Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Piskies & Poppets Giveaway

In honor of reaching 200 followers  .. Debie, over at Piskies and Poppets is having a giveaway.

We don't know what it is other than a box of surprises...and who doesn't love a surprise.

 If you dont know Debie and her work then go take a look. 

She is one of those people I really envy. Someone who can take a lump of clay and create something magical...or wonderfully wicked.

This is just a very small sample of her work.

Click on the photo to make it much bigger.

She is off on a well deserved vacation at the moment and is visiting the other Debbie from Tiny Treasures and will make the draw when she returns.

So scoot on over, check it out and enter to win. Good luck :-)


  1. They arrive Jayne after a seven hour trip! I don't think Debie will ever use that Stat Nav again. It took her all over the place except here! LOL.. We are all having a lovely

  2. I agree with you, Jayne. Her work is amazing!


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