Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I recently finished a couple of commissions for Michelle over at
Michelle's Mad World.

She had seen the floozy I had made previously and wanted one for her Hogwarts Conservatory and the other for her Witch.

The floozy for Hogwarts was to be in a mossy terracotta pot, petals like my first floozy, red lips and smiling.

Very similar in fact to my first one. Easy peasy huh. Oh how I tried to recreate those lips lol. Not as easy as I thought :-)

Here she is....

The witches floozy was to be more dead than alive, in an old bucket, droopy with dying lips and grimacing.

Grimacing....did she say grimacing ??? Hokay. I can do grimacing. So I get out my little mirror, pop it on my workbench and while I am grimacing at myself I am playing with the clay. Oh if you could all have been a fly on the wall lol.

This one wasn't easy at all. In fact the more I tried to make her grimace the more I made her look like Elvis with her curled up lip lol. I didn't mention the Elvis bit to Michelle so when she told me she was going to be named Elvie due to resemblance to Elvis I cracked up.

And here she is.....

I likely drove Michelle mad with emails and WIP pictures. I am fine with making my regular pretty flowers and know that people love them but when it comes to these wacky ones I am no so confident.

So thank you Michelle for being so patient and checking my work as I went along :-)

I was so determined to get the look just 'right' that I made mouth after mouth after mouth. So I now have about 30 sets of lips and teeth spare so there will definitely be more floozies in the future :-)

If you've not visited Michelle's blog before go over and take a look...she does amazing work.


  1. I’m in hysterics at the thought of you looking into a mirror and grimacing! lol It must have one very funny sight indeedy! ol :o))) Quite hilarious!

    No you didn’t drive me mad with your emails at all…it was a true pleasure for me, for you to make me two truly wonderful little flowers who EVERYONE loves, yes even the men who see them! ;o)) I got a fabulous freebie too!

    There will be a Floozy mania soon and a stampede heading your way!

    I will be back for more commissions for plants, once I know what space I have and get a general ‘feel’ for Hogwarts conservatory…..it’s a greenhouse actually, I mislabelled it! lol So you can look forward to more face pulling! lol

    Michelle xxx

  2. Jayne I love your Floosies, they are unique and wonderful. I like old and droopy (oops that sounds wrong LOL). Michelle is great and shes got a wonderful imagination too. I think you should make more of them. As for gurning in a mirror I do that all the time, makes me smile to myself. I hope your arm is much better now and that we will get to see many more new creations over the weeks to come.
    Debie xxxxxxxx

  3. OMG, these are just WONDERFUL! I LOVE them!!!!


  4. Jayne I've seen your Floozies already over on Michelle's Blog and I think they are all wonderful. xxx

  5. I wasn't sure whether to call it greenhouse or conservatory lol. Glad I didn't drive you nuts :-) I get so excited when men like my plants as it is normally not their thing :-)

    Talking of which...old and droopy ? Debie ... really lmao Glad to see I am not the only one pulling faces at myself :-)

    Thanks Marsha and Debbie...they are hard for me to make as they are so different but I do love them.

  6. Such fun - here's me laughing out loud!!


  7. These are so cool! They do look grimacing.

    Must have been funny grimacing in the mirror. ;)

  8. Those are remarkable -- really, really remarkable. You can link them up at my link party, if you want (Boardwalk Bragfest). I've really never seen anything quite like them!

  9. I love it, these are too freakin' cool!

  10. I love them Jayne, have been admiring them on Michelles blog too :0)
    Yup I'm a face puller too when I make a doll I have the same expression on my face as the doll has......was a bit tricky making my cowardly lion recently LOL
    Jayne, have you ever made Audrey II from little shop of horrors ? I bet you could do a fab job :0)
    julie xxx

  11. I am Soooooo glad you made loads of sets of teeth Jayne, Ill definalty be one of the first in the queue in that stampede for a floozy. Michelle had told me you were making them and I had no idea what one was. Now Ive seen them Im in love with them too, so wonderful and great for Harry Potter. So next time your spooky creative start gets to work let me know, Ill break open the piggy bank!!! ( actually we both have a swear jar and it gets quite full, surprising how many expletives have paid for my miniatures lol!!!!!!!!Kate xxx

  12. Hey! I looooove the Vampire Flooze too!They are all amazing. That mouth of yours must hurt! Did you put fangs in there as well?

    Michelle's work is really wonderful too and your floozes are in great company. Great work, Jayne!

  13. Godd to know you have some spare parts lying around because I've GOT to have a couple of these!


  14. they are fantastic- but I am in love with the grimacing one! they may be harder for you to make- but goodness they turn out fab!

  15. Oh those are GREAT! I just love them. Are you going to try one with an open mouth? Maybe chewing on a ladybird? LOL


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