Friday, 5 February 2010

Happy Kidneyversary

To Mick and his third kidney....

When he was just 21 years old,
Mick got a phone call that would change his life forever.

A kidney was available for transplant and it was a match for him.

And here we are 29 years later.

A rather nephrofulous occasion you must agree.

And what's really amazing is that the expected life of a transplanted organ in 1981 was between 5 and 12 years.

He has really beaten the odds on this one. I don't have a current figure yet but when we had his Silver Kidneyversary party in 2004 there were only 414 people in the entire
world who had a transplant surviving that long.

If they make it though to 30 years there will be one helluva party

To all of my readers who are organ donors...
thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Without people like you our lives would be very different today.

Ode to a Man with Three Kidneys

I once knew a man who lived down our street

who had three kidney’s

- A remarkable feat

When asked why this was he would say

“I don’t know;

Perhaps I woke up one morning and it started to grow”.

“I did used to think it was a bit odd

I’ve even considered and act of God;

But whatever it was that caused it to grow

it’s never given me no trouble you know”.

I asked if he felt some sort of a freak

and he said “no not really I feel quite elite;

It give one a sense of being well off

Like owning a rolls you know , being a real toff”;

But all his elation was soon brought to ground

By a stranger he met in a pub in the town

they were chatting away and sinking the mild

When our man remarked in a casual style

“Ya know between you and me,

We’ve got five kidneys old son”.

To which the stranger (aghast) replied

“Bloody hell ain’t you got none”?


  1. Happy Kidneyversary to Mick..x

  2. What wonderful news! Happy Anniversary Mick!
    I am an organ donor and think everyone should be.
    Someone just might need my parts someday. When I'm gone to heaven I sure won't need them anymore! :D

  3. Fantastic news! Happy Kidneyversary, Mick! Here's to many more!

  4. Amazing story - here's to the next 29 years!

  5. Hapy kidneyversary from me too ! mick is doing amazingly, that kidney must be very happy in there and isnt giving up !
    all my parts are up for grabs one day, just hope I dont wear them out too much first LOL
    Heres hoping you are telling us about the helluva party you all had next year :0)
    julie xxx

  6. When my Mum passed away we decided that her organs, all her organs, should be donated. Afterwards we knew that all the implants have been successfull and I even met the Lady with Mum's cornea. I'll shall do the same and Mick's story reinforces my decision. Happy Kidneyversary Mick and start planning a huge party for next year. Rosanna

  7. That is wonderful news. Happy Kidneyversary.

  8. WOW! Happy Kidneyversary!!! must be down to the way you look after him so well :o)

  9. LOL! Love your "ode". Congratulations, Mick!

  10. Happy Kidneyversary to you from me too Mick. Lovely poem Jayne xxx

    Debie xxx

  11. Glad to hear about these little miracles!! Sometimes I think medical science gives the human body to little credit! Its an amazing thing! Tell Mick congrats! hugs, ara

  12. Wonderful Kidneyversary! My cousin has three kidneys but the third is small and pretty non-functioning so not worth offering for transplant but what a wonderful gift for those who do donate organs.


  13. I'm so late getting here but this is fantastic and can see why you celebrate.
    Happy belated Kidneyversary!
    Nikki xxx

  14. Thank you is indeed a big thing in our lives as you can imagine.

    Oh and I can't take credit for the ode...Mick wrote that many moons ago.

  15. hello there.

    i was just wondering how old Mick's kidney was. Took some finding out but here it is!.

    Best wishes to you both from me and mum



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