Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Painting The Roses Red - Part 4

3 days of pretty much solid work over the long weekend and this is all I have to show for it. I really need to learn to make something that comes together quickly :-)

I have added some leaves - as a guesstimate I would say there are about 170 leaves on here so far. I think perhaps about another 200 should do it :-)

I need to spend a few days making leaves now as I've used them all up...I can only manage to do perhaps 50 or so in one go before my head starts complaining.

And then.....comes the hard part...the roses lol.

I didn't leave them till last because I am nervous about them....well maybe just a little bit. I did make 2 white ones but they got so grubby so quickly that I decided it is best to leave them till last.

So still a way to go but you can at least see some progress now :-)

Sorry the photo isn't great...Mick bought me a fabby new 'proper' camera last weekend and I really have no clue how to use it...but that is a blog post on it's own lol.


  1. It's really striking! I'm waiting to see what will come next.

  2. It's looking so great!!! As always! Man, just the thought of 200 leaves makes my head spin!!!

  3. I think my head would start complaining way before 50! My head complains at that tiny needlepoint tea cozy kit- I can only do little bits at a time! It is lovely so far- I cannot wait to see those roses on there! A new camera- how fun!

  4. Thanks :-)

    Yup 200 leaves is a scary though huh !

    To be fair Kim, when I do 50 leaves I don't do them start to finish. I'll cut 50ish and paint and vein them. Later I go back and add the red edges. I can't do it all in one sitting.

    Prolly why it takes me so long :-)

    A new camera is fun ? So far it is nothing more than a headache. I need to go back to school to learn what to do.

  5. I am absolutely sure that your roses will come up perfect. The tree is looking so good , Jayne. I can just imagine when the roses are up :), how ridiculously drop dead gorgeous it will look :).

  6. Oh I hate new cameras ! just when you figure them out a newer better one starts calling your name ....... I've had mine a year now and still dont really know what to do with it !
    This is looking fab, I just dont know how you have the patience...........200 MORE leaves ?!! If this was my bush it would be a winter bush LOL can handle branches but leaves ??and roses ?? I will stick to dolls and just pop along here to gaze in awe :0)
    julie xxx

  7. Thank you.

    Actually I exaggerated the leaves...on second glance I think it'll only be 140 or so :-)

    A winter bush...yes my thoughts of the whomping willow lean me towards making it the winter version :-)

    And this is why i wonder if I'll be able to work and do this....everything takes so long I might manage one piece a year lol.

    Julie I got an SLR so hopefully this one will do me more than a year or so...doubt Mick'll buy me another for a while either :-)

  8. I love the thorns, but you already knew that. ;-)

    It's coming along a treat, Jayne. :-)


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