Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Old Floozy & Audrey II

Many of you have commented on not seeing my first Floozy and not realizing I did things like this.

So, I thought I'd drag her picture out of the archives and let her take center stage again.
This is the first one I made....the original Floozy.

She has been around the block more than her fair share and is a bit of a man eater. Very rough round the edges and definitely more wrinkly and dead than not but she still puts on her biggest smile in the hopes of attracting something.....anything.

You know the kind I talk about.....past their prime but still sit around the bars looking for the leftovers after all the young chicks have taken there pick....that's her !

I popped this first Floozy on etsy and, to be honest, thought she'd be like my gargoyles and she'd sit there forever. She sold within minutes of being listed. If only all sales were like that lol. She now resides in England and according to the feedback I received she is very naughty and tried to dazzle her with sweets.

And Julie you asked if I'd ever tried to make Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. I have indeed. She now lives with Nikki over at Witch & Wizard Miniatures.

As I've mentioned before I don't find these easy to make. Real flowers are fine as I can literally dissect one and make it exactly how it is in real life. Wacky plants....well that requires use of my imagination and that is much harder.

Audrey was easier as I knew what she was supposed to look like. It was the same with Cleopatra, I had a picture, albeit black and white, but I at least had a starting point.

But I have many ideas and some similar ones already in progress so practice should make it easier right ? :-)

As for when .... well there isn't much mini making going on at Tallooley HQ at the moment. I was sent to physical therapy for my shoulder and came home with pages of exercises to do daily....regardless of the pain bleh.

There are 32 different exercises. Each has to be done 10 - 20 times and 3 sets of each. And they want me to do them 3 times a day. LMAO....I'll have no time for anything else :-)

So for the moment I am just pottering and being careful. Some days are fine and I can carry on as normal then other days I can't lift my arm. So you will be seeing new floozies and more but not as quickly as I might have been able to do before.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your problem with your shoulder. My shoulder hurt for years, found out it was because of the way I would watch TV, easy fix once I figured that out, lol. They can sure hurt, I hope you find relief soon.
    I remember Old Fluzzy, I love her so much, what a great smile and personality, I'd enjoy talking to her, the stories she must have. Great minis.

  2. I LOVE Audrey II! Fantastic....methinks she is going on my list of wants, I particularly like the coffee tin she's in! lol I've seen her amongst Nikki's collection, but I didn't know YOU made her!

    I hope your shoulder improves soon! ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  3. Thanx for showing these two again :o) they're great, what a dazzling smile Floozie has :o)
    I know all about those excercises!!! I had a frozen shoulder for years and ended up having an op to release it so had to do the same humungous list of excercises.... they consume your whole day huh? hang in there and it'll be right eventually.
    we can wait for more Floozies......

  4. They are both stupendous Jayne. Audrey is fab, love the way youve done her pot too! Sorry to hear your problems , horrid to not be able to do something you love! Seems like there is a queue for the Floozys , think you could have an Etsy store full of them and theyd all be flying off to new owners pretty quickly! Take care, Kate xxx

  5. The all your floozies are fabulous!

  6. I feel for you Jayne- there is nothing worse than daily pain. Even worse is an active brain that wants to create and must take the back seat until the pain is resolved. I hope the exercises bring you relief- I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for you. I love Audrey so much!! I think your "wacky" plants are incredible!

  7. I love Floosy but I absolutely ADORE Audrey II thats one of my fav all time films. I love these plants Jayne they are so different.
    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  8. I don't know why you think you do not have the imagination for these. They are simply stupendous! Very real, if you ask me :).

    32 exercises 3 times a day makes 96 . Times that by 10 mins each= 16 hours! If you decide to stretch each exercise by another 10mins =32 hours. LOL. It will be like Alice running on the same spot, never catching up.

    If your arm doesn't hurt now, it sure will after all that impossible exercise

  9. Absolutey fabulous Jayne :0) I love them both !
    I think Kate has something there,I can see it now, "Talooleys Floozies " ! I think they will sell like the proverbial hot cakes.
    Love Audrey II,wish she / he were mine :0)
    julie xxx

  10. Jayne, these are just fantastic! I love them both but I am drawn to the aging Floozy!!

    Take care of your shoulder! Been there . . . . do those exercises!!!


  11. I love them both! So well done--they are truly plants with personality!


  12. They are just GREAT! They make me smile every time I look at them.

  13. Jayne I thought I'd left a comment on this post!
    I love your Floozies and Audrey II. Audrey has got a good home with

  14. I love floozie she's lovely nice teeth :-D. You must make some more. Audrey is at home with my friend :-)


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