Monday, 8 February 2010

A day in the life.....

My workshop as I entered this morning.

Am I the only one who works in such a mess ?

I really ought to clean it up as I leave each evening...but what is the point...I'd only have to get it all out again next morning :-)

It certainly makes me appreciate having my own room to make a mess in.

Controlled chaos !

If you click on the piccies you might get a sneak peek of what I am working on right now :-)


  1. Lovely workroom! Yours is much cleaner than mine is!!! Amazing isn't it, how much stuff we need to create such SMALL things!!!


  2. I don´t perceive it as a mess at all, but as a place with a lot of relevant and inspiring materials ready to use and to continue when you have the time. You should see my working place (don´t know if I´ve ever show) I promise you that´s a lot less than order in chaos ;-))

  3. I love your idea of chaos.....its worked outsoo well,,,i agree about not cleaning it up every night....just close the door.....perfect

  4. I think your work space in beautiful and not messy in the least. I love your wide deep counters and the shelving just about. Must be very pleasent to work in. I tried looking around but cannot really tell what your next project might be.


  5. Oh Jayne. You have the most organised room i have seen and are still Mrs Perfectionist.
    I would love my desk to look like yours and a paper towel holder that i know isn't going to fall in my paint at the worst time imaginable. I now need one like yours i can screw to the wall.
    I have two desks one of which i have to share and have to battle around everyones coffee/drink cups, their own litle craft things and homework etc. Plus oily keys on the comp where somebody has been ating with greasy fingers.
    I can't figure out what your are making though!
    Have you seen some of the pics going around on facebooks of everyones craft rooms? Some of them i'd be screaming if they belonged to me, and the total chaos they have going on would drive me up the wall.
    Love the colour of paint on your walls, it looks ever so calming! What is the name and make of the colour?
    Nikki xxx

  6. Erh hello....a mess????......dont think so!!, looks perfect, tidy and organised to me Jayne. Wow to have a workshop like that , bet your thrilled with it! Looks fab, Kate xx

  7. LMAO I can't beleive you think it is tidy. I was thinking what a mess I made :-) much stuff indeed....that is just one corner...the storage is on the other side lol.

    Susanne ...we'd all love to see your space ;-)

    Julie..closing the door behind me is one of the things I love most about having my own room.

    Tabs...the desks were free from Micks company when he moved. Just regular office desks and nice and big. I added the shelves so I could see what I had to work on all the time. Definitely inspiring.

    Nikki...yes I am Mrs perfectionist lol. Took me a while to figure out exactly how to do this room so it would work best.

    The paper towel holder is awesome....cost me about $2 and is right where I can just grab it without knocking it over. Wilkinsons sells them if you have one by you...or Asda.

    the paint is an Amercian make..Glidden. the bottom is supposed to be Periwinkle Blue and the top french Country Blue but they aren't like they are on the color chips. I am not crazy on it to be honest but am not about to do it all again :-)

    I am thrilled is wonderful to have a room of my own !

    Oh and my current project...if you look on the large white tile you can see a little spider :-)

    And then there are some WIP's in the white foam under the whiteboard.

  8. Hahaha, chaos? This is chaos? This is one of the neatest work tables I have ever seen. You wouldn't believe the mess I work in. Even after I have cleaned I mess it up in no time. And I mean really mess it up.
    It is a lovely work space. Clean and bright. I bet you can walk towards it without having to step over stuff.

  9. I love seeing this peek into your work space. I agree with the other commenters. Yes, there is work out, but all in all, it looks very neat! I really love to see everyone's office/studios.


  10. Jayne, going to post a picture of my craft room in a sec on my blog, Will make you freak out, lol.
    Nikki xxx

  11. Josje...yes I can manage to walk across the floor without tripping :-) But really, that mess on the desk drives me nuts :-)

    Thanks Claudia...I love seeing others spaces too.

    Nikki...I am going there right now lol

  12. Jayne, your work room looks fab. I spied a Spider on the tile and your notice board has Witch written on it. Are you making something Witchy?

  13. Thanks Debbie....I must post some proper clean pics :-)

    A little spider for a spider plant...and yes it says witch...I am making something for a witch :-)

  14. A spider for a spider plant! How clever! I think your workspace is wonderful! Love the shelf above your table so you can see what you are working on.
    I also like your idea of storing tiny things in those little "bead" jars. I know they are NOT filled with beads! :D

  15. Clever for me Kathi....I don't have the required imagination for all these witchy things lol.

    Nope no beads in there....just hundreds upon hundreds of leaves and petals :-) Those containers are the best thing I've found to store them.

  16. Dear Jayne, your table looks like my table at work although instead of bottles, I have papers :). Every evening when I go home, I ALWAYS pack my papers into neat piles. I am the ONLY one in the office who does that! :). At home and for my craft room,there is no way I am able to go to sleep without putting away everything. I can live with a bit (only a little bit) of mess in the kitchen though so I work there, not the room. hahaha! I really don't know why I have a craft room that I cannot work in! So yes, I love how much space you enjoy (a long long table just for yourself!) You super lucky girl!

    PS My sister thinks I am not messy enough to ever be mess away!

  17. Jayne it looks fab and even to me, Julie Neat Freak, it looks very organised and tidy !!
    I'm in the middle of lots of stuff right now and you cant even see my table LOL
    It looks like a great space and I would love the luxury of all that counter top !
    julie xxx

  18. Yup I think our workroom is tidy too Jayne. You just have all your gubbins spread out LOL
    Debie xxxxx

  19. Messy you say! no I think it is very tidy!
    I would not like to show you my workshop at the moment
    I think your workroom is very organised it is great! and some things you have to leave out for a few days, till it is finished! Sometimes it takes me too long to finish one thing!lol

  20. Hi Jayne,

    I got my bottom over to your blog at last..and joined! YAY! lol

    I love your craft's so wonderfully organised and tidy, I love it!

    Well, I recognise witch, droopy, grimacing, floozy's and er Hogwarts on your white board. ;o) I guess that 'might' have something to do with me and what I asked for as well? ;o) Will reply to your email ASAP!

    Michelle xxx

  21. Wow - i just gotta say that your space is alot cleaner than mine!! haha - and I am spread all over the place... my office, the kitchen table, and the coffee table... yikes - my poor husband!! hugs, ara

  22. Susan...I used to be super organized like that at work too and everyone used to laugh at me :-)

    Julie neat wait till I post pics of how it should look...all tidy.

    My gubbins are very spread out Debie...think it is old age creeping up on me ! take me far too long to finish some things too. You should join the workshop challenge and post pics.

    Hey michelle.... lol yes ...those notes are about you :-)

    Ara...I am not allowed to spread out anywhere anymore...which is fair enough I guess. Did you spy your sketches on my shelf :-)


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