Thursday, 2 July 2009

The day has finally arrived....

.....when I had to break down and put on a pair of glasses for mini work. I thought about adding a photo of me in them so you can see just how much glasses don't suit me...then I chickened out....good job I only have to wear them indoors :-)

I have been adding thorns to the rose tree.....a real pain in the backside, extremely time consuming and, unless you know to look for them, I bet they won't even be noticed....but hey, what is a rose tree without thorns right.

Sink is still blocked....2 bottles of Draino Max hasn't done the seemed to for all of about 5 minutes but blocked again which is very strange. Still Mick is home early today and off till Monday so maybe he can become a Mr Fix It.

And on top of this my 'blogs I follow' list has vanished....hope it is only a glitch and they'll return soon.


  1. Talluhah, my list did the same thing...I kinda kept leaving and coming back, did that several times and it DID finally come back, so hopefully yours will too!

  2. OH NO ! That day arrived for me earlier this year and its a bad day !!! We should both post pics of us in our spectacles , bet I look worse than you LOL I short sighted so cant see far past the end of my arm and now I cant see close up so there are only about 20 inches around me I can actually see LOL
    Good luck unblocking ths sink and thank god its friday !
    julie xxx

  3. Thanks is back today :-)

    OK go first and I'll follow...they make me look so stern lol.

    I am OK long distance...just close ups I have trouble with....all this mini making I guess.

  4. The day I needed reading glasses, I grieved and mourned..the passing of an era..But luckily for me, I am also short sighted and this means that if I don't wear my glasses , I can work on minis with absolutely no problem! I have thrown out my contact lenses and bought a snazzy pair of specs and now look 10 years younger..ok, maybe 10 days younger

  5. Yup....guess we all get old :-(

    Lucky you looking younger...mine make me look like an old school ma'am.


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