Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Just who is in charge here !

Seriously, what is it with clay.

My rugged, yet pretty rock star, is determined to be a female pixie lol.

So, we had a little chat and I am going to leave her like that and start another point fighting it. I don't know if this is my lack of experience or whether the clay 'talks' to more experienced sculptors as well.

I haven't done the eyes yet so I don't have a pic to show you but I will when she is done.

The biggest problem is I am not a pixie kind of girl...bit too sweet and sugary for my liking.

Hmmm....a naughty pixie.....long legged, short skirted, Lolita style...that will do it.

In the meantime, before I start this new head here is what I've learned so far. Bear in mind that these are the findings of a total novice and might be totally different for you.

* * * * * * * *

Sculpting in the desert is hard. My head is out for 1 minutes then in the fridge for 30.

Prosculpt, isn't really firmer IMO to Sculpey but it definitely holds fingerprints less.

I'd say they both attract dust equally.

No matter how much I wipe everything down, wash my hands, wear white, clean my bench...dust will find it's way onto the clay.

A brush is much better to use to move / blend the clay than your fingers...just wash it often.

It is easier to take clay off if you've used too much than it is to add it on if you've used to little.

Keep a photo or 4 of the kind of person you are looking to create in front of you. These are the ones I have to look at all day...tough job but someones gotta do it :-)

Now, I am not trying to copy him but he has the kind of look I am after so having these in front of me helps. And it is a good excuse to have pics of cute men on my wall :-)

Keep a mirror where you are working....use your own face for reference as well.

Read or watch every tutorial you'll likely not follow one method but will develop your own style. I've seen things in tutorials that suddenly hit me as so simple but I'd never have thought of them.

And finally, if you want a good laugh, ask your hubby to strip off and pose like a rock star so you can take photos of him....chances are he'll say no but the look on his face will be priceless !!!

Now I best get started on my second head :-)


  1. Keep plugging away - it will all come together, I know it! I'd be happy to send some rain your way, if you like. Its the extremes - either no rain in San Diego, or too much rain here. But it sure is green here, and I haven't had to water the garden yet!

  2. hahaha... I'll have to try that one on my husband tonight.... he'll probably be even more confused seeing as I am not sculpting a rock star.....

  3. If you recall, some of those boys seemed bound and determined to look like female pixies. I'm just sayin'... ;-)

  4. Thanks Claudia...just a couple of showers will do it please :-)

    I complained about the rain in England and Minnesota all the while but it does make for lovely gardens that's for sure.

    Are...really... try it :-) Micks reaction was too funny lol.

    Kat...LOL...yes you are right...and I guess that was what I was aiming for...just not so pixie ish.

  5. Sculpts often have minds of their own and can morph. Best to go with the flow :O) Well you have the basics in place. And as for dust and dirt, you can live in a sterile and vaccuum sealed room and you will still get a hair but you pick them out and carry on regardless. Persist and you will triumph.
    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  6. Ah, yes, I believe the dolls talk to us. Mine always tell me what they like and don't like or want to be . . . . go with it! Hugs, Marsha

  7. This post nearly killed me..from laughing too much, especially since I read it only after I published my last post, Jayne. Firstly, I was trying to picture you putting your head into the fridge for 30 mins and then when I saw your 4 pics, I really cracked! Go see why in my blog, will you? ;)

  8. Wishing i was you and could make a female face. I have only managed it once and that was on a tiny mushroom. Manly faces are all i can ever make happen.
    Jodi, well i think it was Jodi that told me to make a smaller nose for a female, so perhaps because you want a man you should do a bigger nose. I could be wrong but men do have bigger features.
    You will have to show your girly pixie. I bet she is lovely.

  9. oh this made me smile!! :o)
    welcome to the world of clay people - you are so right as I think they do 'talk' as the characters tend to decide what they want to look like (or at least thats what I find anyway) you'll soon have lots of spare heads & body bits in a box somewhere that you dare not mention in the wrong setting for fear of being overheard by misunderstand ear-wiggers and locked up LOL
    with or without eyes tho, it would be good to see the head you made..... no pressure!

  10. How you can get anything done with those pics staring at you is beyond me! Looking forward to seeing the result though.

  11. Well I am glad it isnt' just me the clay does this too lol.

    Persist and you will triumph....that will be added to my Practice Man, Practice mantra. I should print them out and pin them on my wall :-)

    Nikki....I've heard male faces are the hardest to make so you are doing well there. is hard...really hard to look at him all day :-)

    No pressure for piccies huh...OK tomorrow.

    Pixie girl bit the dust...not really sure what it is now except very dirty lol.

  12. O Sans that is too funny...I just went to your blog LOL

  13. I bet she's as clean as a whistle. Bet you have your magnifier out Mrs Perfectionist... oh lol.
    You do make me laugh.
    I'm sitting sorting glass at this very late out looking for the perfect ones and tutting at whats not.
    Nikki x

  14. not this time Nikki can see the dirt from the other side of the room :-)

    I am using it as a practice head though.

    You are up late :-O

  15. LOL jayne, well no wonder you ended up with a girl pixie !!! I can just see her !
    Dont know why the clay gores itsown way but it just does and seems it wants you to make a pixie so go with it.
    As for the dirt, it drives you mad doesnt it. My best tip is baby wipes, and sleeveless tops. I always sculpt in a vest style top and constantly wipe my arms and hands with babywipes. the cheap ones are best as the expensive ones are too fluffy !! I wipe my hands at least every half hour and sometimes more and it works a treat.
    Another good tip is to keep a dirty piece of clay and in between wiping your hands roll it round in your hands and it will pick up any lint and dust.
    Despite this I still get the odd bit on my dolls which I just pick off with a fine needle.
    LOL at asking hubby to pose, I do that to derek all the time and his face is a picture !
    (now if you were sculpting him you would NOT end up with a girl pixie LOL)
    julie xxx

  16. Thanks Julie... I think you are right. I need to look for middle aged men rock star pics :-)

    I'll take note of the keeping clean routine...of course it doesn't help living in a dry dusty desert :-(

    So Derek won't pose either...what is it with these men..... never mind.. I think I convinced Aydn to do it for me. And at 18 his body is likely much more suitable :-)

    Now whether he'll let me post the pics on here is another story :-)


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