Monday, 28 June 2010

Yet again

England fails to bear Germany.....our day has to come soon. Oh well, we have another 4 years to get it right and learn how to play as a team !

Commiserations to the American fought a tough fight.

I am still busy working on my big applying the bark at the moment which is messy and time consuming.

In the meantime, here are a couple of great new blogs to go check out.

Michelle pointed me in the direction of this one.....check out Susan's plants. Amazing, especially the wisteria.

And Kim, over at Twice Remembered isn't new to blogging at all but is new to miniatures. She recently scored a fantastic deal on a dollhouse on Craigslist. Her dream farmhouse....albeit 12th scale. I hope she realizes how addicting this hobby can be :-)

Oh well, back to work. Hopefully I'll be back with more piccies soon.


  1. Too many egos on the pitch Jayne. They should sack the lot of them, find some eager young talents and train them up as a team.

    Thanks for the looks off for a looksee.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxx

  2. Too right Debie....I think that is why Germany had the advantage.

    A number of current lot won't be playing in 4 years so we have a chance.

    Signed....the ever optimistic England fan :-)

  3. Oh well, at least we can enjoy it now and watch without tears!

    I always feel sorry for my boys who look forward to every international tounament....and are now becoming as cynical as me.

  4. Thank you, dear Tallulah Belle, for the shout out! I'm so excited about my farmhouse find and will begin it's remodel soon! Can't wait to share it's progress!


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