Friday, 14 August 2009

Rock star clothing

Who knew how hard it could be to dress a sculpt....I didn't that's for sure.

I have been ruminating over this guys clothes all week now and just can't make my mind up.

I got as far as deciding he'd be wearing jeans so started to sew some up. I am not a seamstress or anything even remotely like it. I ditched sewing in school at the earliest opportunity....and it shows :-)

These actually came out better than I expected for me although they are too high waisted and maybe a little narrow in the legs....not sure of that yet. Jeans do come this skinny but I am not sure they suit him.

The high waist might not be a problem depending on what kind of shirt I make for him....or maybe I'll just name him Simon :-)

He has no lower legs as yet....shan't do those until I am sure of his pose. That's why they jeans look funny at the bottom. Same with his hands. I was waiting for his guitar to arrive before I posed him and sculpted his hands.

Here is his guitar...isnt' it too cool !

As for the top you can see here...well that is just a cover for the wadding....a very dirty cover.

In my infinite wisdom, and laziness, I decided to glue it over the wadding. Hmm...fluffy stuff and super sticky, stringy fabritac glue...what a mess...won't be doing that again. So that is why it is so grubby....good job you won't see it :-)

I have no idea what to have him wear as a top. I took him to JoAnns with me and he sat in the cart like a good boy while I draped fabric over him looking for inspiration. Got me some right funny I played along and made a point of talking to him...loudly !

Nothing seems to suit him at all and, as I am getting rather irritated with him now, I might just put him aside for a little bit and start another head.

Oh and next time...I'll dress the doll before I wig it...his hair is really getting in the way...hence it being put up :-)


  1. hahaha - I really like the vision of you strolling him around talking to him! I think he looks good so far!! -ara

  2. Looking Good Jayne.... he is coming right along. And I will say it again...for your very first attempt at a doll are doing terrific... I know several who were not this good 3 years in...seriousily! You are finding out all the little things to 'change' on the next one...glues, dressing first, fabrics etc... everything is a learning experience , with each you will grow, and grow as you learn.
    It is much easier to have shoes on before least for me, with many outfits I choose to add the head last...some I add the head right away...just depends. Hair can be a big hassle...specially if long. Sometimes it is easier to add afterwards..if you do...and you plan to do hair cuts and stylings with gels and can make a little cloth hair cutters cap like they use in the beauty salons...I did and it works like a charm keeps the clothing clean and hairless.
    All in all it is looking fantastic...and you are smart to move on to another head while waiting to complete this one... keep moving forward...
    As for a could make an over shirt and loosly belt it up with something sexy like a chain or stud filled belt...maybe an over vest of leather or soft suede ...even adding fringe


  3. Thanks Ara...yes it was fun to wind people up :-)

    Jodi...thanks as usual for your comments and encouragement.

    It is definitely a learning experience and I guess we all have to go through it to find our own way. What seems the logical next step at the time often doesn't turn out that way :-)

    How do you pull his pants on if he has shoes on though ? That is why I left his feet off ...that and I am still unsure of his final pose.

    I know what kind of shirt I want...along the lines of a poet shirt. It is what fabric that is giving me the problem. Nothing looks right so far.

    So yes,I think I'll move along and come back to him. I think I am now in the over thinking it stage so need to put him aside rather than make a decision I'll regret later.

    I did buy some fringe though...for another one ...I'd like to try one of those leather jackets with the tassels under the arms and across the back :-)

  4. I think you're doing a great job! Love the jeans!
    I like the idea of a leather shirt or a vest with fringe... Can't wait to see him with his guitar!
    Love the story of you taking him shopping with you and talking to him out loud. Bet you got some great looks! :)

  5. LOL...You know Rockers' like their pants tight!! So I think they're perfect!!! Love the hair, ~giggling with you~ looks great up in a bun:)

    ....You make me want to learn to sculpt people!! Maybe oneday......


  6. You know, Jayne, History Channel here will be showing "Hippies" tonight and when I saw the trailer with all that flower power and "trancing" and prancing, it just made me think of "Simon". Your sewing is fab, if it was me, I would probably just That high waist and perky butt make his back a tat feminine and when you bun that hair up so neatly like that, he looks like a Simone. That guitar really rocks ! :) Poet shirt sounds fab. Aren't they mostly white/cream? Or you making the India version ? :)

  7. He is coming along nicely
    I have tried to dress a doll didn't have much luck, there must be a trick to it and I think it is GLUE!!!
    Glue everything hehehehe!

  8. You are doing really well and like Jodi I have seen peeps who have been making dolls for a while and they havent made as much progress as you.

    Some times I make the lower part of the leg with the shoes on. I then make the trousers and put them on the doll. Then I put the legs on, no struggling with the easing over the shoe bit.

    When I first started making dolls I used to do the hair first, tis all part of the learning curve.

    Onwards and upwards.


    Debie xxxxxx

  9. Thanks :-)

    Yup was certainly fun to wind people up :-)

    Katie...give it a isn't easy but it is so much fun.

    Sans....glad you think he is feminine...that was the plan but I wasn't sure it came off. What is an Indian poet shirt like...nothing came up on google.

    Thanks Debie...a learning curve indeed lol. onwards and upwards :-)

    next step...flute player or singer...hmmm.

  10. LOL Jayne can just imagine you shopping with him ! he looks fab, I would give him hiupsters, just cut off where you like and you can add a nice leather belt to cover the edges, Think he is going to look great dressed, you will find the right fabric I'm sure.
    I too wig last and do shoes before i dress but its a learning curve and all depends on the shoes, with skinny type trousers I'm with debie, make the legs but dont glue them , then its easy to slip them up the trousers, other wise leave the seam open an inch at the bottom and then slip stitch shut once over the shoes :0)
    You are doing so well , and figuring things out for yourself too, cant wait to see your next head :0)
    julie xxxx

  11. Jayne, the style is similar to poet style without the ruffles. Very hippie era, usually made of thin cotton and bold colours a la British India. There's a cool fashion show at Just eye candy may not be suitable for Simon.

  12. Sans that website cracked me up ...... 'presenting an era or racism, oppression, injustice and...nice outfits' Not laughing what they went through at our hands...just the way they presented it :-) Love the clothes though.

    Yup Julie...I am learning...that I don't know what I am doing :-)


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