Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What's going on

Just a little update.

I made the decision to stop taking on flower work a few weeks back. I have just finished my last 2 commissions and that will be it for a while.

No, I am not giving up, but my shoulder is giving me trouble still and sitting making flowers can be pretty painful at times. I will likely still make bits and pieces but at my own leisure and without the pressure of commissions.

The torn ligament isn't healing as it ought and I guess the arthritis just adds to the problem.

The doc wants me to try physical therapy before she sends me to the surgeon so I am waiting on the phone call to arrange that.

Hopefully we can get it sorted out soon...I feel like an old woman some days. I can vacuum or I can mop but try and do them together and I am asking for trouble.

Once I've got a few things out of the way I'll be back to trying to sculpt again. Hopefully that
won't put as much strain on my shoulder as the flowers do but we'll see.

So, you might be seeing odd flowers, some sculpting or just some pics of the house over the next few weeks.

We've not done a huge amount to the house to be honest. Again, this darn shoulder is limiting what I can do. Also, although I want to paint the rooms, I just don't know what colors.

The house is semi open plan so I have to work with that and I can't figure out how the different colors should transition between the rooms.

As well as reading design books I've also been cramming up on gardening books. Our gardens are pretty much a blank slate and not being a gardener I am finding it all rather overwhelming. I think once I get going I'll be fine but it is that first step that is so hard.

In between we are dealing with all the repairs that need doing. Last week was 1 totally new toilet and another toilet that needed all the drain gubbins replaced...that wasn't a pleasant job I can tell you :-)

I think the bank must have hired Bodgit and Leggit as contractors to tidy this house before they put it up for sale.

The toilet that had to be completely replaced was from the 70's .... impressive given that this house was built in the 90's huh. The bowl was a 3 gallon and the tank a 1.6 gallon...no wonder the darn thing wouldn't flush.

The other toilet .... well it was wobbly and we assumed it just needed tightening up. It was wobbly as all the concrete floor under it had crumbled ... oh joy.

I have read more about toilets in this last week than I ever care to again.

And yesterday I noticed a damp patch on the ceiling so I guess we have a roof leak as well...bleh.

Anyhow, I have some garden photos and some more mystery plants I need help with so I'll be posting piccies of those soon along with some photos of my workroom and general ones of the house.

I did start a separate blog for the house but I barely have time to keep up with this one so that was a silly idea :-) So, as long as people don't mind, I'll add house things into this blog too.

Toodle pip xxx


  1. I think we all mix a little bit of real life into our minis. And your 70s toilet story is really amazing and amusing! Fancy that! And just to top it off... it doesn't work properly.

    Good luck with the house, and may the damp patch be just a little damp patch!

  2. Oh Jayne- after just recently hurting my neck and the pain it caused I can really really feel your pain! It is horrible to have the desire to do something but your body just won't agree! Wish I could come and help you out, I really do! I don't mind when people post about more than one topic on their blog- I actually find it easier to keep up with- I bet others will feel the same :) Hope your body starts to agree with you and heal and that you can have some fun sculpting soon!! Big hugs to you!!!!

  3. First of all, I so hope you feel better soon. Having problems with your shoulder is no fun and must be so limiting given what you need to do around the house, as well.

    Oh boy. One really doesn't want to know about toilets. Welcome to home ownership. We have all sorts of things that need fixing here (including a new boiler sometime this year). If only we had unlimited funds1


  4. what a shame about the shoulder Jayne, hopefully you will find sculpting easier than making those tiny flowers ! My back still gives me lots of trouble when I've been sculpting for a while but I just try to keep moving ,and trick it into not seizing up LOL
    I'm looking forward to seeing how your house progresses, it is daunting having a whole place to decorate but I bet you will do it in style :0)
    julie xxx

  5. all the sympathy needed is heading your way! I had a frozen shoulder that had to have surgery so I totally understand the pain and physical limitations, just dont push it further than you should and you'll get there.
    I also had a blank canvas garden (except for a few trees) I left it for years just doing the bare minimum and planted things as & when I found interesting plants, gradually you'll get a feel for what should go where.... find someone whos a gardening addict to help you out? LOL

  6. Thanks everyone. Just sucks when all you can do is sit on the sofa with a heating pad. Oh well it'll ease up again soon.

    Kim I'd love to have you here if for no other reason than to cheer me up.

    Lize...I hope it is just a damp patch too.

    Claudia it is amazing what we've had to repair...unlimited funds would def help lol.

    I am hoping sculpting will be easier Julie...not that sculpting is easy lol...but I sit differently so am hoping that will help.

    Wendie..I am hoping no surgery at all. We have quite a few trees as well so not totally blank. I will leave most of it until we've been here at least a year so I can give things chance to bloom...or not...and see what's what.

    Oh well, back to the sofa :-(

  7. Babe, 'fraid it's probably not just a damp patch but if it is, kiss the ground and thank your lucky stars. I have lived in a house with a leaky roof for 14 years. Started with a damp patch and I kept calling the landlord to fix it. Each time is a "patch" work and 14 years later, my dining room became a garden pavilion when it rained because the rain fell through the roof like it was made of grass. They finally spent the money and replaced the whole roof! Guess rental next year will shoot through the damn bloody roof!

    But despite your ordeal, you are still so funny. I can't wait to see the pics! Take the repairs slowly. Settle with what you can first, I guess.

    Also, don't over-exert yourself. That shoulder does not sound good!

  8. I too am a slave to my joints and sympathise.((((((((((hugs))))))))))) One thing I have learnt over the last 25 years of having our own home and living on a shoestring is that things do come together over time. Hopefully it wont be too long before you are back to making your wonderful flowers and Kendo's band mates.

    Lots of love

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hope your shoulder is better soon. That is so aggravating and disheartening when there are so many things you want to accomplish but an injury prevents it! I hope you are well very soon and back at it!


  10. Jayne, so sorry to hear about your shoulder :( That stinks that you need to take a break from what you love but you'll probably return to it with whole new ideas and passion!

    As for painting ideas.... some websites have virtual painters that can help you visualize colors. Sometimes they're helpful... sometimes not. Here's one: http://valspar.com/painter.html

    Hope you get to feeling better!

    hugs, ara


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