Friday, 26 February 2010

I got me a little doggie

A short while back my dear friend Kim from
Flowers and Art had a giveaway for a wonderful needle felted doggie.

And woof....I won.

I was so excited to receive him...he is absolutely gorgeous and the pictures do him no justice whatsoever. He was Kim's first attempt at needlefelting and all I can say is wow...if this is the first then that gal will be producing masterpieces in no time at all.

Kim also sent me some yummy chocolate which always goes down well. And some beautiful seeds for my new garden. All wrapped up with Kim's signature wrapping and tags...all gorgeous and all hand there any end to that girls talents. She has set herself a goal of a new project a week...some miniature some not...go over and check them out

Now as grateful as I am to have him, I have to say I believe there was a reason for Kim giving this little doggie away.

He's rather a naughty dog. Maybe he is just excited after being cooped up for the journey from Minnesota to California and maybe he'll calm down. Or maybe I'll have to get him a kennel. Hmmm.

Tearing around and knocking over my plants. Bad Boy !

Hope he is only after the pickled vicar's wine !!!

I've been a bad blogger of late I know. I came back from Chicago and got a stinking head cold. Decongestant meds wig me out big time and not in a good way so I have to avoid them otherwise I am running around like a crazy woman. Would be a great way of getting things done quicker if they didn't leave me feeling so hung over and jittery. Still I shan't grumble as it has been at least 10 years since I've had a cold of any kind.

We have also been getting the front garden sorted out so I've had a gardener here the last 3 days and have been helping him...well, supervising at least :-) He has worked so hard and has dug up all of the front and sorted out the sprinklers system ready to add sod which hopefully he'll be doing tomorrow....the forecast is rain so I hope it is wrong. I'll share some pics next week.

I've also been busy working on a bunch of commissions which I'll be able to share photos of soon.

In the meantime these are some dead leaves ready for my next one. Interesting huh :-) They've had 7 colors painted on them so far and are curled up drying.

Isn't that plant pot awesome. it was a bead that I had Mick drill the center out. So exotic. I need to think of a suitably exotic plant to make for it.


  1. What a darling little dog! Kim is a very talented lady! Congratulations on winning her give-a-way.
    Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Can't wait to see your new creations. :)

  2. LOL, love your new dog, he is so sweet! You were so fortunate to win him from Kim!! He really does look rambunctious, I think it is the great ears!
    I would love to see your front yard.

  3. aaaw hes cute Jayne !
    Sounds like your a busy bee right not.I've been a bad blogger too and just catching up when I can. Looking forward to seeing how your gardens shaping up.ours is deep in snow again today, I think the new ice age has arrived !!!
    julie xxx

  4. oo the doggie looks gorgeous! perfect the vicarm will it live with him?
    Great job Kim did!

  5. OH BTW I love your vicar his face is facinating
    Did you make him?

  6. Congratulations on your win! That dog is adorable. Kim amazes me - she is so creative. Love the shot of the dog with the vicar and your new plant with the drilled bead pot is just perfect.

    Feel better soon, Jayne!


  7. Great plant pot Jayne! Love the little Pickle, have fun with him! apologies for the delay in posting your mag, children have all been off this week with various bugs they picked up at school, and then John got it too so havnt been able to get out. Finally, I got to go out today to get some food in, so it will be on its way very soon! Kate xx

  8. The puppy is wonderful, I love him!! Lucky ole you!! The pot is great too! :o))

    Hope you'll be feeling like your ole self soon! :o)
    Michelle xx

  9. I giggled at what your naughty doggie may be up to on the vicars leg ;o) hope your feeling better now x

  10. Jayne, that little doggie is wonderful because he poses!! :):) Congratulations,Kim! I wish I bought the 1:12 Vespa when I was in Italy but it was quite expensive. So I bought really really mini ones :). The dead leaves look great :). I think I will drill holes in my dead too!

  11. Such a cute doggie and I hope he doesn't do much damage tearing around! LOL! I have not attempted needle felting as yet but given enough time, I'm sure I'll give it a go as I am the quintessential jack of all trades master of absolutely none so I try everything eventually! I even have the book, the needles and the foam. Just got to get started. But I'm sure my first attempt won't be this darned cute! Hope you are feeling better.


  12. Jayne he looks like he is humping the vicar's leg LOL. I love your little dog hes very cute. Looking forward to seeing your new work and I hope you get better soon.

    Debie xxxxx

  13. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Your dog is so cute, you're so lucky!

  14. oh no! Seems I have sent you a little troublemaker! I hope he does not destroy too much inventory before the Vicar gets him a bit trained :) I am glad you like him Jayne♥ I look forward to seeing your front garden filled with flowers!


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