Thursday, 18 March 2010

I don't have a dog but......

I really want one of these.

Wish I could get it in king size :-)

If any of you dog owners have a spare $3483.00 lying around you can buy it here


  1. Hello
    It looks really fantastic, but as I am a dog
    owner I´ll bet that the dogs would prefer
    to lie on the floor! Dont´t you think they
    look a little sad? LOL

  2. OOOOOOOOOO for a human sized one for the a good english summer to go with,....English summer...whats one of those...rofl!!
    Its brilliant and the dogs are kinda sweet too:O)

  3. Oh Wow! That is probably more for the owners than the doggies!

  4. LOL they do look very comfortable on their bed. More money then sense, springs to mind.Bet you could make one of them for a lot less then $3483!

  5. How fancy! I like the "candy bed" and it's "ONLY" $160!

  6. Tooooo cute. I have a dog but I am missing the $3843! How about the price in miniature?

  7. I have gone there and bought 2! With dogs...NOT! Even if the price includes all the other furnishings AND the dogs :). If we put our minds to it, I am pretty sure we can build this ourselves. 1:12

  8. My beautiful dog Kuketa, if forced to wade in that tacky bed, sure that he vomits. You just have to see the face of resignation of the two dogs
    Well suited for decadent aristocrats and nouveau riche no aesthetic criterion.
    (Mi preciosa perra Kuketa, si la obligas a meterse en esa cursilada de cama, seguro que vomita. Solo hay que ver la cara de resignación de los dos perros.
    Muy apropiada para aristócratas decadentes o nuevos ricos sin criterio estético.)

  9. oh thats so cute! luv it!

  10. Oh yes! And I would like the room to go with it. Would look fab in miniature too!

  11. so sweet! I'd need a bigger house for this though :)

  12. I'm betting you could make something very similar for under $300 as others mentioned. All my dogs have used a doggy pillow with zip off cover for washing *shrug* they're spoiled enough as it is!

    It is a cute though :)

  13. I want it for me ;-) I need it to fit a king sized be and have it in my Japanese style bedroom lol

    It would be rather cut in miniature though huh. Sans & going to take the challenge lol


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