Monday, 21 June 2010

Blocking unwanted followers

My dear friends.....for some reason I am unable to leave comments on blogs at the mo. I get the comment box but not the word verification bit so it won't go through grrr.

Anyhow, I have been reading all your blogs and see our little problem has reared it's ugly head again.

Some of you are mentioning you are unable to block followers and I wanted to let you know that you can.

Go to your dashboard and by your blog title you'll see the number of followers. On here you will find a list of all who follow you. Click on the offending follower and you'll get an option to block them.

Nice and simple :-)

Of course this won't stop a person from reading your blog but it will send a clear message that you do not want them there. Maybe.... possibly.... perhaps.... if enough people do it then the message will be loud and clear.

As for my views on it...well it is probably best I don't say anything yet.

However, I will say that although I have an extremely long fuse, you do not want to be the target of my annoyance when the bomb goes off.

I will not stop posting my work in progress nor will I stop selling. Sorry but you just aren't worth that much to me.

All I have to say to you is that if you want to spend almost 50 hours twisting wire and getting the callouses and cuts that come with it the go ahead.

Then, and only then,
feel free to come back and tell me my work isn't worth 150 quid !!!

I would like to point out that I personally have not had my work copied but friends of mine have. No one has told me personally my work isn't worth a higher price. However, the idea that people shouldn't have to pay higher prices for hand crafted, well made, original, one of a kind, miniatures really sticks in my gullet and to use this as a selling point for cheap knock off copies is just wrong in my book.

Remember....You get what you pay for !


  1. Wow, what jackass posted that? If they are one of my followers, I'm going to block them as well, LOL.

  2. I can't believe that someone would say that. They obviously have never made any type of quality craft. I do not know how much 150 quid is but I do know what work and time and effort has gone into making that tree and you could not pay me enough to make one. Also adding those leaves one by one is not a job that many would tackle. Your wonderful creations are well worth the price and we love to see these ceations.

  3. Talluah Belle, I just tried commenting on Nikki's blog a while ago and even with the secret word it didn't go through. Others that commented after me got through. Maybe something was wrong for just a while. Amen to what you said! You are a brave woman to twist all of that wire! The tree is beautiful though.

  4. Ooo!!! Nice vent :) Feel free. No-one has the right to be rude in public whether it's face to face or in forum mode. It seems some peoples manners go out the door when they can remain faceless.

    Your work is worth the time and effort that goes into it. If people don't want to pay for that they don't have to do they!!? I hope you don't let the rudeness of a minority stop you from sharing in blogland.

  5. Well, whoever said that to you is an ignorant idiot. Unfortunately, they are everywhere, including the internet.

    I had to block a follower once, and it was easy to do.

    Your work is wonderful and unique, Jayne. Ignore the jerks.


  6. Thanks everyone.

    I was a bit mad when I posted this earlier so went back and added it wasn't me who was being copied....sorry I didn't make it clear.

    What gripes me most is I could go get a job at Walmart and earn a lot more than I do making minis.

    But, I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home and do this. Will I ever get rich...absolutely not but I love what I do and anyone who owns my work know that they were charged a fair price for the time involved and more importantly the quality of the piece.

    To read comments that imply our work isn't worth the money really got me going so sorry for the vent.

    And thank you for all the comments on my is definitely a labor of love....I wasn't joking about the cuts and callouses :-)

  7. Well said, Tallulah~Belle!! Total agreement!

  8. Dearie :), I am the proud owner of original Tallulah Belles so I know how worth it they are. Remember my friend, Treewizard? He charges S$150 for a SIMPLE tree and the elaborate ones? S$6-800. ALL miniatures at 1:48 or smaller. I don't think that made him much money because it is a lot to pay for a mini tree even when they are worth every cent. His core business is conducting classes, I think which is not expensive but if you want his tree, you pay the price. An elaborate tree will take weeks and his leaves are not even individually cut like yours :).

    On the comment box, I can't comment too using Thunderbird, I have to comment with the other browsers but I can only make a post with Thunderbird! Go figure! :) Try another browser:).

