Friday, 21 August 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen......

.........Please put your hands together
and give a warm welcome to..........


p.s I apologize upfront to all you Brits who had managed to forget this little tune :-)


  1. LOVE it! What a wonderful creation! Excellent!

  2. OH WOW...... This is the funniest thing I have seen all week! You are TOO funny and I love that song... haha. I have never heard it before!! I hope Kendo can find his shirt soon! -ara

  3. Great!!! I have fun a lot with Kendo!!

    By yhe way, all fabric are beautiful!

  4. Wait, wait, I am trying to get up off the floor from laughing. Worse yet, my hubby says that us "mini" people are a little strange sometimes. This is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen. Where is his shirt???

    Have a great weekend Jayne!!

  5. You have done him!! you are great!

  6. ROTFL!! Well done!!!!! Sure made me chuckle this afternoon! I needed that! Hugs, Marsha

  7. Jayne, Ken Dodd and the Diddy Men I presume ROTFLMAO. My kids made me turn the PC down and understand why I am crying with laughter. FANTASTIC. YOU ROCK!!!! Hes awesome and where is his shirt?

    Debie xxxxxxx

  8. Kendo take a little bow and thanks oyu all.

    Glad it gave you all a chuckle...I've not stopped laughing in 3 was the most fun thing I've done in ages :-)

    Where's his shirt ? .....well....what d'ya think started all this :-) Still in my fabric stash !

  9. That was so funny! I've never heard that song either. Love it! Where's his shirt?? Love that blue fabric. PLEASE make him a shirt! He would look even more gorgeous with a shirt. Love the hair too! LOL

  10. haahahahaahaha, I watched it twice, Jayne. That song is so awful, it's fabulous! I can see Kendo being the resident rocker at Tallulah Belle.

    I can see a "stripey" in your stash but I'll have to say, I think I may have better ones, Let me take some pics and show you soon and yes, I will count the stripes per sq inch for you! :)

  11. Hi is by a very old Brit comedian...hence the apology to the Brits...they will all know that song but will have ling forgotten it...until now.... he he.

    I will make him a shirt...soon :-) is awful isn't do you think I has been going round my head for ages now which prompted me to do this :-)

    Nah that stripe is no good I know...and yes please....stripes per know me lol.

  12. Jayne I just worked out where your Rocker Dude's name comes from. Sometimes I wonder, I really do, bit like the time it took me about 4 weeks to work out WYSIWYG.
    Love Debie xxxx

  13. Wooooo hoooooo ....did you get it ALL though ..the whole name is a play on words ;-)

    Think about who it is and what he did !

  14. ROFL Jayne :0) Choked on my tea !! just woke up made a nice cuppa, pressed play and laughed my socks off ! Thought he had a strange name but didnt mention it LOL He looks great though and bet the real ken would have been tickled by this too ;0)
    brilliant first sculpt , cant wait to see him with his shirt !
    julie xxxxx

  15. That is so cool, clver you! Love it Jayne, youll have to do videos for all your rock stars now you know!!! Kate xx

  16. Knew you Brits would laugh your heads off lol.

    The real Ken is still alive Julie...I was sure he'd died a long, long time ago but I was wrong.

    Kate...yes that thought has already occurred to me but this will take some it was all a real I couldn't do it if I actually tried :-)

  17. Thanks Josje...not so catchy for all the Brits who had to listen to it over and over as a kid :-)


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