Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Cleo part 2

hmm.....for some reason blogger won't let me comment on my own post lol

But I do want to thank you for all your wonderful comments on Cleopatra. I am pleased as punch you all like her as much as I do.

When Ara and I started first started talking about her I really had no idea how I was going to come up with something suitable.

For a start there was only one photograph of her....which was very old, in black and white and you could hardly see any of the plant.

So, there was only one thing to old episodes of the Addams family and the newer movies....all in the name of research of course :-)

Then Ara supplied me with a couple of sketches as to how she saw her.

And of course we needed to add color as Ara's house won't be built in black and white...although Mick thought that was a pretty cool idea and I have to agree that could be fun.

It was decided that the colors needed to indicate danger so her 'jaws' start off red then fade into orange and finally yellow.

I can make cherry blossoms, geraniums etc but anything like this is so far out of my comfort zone and I have to really throw myself into it.

However, I have to say I love her to bits. She was so much fun to make and I honestly didn't want to get rid of her. I'll miss her seeing her sitting on my workbench :-(

So, answer to your question it was fun to make something different. My mind just doesn't go in the direction of different or spooky so, although I like doing this kind of work, I don't have the imagination to think of what to make on my own. But given a little push in the right direction I get there :-)

Susan, I have learned all about Cleo in my research so I did know all about her.

As for the African stranger well.....I found many plants claiming to be the African strangler. It seems to be a general term for a plant that just takes well as the African strangler there is the Indian strangler, Australian strangler etc.

I have a couple of commissions I need to complete then I plan on hitting the clay. I really need to sculpt something again and now my workshop is finished I am raring to go :-)


  1. I think you ought to make yourself another Cleopatra to keep you company. She certainly would be destructive than my cats in my work room. ;-)

  2. Wow Jayne now Ive seen the pic you had to work from Im even more astounded at how great shge is, you have the leaves and everything perfectly. And you 'do' spooky so well, so maybe when my conservatory is up and going I could ask you to conjure up something suitably 'Potterish?' while your in the mood :) lol Kate xxx

  3. Ditto from me. I am also waiting with eager anticipation to see who you come up with to keep Kendo company.

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  4. I just might Kat :-)

    Thanks Kate...yes I am sure I can come up with something but you'll have to help me :-)

    Debie...I can't wait to hit the clay many ideas lol.

  5. Indian Strangler???? I wanna see that :). I always love to read your "process" post, dear Jayne. I know exactly what you mean when you say there are really very little on Cleopatra :). I think you have made her worthy of making another appearance as a movie star! She is stunning ! And despite coming back here again and revisiting your last post, I can't help clicking to enlarge all the pics to look at Cleopatra again. She is a real head turner!

  6. I really like Cleopatra! It's going to bring the room to life. :) I used to love the old episodes of the Addams family, your research must have been fun.

  7. Thanks Maia - it was fun research :-)

    Susan...just google I say it just seems to be a generic name for a strangling type plant lol.

    Cleo as a movie star...wouldn't that be fun...perhaps I should write to Waner Bros lol.

  8. I agree that you should make a second Cleopatra all for your own! Cleo II :) I too am amazed that she came out so stunning when you had so little to work with.... don't tell anyone but I think you out did the prop guy on the original series by a long shot! shhhh :) Can't wait to see her in person!! hugs, ara


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