Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Go boys !!!

Wow.....What a morning... 2 great matches, 2 great results and lots of leaves cut lol

As an English girl living in the US my loyalties are torn. Of course I'd love England to go through but I also want to see USA advance as well

I'd particularly love to see the US go further if for no other reason than the media might start paying attention. I appreciate soccer isn't huge in the US, but the American team are taking on, and doing very well, against some of the worlds best teams.

I cannot think of another popular US sport that is played on such a global scale and am disappointed in the coverage and general media support for the US team.

Anyhow, 2 more matches this afternoon and we'll see who we both play next !

Thank goodness I can work while I am watching them play :-)


  1. Jayne I wonder if they realise the excitment and huge support they have whiile their games are being played! Just at our childrens school alone i went to pick them up to see rows of cars with England flags on the car doors, and then as the children came out they were all shouting 'England!!!' and had all been watching it on the screens in their classes ! How cool is that, just children age 4 to 12 all showing so much support and love for their country and team! I hate football but have to suffer it as John is a big fan but it was quite moving and I wonder if the boys realise the extent of anticipation and hope even the little children of the country have for them while they play let alone the adult supporters!!
    Good luck to the US too of course!!
    Love Kate xxx

  2. You seem to be making a tree like I've been dreaming about! I want to make a really nice, leafy green tree and contacted a lady that does laser cutting, but good grief! I'm unfortunately not indepedently wealthy (though she was sooo sweet about it all). So I'm still searching for a solution. May I ask, are you making a leafy tree or a bonsai?

    As for soccer, just can't understand it. Of course, I've been watching football for years and don't understand it either!

    Louisiana USA

  3. I think football struggles with sponsers in the usa cos it is popular with women and children.
    Who would want their child to play American football and end up in a wheelchair?! UK ignorance to the fore there I am afaid!

    I am extemely glad the USA got through at least they attack!

  4. Hi Kate

    It is sooo different to be watching it over here....sad in a way.

    It started at 7am here so when we scored our goal Mick was still home. I said to him how odd it was that I was the only one cheering. Were I back home the whole street would be yelling and flags would be flying everywhere...just like you said.

    It is so cool they let the kiddies watch it. I know a load of companies in the UK bring in TVs so little work gets done :-)

    I don't watch football generally but always get into the world Cup. When we lived in Minnesota we'd be up at 4am to get to the Brit bar in that was a hoot. No bars around me here :-( Although if we get further I am off to San Diego to watch it :-)

    Hi Marilyn

    I just can't understand American football...nor baseball. And they are btoh too slow and long winded for my liking lol

    I've never seen prices for laser cutting. I'd love to know the name of the company that do it though. Unfortunately I am not wealthy either :-( I know a machine costs $1000's so way beyond my means.

    Mine will be very leafy as it is will be very old and gnarly. As it stands it is about 16 inches tall so will need hundreds and hundreds of leaves. I am using a punch to cut the big chunk of them in this case and will just hand cut the leaves that are more to the front. The ones at the the back will barely be seen but need to be there to give it the thickness it needs.

    It isn't as hard as some things I've made but it is definitely a lot more time consuming that's for sure. Luckily most of it can be done while I am watching the box.

  5. Oooh snuck in there ;-)

    I've never hard anyone in England say anything like that about US football...shocking. What about rugby...we play that and it is essentially the same game with no padding.

    Actually I'd love to see a US football team take on someone like the New Zealand rugby team lol.

    America are playing really well...I am very impressed.

  6. Did you say your tree will be 16 inches tall!!!!!
    Amazing! I'm sure it will be the most beautiful tree EVER!

  7. I cant be doing with football !!! gimme Rugby anyday. A game played by proper men who dont fall over weeping if they break a nail or their hair needs gelling again LOL
    It is great to see patriotism working though, my daughters school even let all the kids home early so they wouldnt miss the start of the match!

  8. YAAAY!!! UK and USA are through!

  9. I did say 16 inches kathi :-)

    Wendy I love rugby..esp rugby Sevens. used to drive up to Scotland every year to watch it...oh and drink lol. It is hard enough to see soccer over here but Rugby is non existent lol

    Yaaaay indeed Pan :-)

  10. Jayne, I'm afriad I'm another one that cannot stand Footie. I think they are all over paid and God forbid that get tackled. They lay on the floor, rolling about, you'd think their leg was hanging off. Since we've moved to Wales, I've really got into the Rugby, like Wendie says a real game played by proper men. And the sight of all those thigh muscles when they go into a scum..Swoon...LOL xxx
    By the way England will now play Germany!


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