Monday, 2 August 2010

Something very different.

I have been gluing leaves on all weekend and, for the sake of my sanity and eyesight, needed a rest.

I have been planning on doing this for quite some time now but only just got round to buying the canvases to do it.

This will (hopefully) be some wall art for my Indian themed guest room.

All I have managed to get down so far are the basics.....and it certainly taught me that drawing is not a skill I possess lol.

It is meant to be a hand showing a gesture used in Indian dance. I now need to go and fill in all the mehndi details. Not sure yet whether to do it in henna brown or keep it in black and white.

Once I have my wall color sorted I will likely paint the rest of the canvas the same color.

I did plan on doing 2 of these, 1 hand and 1 foot, but this was harder than I thought so we'll see :-) I think I maybe need to stick with doing things I can making trees lol.


  1. Jayne- I think you could do a foot too- the hand looks fab girl! You should scan it and play around with the color or trace it on some typing paper and play with the coloring and see how you like it better- it's very striking in the black and white, but I could also see it as very calming with the color added.

  2. I think it looks fab. Really clearly defined. I like it in the black and white.

  3. Oh this is pretty already! Hope you will show it completed to us. :)

  4. It's beautiful - henna-painted hands are fascinating!

  5. I absolutely don't blame you for needing a break, I would have ended up in the hands of men in white coats ages ago! lol :o))

    I prefer the idea of Henna brown myself, simply because it's warm colour and I've never been keen on black and white! :o)))

    Michelle xxx

  6. Kim...I started with pencil and you have no idea how much I had to rub out lol.

    I like the scanning idea...other than I'd have to do it more than once. Drawing just doesn't seem to be my thing lol

    I know you draw a lot (and well) and likely find it very relaxing...I find it too stressful :-)

  7. I am pleased you like it Janice. I still have to go in and add all the fine detail...hope it is still as defined then lol

  8. Ewa...yes I will show pictures of it when it is long as I don't completely wreck it :-)

  9. Glenda I love mendhi art....especially the bridal designs that cover all the hands and arms. So fascinating and I just love to look at it.

    My little brother used to tattoo me with henna and I loved how I could just let it wear off and try another design.

  10. Michelle...the men in white coats must soon be after you with all your paperclay....guess each of us has our patience levels lol.

    I am leaning towards the brown reason I considered keeping it B & W is the sharpness it has and the fact that there will be a lot of brown in that room already.

  11. I love mendhi too :):) as you know already :). I think it's a fab fab idea to do a hand and a foot! In fact, if you have enough wall space, it will be interesting to see how they look, one pic up (the hand) and the other lower down on the wall( foot). Seriously, I love the idea and it is even better that you are the artist!

    I just can't seem to make myself create any life size stuff.

  12. I know oyu love it...that's why I wanted your expert opinion :-)

    That is such a cool idea to have a foot low on the wall. Wall space is about all I have in that room lol.

    I honestly think...and this sounds really pathetic,....that this is the first thing I've ever created for myself. Can't ever remember doing anything at all.

    And this is certainly the only 'art' I've ever done before...sad huh.


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