Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Things I've learned this week.....

When you are about to sculpt the first pair of hands you have ever done.....pick something considerably more simple than hands that need to appear to be playing a guitar lol....boy was that ever difficult.

And I hate sewing...hate it with an absolute passion. I don't mind the stitching part....that is easy enough as the clothes are small.

But the rest of it....well I think I have some kind of sewing dyslexia.....I could not for the life of me figure out how this jacket was supposed to go together

I wish you were here....for some very amusing would be laughing you head off at me

I eventually kind of figured out what shapes the parts of the jacket were meant to be and start to tack it together.

  • sew sleeve hole shut...check
  • have front inside out and back outside out...check
  • reverse what you just did and it is still wrong....check
  • sew front and back up first then wonder how the sleeve fits in....check
  • sew sleeve up first then wonder how you sew the front and back ...check
  • draw hieroglyphics on the fabric to help and find it doesn't work....check.

I was tearing my hair out but I am so pathetic I was just cracking myself up.

Really how can this be so hard...feels like a bloody IQ test :-)

Anyhow, that's where I've been....I finally managed to get the sleeves attached at the shoulders, so it should only take me say another 2 weeks to figure out the rest....seriously I hope to have piccies of the finished Kendo by Friday....if I don't come back send out the search'll find me rocking back and forth in the corner surrounded by sewing paraphernalia.


  1. haha - so sorry the sewing is driving you crazy... I think sewing RL clothes is complicated... I can't imagine little bitty clothes! You'll get it eventually though, I am sure! -ara

  2. If it gets too bad, pop everything that needs sewn into the mail and I'll do it. ;-)


  3. There's always glue instead of thread! LOL

  4. I still get that way sometimes when I am trying to figure something out. It happened recently when I was trying to attach something to an item I was sewing - never did figure it out! Hang in there.

  5. You are too funny! I'm sure you will figure it out! Can't wait to see this jacket! :)

  6. Ara...complicated is an understatement ....I had no idea and really thought I would just be able to sew lol.

    Casey...glue would actually be worse for me right least with sewing I can unpick it when I mess it up :-) really, really shouldn't have offered might regret it lol. You are up to your ears in R/L sewing now though so that will stop me :-)

    Claudia....glad it isnt' just me and the more experienced amongst you get stuck sometimes.

    Kathi....I think you'll like it...the fabric at least if not the shape :-)

  7. WOW... you have had a time of it...but know this...that even as many years as I have been sewing doll clothes...I still do from time to time (more times that I wish to admit) a few of those things that you listed...
    I would suggest that you get a tiny press iron (for getting into those tiny spots)... press a small hem seam one both the body of the jacket and the sleeve...and then either glue or hand sew one to the other.... works great to get you started. I do mostly hand sewing...ironing my seams first and then blind stitching or using small bits of Stitch Witchery and heat set...then top stitch...
    Larger clothing is tough...miniature clothing is damn near impossible at times...

    Hang in there


  8. Hi Jodi

    Well the fact that you still have moments makes me feel much better :-)

    A tiny iron is a brilliant idea...I didn't even know they existed. Trying to press this with my big iron was a mare.

    I hadn't heard of Stitch Witchery...thought it was a HP reference till I googled it lol.

    I know it as WundaWeb and I do have some here.

    I hadn't heard of heat set either so I'll look for some of that too.

    And I hand sew everything as well ...can't imagine attempting something this size on a machine ...think I'd lose my fingers.

    Practice !!!! Practice !!!! Practice !!!!

  9. Practice makes perfect - you're getting there!

  10. Thanks DollMum...practice, practice, practice...the key to our success !


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