Saturday, 8 August 2009


I am having some serious computer problems here...for some reason Google believes that I am a robot and am flooding the system with automated queries......whatever they are. It won't allow me to connect to G Mail or my blog.

I managed to get in here now by going from a link in a hotmail email somehow.

But that didn't' work a few minutes ago and I don't even know if this will post.

So if I vanish or appear to be ignoring comments this is why.

Hopefully I can figure it out...goodness knows how long it will take goggle to respond to my question.


  1. Mine did the same thing for a couple hours... now its working again. Hopefully yours will start acting right again too! -ara

  2. I have been having the same problem this morning. I just ran my Webroot Antivirus and Antispyware program and got rid of three cookies. That seems to have fixed it for me. Or else Google got things fixed on their end. Whatever. If you are still having problems maybe if you run a spyware or antivirus program it will be fixed..

  3. Jayne, it's not you. It's Blogger. They are DDOS, same as Twitter and Facebook yesterday. Marsha

  4. Jayne- this has been happening to me for 2 days too. I read that google, twitter and facebook were attacked and that probably has something to do with it. Just wanted you to know you are not alone :)

  5. Same here chick! Just got through again! I thought i broke my blog!

  6. Jayne you are not alone. Its happening to me too.
    Debie xxxxxx

  7. thanks for this, I had my husband out of bed at 4am trying to fix my computer as I was about to dissolve into tears...

  8. Oh finally...I was in a right panic there lol.

    I cleared everything, ran scans and reset my IP address but nothing worked.

    Glad it wasn't something I did though...phew !

    Linda....imagine how I felt...Mick is out at the shake n bake lab and I was trying to figure it out myself lol.

  9. I too had this happen earlier today. It's all clear now.
    Maybe connected to face book and where somebody hacked it and changed it to a swear word before the book bit... lol.
    Lord only knows why people find such things fun!
    Such a panic though; thought i'd lost everything.
    Nikki x

  10. Such a least if we could have got in we could have seen it wasn't just us individually.

    Wonder it any others are sitting at home right now stressing out and can't even get in to read this.

  11. oh i have done the stressy bit thinking the comp had gone haywire on me or i had let a bad program in????....thanx for bringing it up jayne.....thought i had pressed the wrong button......again:O)

  12. My computer has been freezing up quite often. It's working right now but sometimes I can't even get it to turn on? Very frustrating. I have a virus protection program and Windows Live Onecare but they don't seem to be helping. Hope this problem doesn't last long!!

  13. Nope it isnt' you.

    Right royal pain in the bottom.

  14. Me too. Just cleared this morning. That's why my last comment on Pino came out twice yesterday, Jayne. The 1st time after I posted , Google gave me a "I am sorry" but you are spammming message. Glad you did this post so I can explain.

  15. I had that silly problem yesterday too, I blamed Noah for all the games he plays on the computer, lol! Guess I'd better go and say sorry now I know it's not just my computer!

  16. I hope you get your problem worked out really soon.

    Mini Hugs, Jean


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