  9. Thanks for the information!!!
    Absolutely agree with your last sentence!
    It seems that common sense is not so common.
    (parece que el sentido común ya no es nada común)

  10. :o) Well said!!! she's rubbed too many people up the wrong way, you are way more eloquent than I LOL much luvs xxx

  11. I can't wait to see this tree when you have finished it. Even in its beginnings it is amazing!
    I'm sure it will be priceless when it's done!

  12. I own a piece of your work and quite honestly- I did not mind the price and when I opened the package I received and saw the beautiful tiny leaves- hand cut and hand painted- I thought I got a steal! Your geranium is one of my most treasured and precious minis- not only because it is incredible craftsmanship but also because I made a wonderful friend from purchasing it. You do, indeed, get what you pay for- and sometimes you get even more ♥

  13. Urgh, I agree completely and this person is quite obviously a total arse and to make things worse... a relentless arse. Karma has a way of making things right in my opinion *wink*

  14. Ýo opino, (espero no haber entendido mal; uso el traductor de google)que uno le da el valor que quiera a su trabajo, según su esfuerzo, su tiempo o lo que quiera. Además estamos en el libre mercado y las cosas valen el precio que se pide si hay alguien dispuesto a pagarlo.
    Siempre es una pena que haya gente así de grosera, pero hay de todo incluso en la blogposfera. Saludos.

  15. Hello dear Tallulah Belle! I love your name and just want to say it over and over again to hear it roll off my tongue! Thank you for inviting me to your lovely blog...I am definitely going to be spending some time here! I'm so excited about my new hobby {miniatures} and there is so much to learn and discover! I'll need all the help I can get!

    I was just telling my husband the other day, after working on a miniature replica of my kitchen island, that it is little wonder why some of the nice miniature pieces are priced accordingly...these things take time and much skill! And any craft that requires X amount of skill in "real life" scale - well, to me, logic would dictate that it would require *much* more skill to accomplish in miniature. I'm sure its painstaking to say the least, but well worth the time and energy when you enjoy what you do!

  16. Jayne I hope that the post Nikki made, and the comments we have left on there, go some why to show, that here in the blogosphere, we are a friendly bunch, who will when one of us is upset & threatened all stand together. I for one, now feel totally vindicated, for the blog post I did a few weeks ago.
    As for blocking a follower on blogger, yes you can block them as a follower, but they can still have access to your blog pages. I think it might be a case of better the Devil you know! xxx

  17. Thanks everyone. Just having a bit of a vent :-)

    Susan....I can absolutely beleive how much TW charges and rightly so. There is so much work that goes into these and the smaller it is the harder it is. How does he cut his leaves ? Laser ? If I had the money I'd be doing that as well :-)

    Wendie...dunno about eloquent lol. I've not been copied so my fuse isn't as lit as some others but it has potential if needs be :-)

    Thanks Kim....I am pleased that those who own my work can see their value.

    Debbie....I know they can still see the blogs but some people thought they couldn't block, hence this post just to say they can...if they choose to.

    Hi Kim (TW) so glad you popped over. You'll get loads of info and great ideas over in our little group and everyone is so friendly.

    It is true that minis take time and a huge amount of patience. I've made a few paper flowers life sized and it is so much easier.

    Anyhow, hopefully this will all blow over and we can all get back to normal :-) Thanks guys xxx

  18. Tallulah I was so sorry to read about this incident. I am amazed at the skill I have seen on your blog and others. I have had a go at making miniatures and they really do take a lot of patience, time and work. Pan x

  19. Yes, Babe, laser. Cheaper trees, he uses finely smashed foam.

  20. I am not really sure of the background to this but whoever is giving you a hard time needs to take a good look at themselves and WHY they are being so nasty to you. It is always the case that we crafters do not get paid even the minimum wage for our work, but we do it because we love it.

    When I started selling my work a fellow crafter advised me to never-ever underprice my work - and she is right. No one is forced to buy anything from you - and if they choose to buy then they should realise they are getting a piece of art - a piece of you - and your creation which has a far higher value than the selling price.

    Your work is beautiful. Never ever feel you need to justify your selling price!!!

    Sorry for my own mini-rant but this kind of behaviour makes me see red.

    Carol xox


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