Thursday, 2 July 2009

No Rose between Two Thorns

.......At least not yet.

The roses will come at the very end. One because I need to move the branches all over the place while I am putting leaves on. And two because they are mostly white...if I put them on now they'd be a lovely shade of grubby by the time I was finished.

I just thought I'd share a WIP piccie of the thorns.....I am soooo pleased with how this is looking.

And yes...there are a few leaves. I am so impatient I had to put a few on to see what it would look like. You can't really see in this pic but the leaves are all veined and very subtlety edged in red. So subtle in fact you might not notice if I'd not mentioned it but it needs to be there to add to the overall effect.

I have to say I have a very good feeling about this tree :-)

Hopefully I'll get chance to do some work on it over the holiday weekend and will have more piccies to show you next week.

My blog lost appears to have come back....typically when I have no time to come over and read them.

And the sink...well, Mick bought an auger and drilled that in....for 25 feet and didn't hit the blockage so whatever it is, it is far away.

It is still blocked but takes longer to back up now so it has moved....whatever it is. We are going to measure the amount of water it takes to back it up this morning and them we (Mick) can calculate exactly how far away the blockage is.


  1. can't wait to see the finished product! it looks great so far :)

  2. I love the progress of your rose bush, it is looking so good, the thorns and leaves look real. You should be very pleased with this!! Wonderful!!

  3. I can see the red edges and you are right about that feeling, your thorns are the best I have seen in minis or real life and they will definitely be a hit..tree's coming up roses

  4. Thank you...I am sooo pleased with it.

    Watch me go break a branch of or something now :-)

  5. This rose bush is really coming along, those thorns are great Jayne :O)
    Debie xxx

  6. I'm sorry for the sink but OMG, the thorns are wonderful!! do you really need to put roses on this bush? I feel like Morticia, I'd rather have spiky branches instead.

  7. The thorns are fantastic! This is going to be amazing for sure.

    So what's the plan for the sink after Mick calculates the distance to the blockage?

  8. Amazing Jayne, how did you make those thorns ????? it looks very realistic :0)
    julie xxx

  9. Thanks :-)

    Rosanna...that is a good idea...I might have to make another :-)

    How did I make them...a lot of trial and error, patience and much cussing.

    Dunno whats going to happen Kat...the blockage is approx 48 feet away....maybe soon it'll be a city problem !

  10. Jayne the little Rose Bush looks great how you've managed to get all those tiny thorns on is beyond me. Really looking forward to seeing it finished..x

  11. The tree is amazing- I love the thorns. I am in agreement with Rosanna- they look so realistic and beautiful, it's a shame to cover them! Your work continues to amaze me- love the detailed leaves too!

  12. Drain problems: not so nice. Rose bush: very, very, very nice! Your thorns look amazing! As do the leaves. I really like how you show all these stages of your work. Can't wait to see the finished bush.

  13. Thanks is fun to share as I go along.

  14. Ahh the thorns...yes it is a shame to cover them lol.

    Maybe I'll make some kind of spooky thorny bush in the future.

    Kim it's the details that make it work.


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