smaller in form as you will need to dress him and that adds bulk...better to under play a bit rather than bulk too much...

  11. Ahhh that makes sense now. Yes I have those drawn out. Mine are just skeletons then I guestimate the clay I need for skin.

    I could never keep within the lines when coloring as a kid either :-)


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