Thursday, 11 March 2010

Oh Lucky me...again :-)

A few weeks back Kate of Whittaker's Miniatures got the most wonderful house elf from Jain at Giddy Kipper dolls.

And she needed a name so she ran a competition to name her.

And I won ...woooo hoooo !!!

As soon as I saw her the name Tillie popped into my head. Kate had already thought of Tillie as a name but promised her gorgeous daughter Lola that she could pick the name....and Lola chose Tillie.

So between the 3 of us I guess Tillie was just meant to be :-)

I picked Tillie as I when I worked at one of the newspapers back in England we had a lovely cleaning lady called Tillie. As I was the manager I was always there late so saw Tillie most nights. Work would wait while we sat and put the world to rights over a cup of tea.

I always said if I had a daughter I'd name her Tillie. Luckily for me (or my kids) I had one boy and not two girls. Otherwise I'd have had a Tillie and a Tallulah putting me amongst the ranks of those crazy showbiz peeps and their kids with silly names :-)

Anyhow, enough blabbering ....This is what I won ....a fantastic thick magazine full of dollhouse projects which arrived in the mail today.

Oh how I miss my British dollhouse mags.

It is packed full of how to's including the wonderful mouse house by Julie of Bellabelle dolls.

And it is that article alone that made it so special to me. I have known Julie for a long time and to see her in print was just great. She has come so far since we first 'met' and now she is not only in magazines but is now an IGMA Artisan.

Is it odd to be so proud of someone you haven't physically met .... I don't know and I don't care because I am very proud of Julie.

So thank you very much Kate and Lola.....this mag will keep me entertained for hours.

Now after 2 wins in as many weeks I think I'll go buy a lotto ticket ....just in case :-)


  1. How true -- it seems like the "wins" come all at once. Congrats and I hope you enjoy your book!

  2. I like Tillie :) although my gal is Tallulah :). Congratz. In my view,one of the best gifts in the world is a good book or a magazine on dollhouses!

  3. It looks interesting. I will have to have a look for that magazine.

  4. Oh yes Jayne they say things come in threes dont they so do the lottery!!
    My pleasure, glad you like it, its really stacked with great things isnt it! Julie's project is fab, one I really want to try out, and Jains little mice are perfect for it.
    Tillie is enjoying her new home, albeit a little annoyed at just being moved again. Im forever moving my houses an dnow it is downstairs again for all to see, but shes happy now that she can be shown off to all! Her name suits her so !
    Kate xx

  5. Lucky you Jayne. That Mag sells out as soon as it hits the shelf. Go get that Lottery Ticket..LOL x

  6. Thank you for being so lovey Jayne :0) and Congrats on winning , you must have Irish blood as you have the luck of the Irsih as they say !!
    I have that mouse house in my shed now. Although the fairy went to a new home I couldnt part with Jain( giddy kipper)'s beautiful Mrs Mouse so she keeps me company now while I work :0)
    now go buy that lotto ticket LOL
    julie xxx

  7. Congratulations! I love the name Tillie - it is old-fashioned and charming. You did good! That magazine looks like it is full of great stuff. I've seen one British dollshouse mag in the past and I really loved it.



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