Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What the #@*^!%$@&*

I just went to publish a comment and the whole post vanished....I am not amused.

I hit the back button and all sorts but nope.....nothing. I hope this is just a glitch and it will return.


  1. I have the same problem on your blog and similar blogs where you post a comment just under the post. But this problem is only on my firefox browser. When I'm on the google chrome browser I don't have the problem. I don't really understand what the bug is.

    Right now, I had to open google chrome to comment :D

    Hope it helps a bit,

  2. This has happened to me before and did so for about 1 week. Before i clicked post comment i copied and pasted into word each time, just incase i lost all i typed.
    Its so annoying isnt it!

  3. Did you look for it over in your EDIT/POSTS section....this has happened to me and many times I find it hiding over there...not published...just lurking and waiting to be published...seems this little gizmos as you are typing...'Saves' every few minutes all by itself...
    Hope this works


  4. This has happened to me before too! It is Most annoying! I try and save every few minutes when I'm typing so if it does happen you can go back and retrieve it...have you looked under the edit posts to see if it's hiding over there??

    Good Luck with your next post:)

  5. Well it isn't in the edit section...thanks though...any suggestion was worth a try....well almost any lol.

    I wonder where these things go when they get lost in cyberspace.....I really do wonder...must have too much time on my hands.

    There must be an Internet gremlin that collects emails, posts etc.

    Come to think of it he is probably in cahoots with the postal gremlin...someone else I am not at all happy with right now :-(

  6. Have you found your post yet?

  7. Nope.....completely kaput.

    Oh least it wasn't one of my tree posts :-)


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