Friday, 10 July 2009

The wrong shade of white...and grey !

Well I was hoping to bash out some roses today but my white paint just isn't white enough lol.

It looks pretty white, it paints pretty white but hold it up to a piece of white copier paper and it is a dismal shade of .....well not white.

So I guess i need to hit some craft stores this weekend...we only have Michael's and JoAnns near me so I might have to order some online. I'd prefer not to do that though as I want to see just how white it is myself.

In the meantime I've painted some red paper and hung that out to if the hummingbirds will quit trying to eat it I should be good to go in a couple of hours.

Now for the grey...

The bikes starter motor broke 2 days ago. Nothing more than a little pin had broke but of course that is tucked right away behind a whole bunch of stuff. Mick has the ability to fix it, he's been fixing and riding bikes since he was about 10 years old, but we don't have the gear...nor the equipment to lift the bike up so he can get in to it.

And of course the bike wouldn't go and the dealer is 25 miles away. After trying to bump it he ended up having to pay a towing company $160 to get it to the dealer. And then the cost of getting it fixed. There's $500 we won't be seeing again. That bike costs Mick more to keep than me :-)

Why is it whenever you finally decide you have the money to splash out on something...i.e. my new camera, something like this happens lol.

So, seeing as how we've had to lay out so much money this week I decided I'd skip a visit to the hairdressers and color my own hair.

I have been blond for over 10 years and really like it that way. But my hair grows real fast and the upkeep both in time and money is getting silly.

I'd love to go back to my natural dark brown but, and don't laugh at this, it doesn't suit me. I know that sounds silly as it is my color but really it makes me look washed out and 10 years older than I really am.

So I figured a dark ash blond color would be a happy medium..........not. Ash is right...cigarette ash I think this color is. Still I am stuck with it for a while now...if I stick some make up on Mick might not notice how ill I look :-)

We have a really busy weekend ahead for us so not sure how much I'll manage to do but I'll be back with piccies as soon as I can.

Have a great weekend everyone...back soon :-)


  1. I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now.. And thought I would comment on your post today.. I do know how it goes when you think the sun is coming out.. watch for the clouds... We have been playing the rob peter to pay paul for any extras for a while now.. And I usually am the one who waits for my
    As for the rose color.. I can't wait to see them.. I know it will be beautiful. Your work is outstanding.
    And last but not least.. I have never colored my hair just highlighted very lightly years ago.. My daughter wanted to color mine to cover the greys... Well she picked out a sweet cola.. and boy did I go very dark.. LOL.. I am a med brown usually but the color I have now is growing on me.. If only I had a beautiful tan to go with it.. Have a great evening..Tina

  2. Jayne...Michael's has an art department and I would try there. Look for artist's acrylics in Titanium white. It is definately "white". I find that the "craft paint" whites have either a yellow or grayish cast to the coverage is poor, I think.

  3. Hi Tina...thanks for reading. Glad you like the rose tree...eevn without the roses...shh but I am useless with roses and am dreading it :-)

    Trust me, had the bike broke first I would NOT have got my camera. It was tax refund money and in fact I thought we should save it - then saw Mick looking at new motorbikes..I figured if I didn't spend it he would :-)

    My hair is really grey now so I have to color it :-(

    Thanks Tabitha...I read that Titanium was the way to go. Our Michael's has a really poor art section though... in fact all Michael's are going to be concentrating purely on scrapbooking and I think it was jewelery and kids crafts soon. Ours has already been remodeled and sells little else :-(

  4. Too bad to hear that about Michael's. They do seem to folow whatever is au curant. But there surely must be someplace in town where the artists get their paint.... And good luck with your hair. I have let mine go "natural" which basically means an uneven salt & pepper but I refuse to spend outrageous prices for salon work when I could be spending that on mini's. Besides, it's a lot easier to take care of.

  5. Yeah I could go into LA...but no thanks :-) It seems that most everything is out there. I am sure if I looked I could find somewhere a bit closer than that but I could do with somewhere really local as we have so much to do this weekend.

    I really ought to grow my hair out and start again. When I lived in England it was so easy...hairdressers were much cheaper and home hair blonds worked as good as going to a stylist. It used to cost me about $10 a month to keep on top of it...that was fine. I did get as far as having about 14 inches cut off it last month :-)

    Over here the home hair color formula is different and they just turn my hair orange.

