Thursday, 9 July 2009

Painting The Roses Red - Part 5 - Just add roses !

So here we are.....all of the leaves are now on.

The longer branches you can see sticking up are where the roses will be attached. They won't stay this long but I shan't cut them down until the roses are placed.

I wondered if I needed to add some more branches but have decided the answer is no.

Many miniature trees start from a polystyrene ball into which leaves are stuck.

The whole point of doing it like this is to make it look more real and I think the fact that you can see through the branches a little adds to the realism.

If I add more branches I think the whole thing will become so dense it will defeat the point of adding the branches and leaves one by one.

What do you think ?

This is a close up to show the leaf detail.

Yes I know you can see gobs of glue but trust me...this photo is highly magnified....I can't even see this glue with my glasses on.

I have really enjoyed making this...Ok no I don't enjoy veining leaves lol... but with this tree, every leaf I added changed it's appearance and it grew right before my eyes.

I honestly think that this will turn out to be the best thing I have ever made. And, if it does turn out to be my last, at least I'll have gone out with a bang :-)

Now, the fun part, I need to go make a bunch of roses.....I may be some time lol.

Again I apologize for the photos.....this new camera is doing my head in :-) I am so tempted to go back to my old automatic point and shoot, but if I keep doing that, then I'll never learn how to use this camera..


  1. I think the photos look good- I bet the more you learn to use your new camera the more in love with it you will become. I think you are right about the branches- I think being able to see some of the branches through the leaves adds to it's charm and it would truly be a shame if you could not see the branches at all. They were a work of art on their own! Good luck with your roses- I hope they co-operate with you and are not a thorn in your paw (hee hee hee- sorry, couldn't resist being silly)

  2. AMAZING!!! It's looking fantastic! Those leaves are a triumph! I don't know how you have the patience! Can't wait to see the roses on it.

  3. Absolutely fabulous! I don't see any glue anywhere in your most alive-looking fairytale dream tree. Lovely! I would not add branches, I think it is gorgeous as it is and the thorns are simply marvellous!

  4. Jayne, The pictures look great and the progress is wonderful! I can hardly wait to see the roses. But will be patient. :-)

  5. Thanks you all so very much :-)

    I will leave the branches off for now. Once I've got the roses on then I'll see what it looks like then.

    Kim I know I'll love this camera....once I figure it out :-)

    My am I ?

    Mercedes...I really have no patience at all. This makes me have patience. And one of the reasons I like commissions is I can't throw it all in the trash when I get frustrated. I have learned so much about this simple because people have asked me...can you ?

    Oh Hanna I see glue. Maybe because I know where I am looking. Getting so close was the only way to show the thorns though...but this way you see warts and all.

    Thanks Kat :-)

    And Patti....Patient ? ....just like me waiting for your blog :-)

  6. Did anyone else catch this about Jayne going "out with a bang"? Jayne, you are not going out, bang or not and that is an order or a commission, whichever works ! Jayne, I also think this rose tree is amazing amazing amazing :). From the bark to the thorns to the leaves, everything little speck you added seemed flawless. I seriously don't see glue gobs and I am not going blind, which means, its your eye-sight again lol! Love your work too much to let you get out of this completely! So try not to. Some of us work too :)!

  7. Absolutely amazing, Jayne!! Breath-taking detail!! WOW!

  8. Jayne, that tree is superb, your so skilled in this area of mini making. Cant wait to see the roses...
    Debie xxxxxxx

  9. Tallulah-Belle, OMG even without the roses this is already fabulous! It's just gonna get prettier!

  10. Thank you all so very much....and I have to say, with all modesty lol, that on this occasion I agree with you all.

    I think it is fab too :-)

    LOL Sans....we'll see. If it didn't take so long to make one thing it'd be a different story.

    I am considering maybe only going back to work part time :-)

  11. Your photos are brilliant and very detailed. But i know how you feel. I have constant battles with my camera.
    I think its amazing how you have the patience for all the veins on the leaves and all the colouring i can see in them. I tried to add veins to leaves this week and after the second one gave up because it took so long.
    I like the way you can see some of the stems and little bits of light showing through. Real rose bushes show all of these.
    So looking forward to the roses.

  12. just looked at your rose bush it looks fantastic,cant wait to see it finished well done. mo m and aydn x

  13. Oooh Mom and my manchild....thanks. Guess I best be on my best behavior if you are going to pop in lol.

    Thanks Nikki...this new camera is a proper one so I need to learn about photography before I stand a chance with it.

    Veining does require loads of patience..... especially on tiny leaves like this. But, the end result is so much better. And I actually think that doing it by hand would be much quicker than using that veining mold and waiting for the leaves to dry.


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