Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Blimey it has been a while since I've been on here...I've been busy, busy, busy.

I assume other people have been having the same problems with Blogger that I have as well....sometimes I have a followers list..... sometimes not. Sometimes I can get to someones blog,.....sometimes not. Sometimes I can post a comment.....sometimes not. I guess they are doing some updating. Infuriating when you only have short periods of time to sit and read blogs.

Anyhow, I am still working on commissions but nothing to show as yet.

It has been slow going as I've been having some real problems with glue. I am using and doing the same as I always have but it just ain't gluing right. The only difference has been the heat...we've been pretty hot here of late...getting up to 109 F (43C) so the air conditioning has been on constantly. This is obviously drying the air out and affecting the glue :-(

I have also been doing some painting....real life size painting on canvas.
This is the inspiration photo for our bedroom. Our bedroom will be Japanese themed so I can display all the lovely things Mick bought me from Japan :-) I will make the bedding once I can find the right fabric.

I wanted some art to hang above the bed that was similar to the pattern on the duvet here.

And this is what I did. The canvas is 4 feet x 3 feet.

I have to say I really enjoyed painting. Unfortunately my shoulder was not as impressed :-(  I only did this in half hour spurts between making minis but it was really quick to do. 

I had a number of paint samples I'd bought from the DIY store to test on the walls. The sample pots here are so big that I had loads left over. I wanted an dark aged effect as my background so used them to paint the canvas. I used 4 shades.... amber, gold, ochre, and tan and just kinda rolled them around with a plastic bag. I actually love the effect I got....so much so that I'll do this on my walls :-) The flowers and branches are in artists acrylic.

At one point I made a mistake on a  flower and wiped it down with a damp washcloth.  I loved the way it removed some of the paint and gave it a worn look....so I went ahead and wiped paint off all the flowers :-)  Probably not a real artist technique but I love the effect.

I am no Michelangelo but considering this is the very first time I've painted anything I am very pleased with myself.

See the flower in the top right corner....that was the first one I did and I changed the shape of the others. I've decided to leave that mistake there to remind me this was my first try.

Now I have art exactly how I want it, all for just the cost of a canvas....using a Michael's 40% off coupon of course :-)


  1. This is lovely Jayne. Wiping back paint is an artistic technique and I love that painting.

    SOrry to haer your shouler is still giving you gip.

    Lorra Luffies

  2. That's your first painting??? WOW! It is beautiful! It is going to look great in your room. I love the colors and the flowers and branches are perfect. You will have to show us all the items that you received from Mick brought you from Japan. I would be very interested in seeing them.

  3. You have been a busy girl! I love the painting, great job. Really like the bedroom inspiration photo, too. Are you looking for flowered fabric like that for your bedcover, to match your painting?

    - Grace

  4. Love your painting Jayne!! And I didn't even notice the different shaped flower up in the corner!! I can't wait to see that effect on the whole wall! It'll be breathtaking! -ara

  5. Wow - I am impressed! It really is a beautiful painting and it very much looks like a vintage Japanese painting.


  6. Thanks Debie...that really is a technique as well then lol. I started with the thick textured paint but much preferred it 'wiped back' At least I know what to call what I am doing now lol.

    My shoulder is fine...until I have to start moving it lol

  7. Hi Theresa...thank you. Yes my very first :-)

    I will take pics of everything I have for that room....when I finally unpack.

    He has been quite a few times so I have some wonderful things.

  8. Thanks Grace.

    Yes I want that fabric. It is available but at $30 a yard it is way out of my price range. I'll look for it on sale or get something similar.

    Why is it when you find exactly what you want it is so dang pricey. Guess I have expensive tastes lol.

  9. Hi Ara

    I'll know that odd flower is there lol.

    This aged effect on the whole wall will be amazing I think. All of the paints on their own just look so flat and I want the effect of an old library...the kind that many men smoked cigars for years in.

    Short of taking up smoking cigars and waiting a few years I think this way will work :-)

  10. Thanks Claudia...I am so pleased you said that as the vintage Japanese look was exactly what I was after :-)

  11. Jayne, your painting is beautiful and will go perfectly in the bedroom. I love that Japanese themed look by the way.

  12. Beautiful!! I especially love it because it's the colors and tones that I adore so much! You did a fab job Jayne! I want to see your collection too!! Wish I had some good advice for the shoulder- do you ice and then do heat or anything like that? Wish it would go away and leave you alone!!

  13. I love the Japanese inspiration and your art work is wonderful, you clearly have a talent for painting.

  14. I love the painting and had no idea YOU painted it till I read your post (I thought it was fabric)! It's great and I love the colours. I make up technique's, I don't know any better and if I get the desired effect then I am happy! :o)))

    Michelle xxx

  15. Fabulous painting Jayne. Just right for your bedroom.

  16. I never thought of tobacco stained walls as a desirable look. LOL But you're dead right and now you have me wanting them as well!:-D

    If I walked into a gallery and saw your painting I would be drawn to it. I love it.

  17. Jayne, love it :). Especially the gold background, a brave but right choice. I love in particular, how some of the flowers are shaped like a lotus. It's like a tree with 3 different types of flowers when you look closely yet they blend real well together. Even that 1st one. :):)

  18. Your painting is lovely Jayne, I'd never of guessed that it was your first. I love the colours you have used, well done, it's going to look fabalous on your wall :0)
    Julia xxx

  19. Sorry folks...I broke my computer so am late back here.

  20. Hi Kristy...thank you.

    I am glad you like the 'look' of the room. Every so often you find something and know that is exactly what you are wanting to do.

  21. Hello Kim...thank you :-) I am glad you like it. I plan on similar colors and tones throughout the house.

    Nothing to be done about my shoulder unfortunately other than surgery and I will hold off on that as long as I can.

    Just have to keep up with the physio and try not to do things where I need to lift my arm up or use it too much. Like painting .... or vacuuming and mopping lol

  22. Hi Pan and thank you. I had no idea if I could paint or not but am glad I tried :-)

  23. Thanks Michelle. I am so happy you said you thought it was fabric as that is what I was going for ...yay !

    yeah I make things up all the while...it is how we learn huh :-)

  24. Thank you Janice...glad you like it.

  25. LOL Patti....tobacco stained walls are a desirable look :-)

    I am so pleased you like it now it is finished :-)

  26. Hi Susan. Brave :-)One thing I am not scared of is color...whether it be on my walls or on my hair lol.

    I plan on the same similar colors and technique in the Indian room as well.

    Aside from the one mistake flowers the others are supposed to be the same. The lotus looking ones are just not fully in bloom yet :-)

    I might attempt to paint lotus for the Indian room. Just not sire of a background as water might be too adventurous for a second attempt at painting :-)

  27. Thansk Julia...yes my first...I was rather impressed with myself.

    Funny as most of my life I was so not arty or crafty and I had no idea I could do things like this until I escaped the corporate rat race.

  28. That artwork looks great! I like the wipe technique..
    And Yay for 40% off coupons! :)

  29. I like the wipe technique too...even if I didn't know what I was doing lol.

    40% off is fab :-)

  30. Yes I want that fabric. It is available but at $30 a yard it is way out of my price range. I'll look for it on sale or get something similar.
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