    Still, I think perhaps I'll leave it this nice shade of khaki and convince people it was intentional...I might start a new trend :-)

    Yes it is drying out it is getting less grey and more green lol.

    Put it like this...I don't need Jodi to 'photoshop' me as a witch now :-)

  6. LOL, Jayne! You told me you looked like Einstein , not a witch :)! I dye my hair once a year and it saves me loads The part about going to hairdresser which I dread the most is sitting in that chair for 5-6 hours so I only go once a year.

  7. Jayne, if you ever need a hair dye from the uk i can always get one for you. Would i be allowed to post it though or would customs snatch it up?
    I too have become fed up with paying hairdressers to dye my hair. They also will not give me any clue as to what hair dye i need and what shade.
    So i did a bit of research and if you are a brown colour it is always best to buy a dye that is one shade lighter than your natural colour of brown.
    So this is what i did a few weeks ago and my hair has turned out perfect and just as good as if i had paid somebody.
    This tip is perfect for me because my eyebrows are darker than my hair and so this little tip has taken my hair to the shade of my eyebrows... lol.
    Maybe it would be easier to dye my eyebrows... oh lol.
    I wonder if this tip will work when my hair is totally grey. It just puzzles me.

    Hope you find your white paint. I love daler rowney acrylics and the white seems quite white to me.
    I can just imagine you testing them all and its funny that your whites are not white... oh lol.

    Sorry i have also not been over to visit you recently. I've been popping in to read ever so quickly but not had time for comments.

  8. Yep, I need to get a haircut too. Maybe not quite 14 inches, but surely 10...I never go to the hairdressers. I wear it long, no bangs or anything, so I just let my mom or husband cut it off straight. As for colouring, I have done it myself for years and years now (started going gray in my late twenties). Never had it khaki though..LOL. Actually, it's not funny at all, I would be horrified. What will you do with it?
    Like you, my hair grows very fast, so after colouring the first two weeks it is fine, the third week some gray starts to show and for another three weeks I keep thinking I need to colour my hair again. I have thought of letting it go gray although I feel I am too young ;), and how do you do that without cutting your hair short or look ridiculous for at least a few years?

    I agree with Tabitha about the titanium white, that should do it. Any artist's acrylic should be OK, but a brand like Winsor&Newton has good quality paints.

    I'm sure your roses will be fine. What I've seen from you so far, you won't be satisfied until they are!

  9. Oh Sans...yes the hours in the salon chair. Mine won't be so bad now it is shorter but when it was down my back it was a 6 hours job.

    Now imagine Einstein with green hair :-)

    Thanks Nikki....I wish I could get it from over there but it isn't allowed. If it were everything I had a visitor I'd be ordering suitcases of it.

    My problem is my natural hair is very with lots of grey. So I have dark roots and bleached blond hair. Too much to keep up with bleaching but I don't want to go to my natural color. Lightening hair at home is hard here with the restrictions on the chemicals they can use in dye.

    Don't worry abut popping over...I've been too busy to visit much of late too.

    Josje...yup my haircut was drastic but I always had it tied back anyhow so it seemed pointless. Now it is a little too short to tie back and flops into my face when I am working so I need to grow it just a little more.

    When I was younger I had really long, permed, almost black hair for years. Just before I hit 30 I had it all cut off into a real short crop and dyed blonde. That was a real shock for everyone, esp my hubby, as I never told them I was going to do it :-)

    For now I'll just find another light brown and put that on I thing. I am like you...3 weeks is about my limit and going to the hairdressers that often is too expensive.

    Thanks for all the paint recommendations...I am off out today to see what I can find.

  10. No matter how bad the art section is, they should have Titanium white, since it's a staple color.

    I always have FH dye my hair. I get my dye supplies from Sally's and he mixes everything up. It's much less expensive than going to the salon and we're using the same chemicals as the hairdressers use.

  11. I got the paint...we have an Aaron Bros in Riverside which isn't too far away. They are Art and framing but only have a tiny art section :-( Still they had some Liquitex and one made by Amsterdam. The Liquitex heavy body one worked the best.

    Our Michael's really now only carries craft paint and the odd pencil set :-( brother used to do my hair for me but if I asked Mick I can tell you what his answer would be...tell you in person cause I certainly couldn't print it here :-)


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