Friday, 19 March 2010

My lucky streak.....

Well I have been so lucky these past few weeks. I won the precious doggie from Kim and the magazine from Kate.

Now, if that wasn't enough, I also just won another giveaway. Not mini related this time but the chance for a real interior designer to do over one of my rooms ...wooo hoooo.

While looking for ideas for the room we plan on turning into a library I stumbled upon the blog Decorica run by Erica LeBlanc.

And it just so happened she was having a competition, the winner of which won the opportunity to win a custom design plan which includes

1. A detailed floor plan

2. Paint colors

3. Furniture & fabric suggestions

4. Selected area rugs

5. Ideas for window treatments

6. Accessories and final touches

A custom kit like this normally costs $275 so I am stoked. All I had to do was tell Erica what room I needed help with and why.

I didn't originally plan on entering as I'd only just found the blog and until then wasn't a seemed a bit cheeky but I am so glad I did.

I hope she likes a challenge as turning this bland odd shaped room into a library will certainly be that.

Here are the photos and the (crappy) floor plan I sent. Yeah, yeah 5 months after moving in those are unpacked boxes you see. it is because we still can't figure out what room is what :-) Once the library is done we can at least get rid of the boxes off books.

I am sooo excited to see what she comes up with because I certainly can't figure it out. Watch this space !


  1. You are a LUCKY girl! I'm happy for you! Rosanna

  2. Congratulations on your good luck Tallulah.

    The room looks nice and sunny, it will be interesting to see the designs.

  3. Of wow what a fantastic giveaway prize you luck thing.............did you not do the lottery though Jayne, you were destined to win it!! Its great its gone to you with that wonderful room, you deserve it. Bet your so excited! Kate xx

  4. Lucky you Jayne! I can't wait to see what she comes up with too. I wish I was more talented in interior design :)

  5. Ooooh Lucky you, how nice! You're on a real winning streak.:-) You better go out and buy a lottery ticket.

  6. Congratulations! Sounds like you need to run out and buy a lottery ticket while your streak is still hot! LOL! This will be a nice room makeover.


  7. Lucky me huh

    I did buy a few lotto tickets of late but zip lol

    Kim I wish I was talented in interior design as well but I am so not :-)

    I am so excited about this .... I can't wait.

  8. I am so glad and its so nice to see someone having such good fortune. I am so pleased for you Jayne and I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. (((((( hugs )))))
    Debie xxxxxxx

  9. Thanks Debie...I wish the good fortune would apply to the toilets in this house :-)

  10. It will, it will. Your toilets and everything will be fixed soon! The lucky star is shining on you, enter every giveaway and keep buying those tickets :). That is a great room, by the way!

  11. How exciting for you! It's a lovely room. Can't wait to see it decorated!

  12. Not had a chance to comment for ages... too many blogs to follow, lol.
    What a lovely prize and will be good to have another persons input.
    You did a wonderful plan drawing, i think you must have talents at the drawing board too!
    Although the room has lots of obstacles like doors, arch ways and windows etc its going to be fab, so much can be acheived in there.
    Ive always loved interior design (just dont look at my own house too close... its the pits).
    I did a BA in interior design, but sadly the kids were little and didnt have much time so didnt see it al the way through, but i suppose i kind of do it in mini now, lol.
    Will look forward to to seeing the design plan.
    Nikki xxx

  13. Can't wait to see what she comes up with. What a great

  14. This is going to be sooo good! Can't wait to see what she comes up with.

    I know I'd get rid of the arched pass-through, wall off the 9 x 14ft space to separate it from the tiled garage entrance/kitchen space and make a nice cozy library.

    Congrats on winning this makeover. What fun!


  15. Congratulations on all of your winnings, especially the last one.

    Nice drawing!

    I hope you'll share the finished product. :)

  16. How wonderful is that!
    Congratulations and will luv to see what they come up with
    your house is lovely

  17. Oh Jayne what a wonderful thing to win! Congratulations! And good luck with your toilets...(apart from a plumber, maybe you should consult a Feng Shui expert for that, don't they say that good luck and fortune can disappear through the toilet?)

  18. Congratulations! What fun it will be to see what design she creates!


  19. Thanks everyone...I still can't beleive I won this lol.

    Susan...your suggestion to block up the arch and make it into it's own room is exactly what i want to do but Mick thinks it is fine as it huh !

  20. I've been working on your room - can't wait to send it to you! -erica


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