Tuesday, 3 August 2010

All done....and canvas quesiton.

My Menhdi art is all finished.

I have to say that although I wasn't particularly enjoying this when I started , once I got to putting on all the detail I started to really get into it. 

All of the patterns are taken from traditional Hindu designs.

I continued in black and white as it was just so striking. 

It will be going on a wall  that will likely end up red or dark ochre and there will be a lot of brown and wood tones in the room so I thought black and white would change it up a little.

I am really pleased how it has turned out and it will definitely end up as art in my Indian room.

One thing I really loved about this was how easy it was to pick up and work on ...whether it was for 5 minutes or an hour. It required very little space or tools and made no mess....now that was a novelty :-)

I need to get back to putting on my leaves now but this was a very welcome break and I will be doing another to go with it. Not sure if I 'll do a foot or another hand.... I do love the gracefulness of the Indian dance hand positions so it might be another hand.

Now , a question for all you proper artists out there. This is done on canvas. Do I need to seal it or anything or it this good to go ?


  1. Wow..this is fabulous. I am so glad I discovered your blog. Hope you can stop by My Dream Canvas. Would love to connect with you.

  2. Seal it either in matte or gloss, but i would say matte for this. You can get sprays or varnish that you brush on. I think the spray would be beter for this. Look for one that states it doesnt yellow over time and an artist top grade quality varnish is worth it. Its more expensive but is worth the cost.
    Your hand is absolutely beautiful and love it. I'm drawn to anything Indian and love the design.
    Its my dream to visit India and work my way from north to south at ease, and move along as i choose staying and doing as i please for however long it takes.
    One day i'll do it when the kids are older and vanish and get lost there... maybe even never come back, lol.
    Looking forward to your next one too.
    Nikki xxx

  3. Is this painted? Or in pencil? Did you gesso the canvas? In any case, I am always a proponant of sealing such things against dirt and dust, etc. There are non-yellowing sprays available for this purpose. Once upon a time could get them at Micheal's but haven't looked since they down-sized their art dept.

  4. Hello Anu...nice to meet you. I am glad you like it and I'll pop over to your blog shortly.

  5. I am pleased you love it Nikki...I so needed a break from minis for a day and have been meaning to do this for ages. You could make one ever so easy.

    I really miss living in Brum for all the Indian shops...I could do my room in a weekend if I could still shop there. Like you maybe I'll get to do it one day.

    I have some of that spray, I use it for my flowers so I can use that.

    I always wanted to visit India as well...I just love it. I'd love to take the trains all over there.

  6. Tabs it was very artistic and technical....I used a sharpie pen lol.

    I didn't gesso the canvas....should I have. I actually have gesso but have no idea why and I've never even used it.

    Our Michaels has actually enlarged the art section...they have artist grade paints, pastes and all sorts there now. Hopefully yours will do the same.

    I have spray though so I 'll use that now.

  7. Jayne, gesso is just a prep for the canvas. I once knew the exact purpose of it but that is lost somewhere in the dusty corners of my brain. lol.

    I used to prep dollhouse walls with it before wallpapering.

    Anyway, your piece is very nicely done. I think it is great to have personal artwork enhance our homes.


  8. This is looking great and I love the pattern and design! :o))

    So glad that its given you the welcome break that you deserve!

    Michelle xx

  9. It's lovely! Curious to know how the whole scene will look like!


  10. Nikki gave you excellent advice- but being the chicken that I am and because it is sooooo beautiful, I would definetely try the spray out on some sharpie on a different item first, just to be extra careful nothing crazy happened ya know? It's absolutely beautiful Jayne- you did a really great job!

  11. Love it Jayne. It will look so striking on the wall. You could do a trio of two hands and one foot!

  12. That is so striking, Jayne! I really love all the detail.


  13. Hmmm that might have been why I bought it Tabs...I know I've had it years...like many of my supplies that I just had to have at some point :-)

    I think the main reason it excites me so much is that it is mine all mine...I didn't make it for anyone, won't be selling it...just something for me at last :-)

  14. Thanks Michelle....it was only one day but so, so worth it to get away from those leaves :-)

  15. Hi Marit...this is actually a full size piece for my guest bedroom. Glad you like it.

  16. Thanks Glenda...I am very pleased with it...any myself :-)

  17. Kim...you know I'd never have thought of that. Great idea...I'd be devastated if all the ink ran. I'd have to sign it Tallulah Dali :-)

    It means a lot that you like it because you can draw so well.

  18. Thanks Janice. 3 would be cool huh...or even 4. I can see myself getting carried away with this lol.

    Oh or 4 hands with the wrists all meeting in the center of the canvases. Hmm.

  19. Thanks Claudia...I can feel your radiance from here :-)

    Glad you like it..I wasn't crazy about it till I started adding all the detail then I just started loving it.

  20. Hi De...thanks. I was working at De speed for this one too :-)

  21. Jayne, this is remarkable! I am home now with a terribly contagious stomach flu :) and I am popping in for a quick one before crawling back to bed :). I love love love the hand-na :). You have done a fabulous job, giving the traditional mendhi artist a run for their money. Do you know that in weddings, some women paint their husband's name disguised in the pattern? Maybe you can do one with your name and one with Mick's. I will love to see the foot one as well or if you should do a big one with 4 hands or just a series of 4 paintings. The possibilities are endless now. What conversation pieces they will be. Bravo, Jayne.

  22. Oh no...that is bad enough but right now sucks :-( Hope you feel much better soon xxx

    I am so pleased you like it....I knew it would appeal to you :-)

    I didn't know what about the names no...but I will think about that for the next one...and there will be more I am sure. I really enjoyed it.

    I really would love to have a go on someones body now lol

  23. Unbelievable details on the hand Jayne! I love how graceful it looks too!


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