Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Next.......Rock Star # 2 !

Well what an horrendous week computer wise this has been.

Aside from Google thinking I am a robot I have had internet connection problems you wouldn't believe.

I don't know how much of this is our router or how much blame I can put on Time Warner.
TW's stock excuse is that I live in LA and what do I expect with so many people trying to get through the server. Well hello...I don't live in LA (intentionally) and besides, if that is the problem then sort it out so it can deal with this many people.

I am still having problems with the blogs I am following is rarely there so if I don't appear to visit your new posts it is because I don't know about them :-(

In other news, I had my interview with the immigration people and am now 'officially' half American. I ate my first sweet potato yesterday so I am working on being authentic :-)

* * * * * * * * * *

I am still working on the 'newly named'....Kendo Didmoni...AKA Rock Star the guitarist.

I started a new pair of jeans as the skinny ones really looked stupid with boots on. It has made me realize just how much I don't like sewing...although maybe if I was better at it, and actually had a clue what I was doing, then it wouldn't be such a chore :-)

I hope to have some new photos by the end of this week but if not by the beginning of next.

In the meantime here are some photographs that are my inspiration for rock star # 2...the flautist.

This is Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, whose photo appears to be doing the rounds of
Facebook at the moment as a one legged flute player !

The photo below is how I shall hopefully dress him. I have found the fabric for the jacket but can't seem to find anything suitable for the pants he is wearing....looks very much like the popular bedsheets of 1970's England to be honest and I am sure many of you Brits will remember striped flannel sheets like this :-)

If anyone has ever seen any fabric that is similar please let me know :-)

And this is how he looks now....still a one legged flute player....just less hair :-)

I love Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson has always been a favorite character of mine. For many years now I've planned on having a go at painting this silhouette of him on one of my day I'll do it .

I don't intend to (or have no hope of) making my sculpt look like him but it gives me great inspiration as to what kind of person I want him to be. And an excuse to listen to Tull all day to get me in the mood :-)


  1. Love the pics Jayne, can imagine him inspiring you to come up with a great character. The silhouette pic is so cool, would make great wall art.
    Congratulations on being half american now ! have you picked up an accent yet or do you still sound totally british ?
    julie xxx

  2. He is pretty cool huh...and I don't have to worry about doing pretty lol

    As for my accent...actually most people think we are both Australian I Guess it is a combination of the American and British accents :-)

    Many Americans still don't understand me though....especially automated phone systems. I called Social Security yesterday and it asked me to spell out Jayne so I repeated 'your name is Kiyana' LMAO...that even has more letters :-)

    But no, I am still a Brit at heart...I eat chips not fries and cook on aluMINIum foil :-)

  3. Love Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson was always so cool. Perfect inspiration! My followers list is usually there - but sometimes it just disappears. I hope Blogger will finally get a handle on the problem.

    Congratulations on being half-American!

  4. Howdy Jayne...

    First off...CONGRATS on becoming half eating your first sweet potato...did you like it? I have a wonderful Sweet Potato Souffle (sp) recipe....let me know.

    Second ...I hear ya with the computer/connection problems...been having a few of those myself lately...UGH!! We have no excuse of a big city ...just a backwards one...

    Third....LOVE Ian Anderson / J. Tull too.... has always been one of my favs...I still say he made the Best Christmas Album EVER!!!! now on myself there.

    This will be a great character to do...I will look through my fabric to see if I have anything close to those stripes...must it be flannel?


  5. So Jethro Tull appears to be more well known over here than I thought...splendid !

    Hi're having the same probs huh...mine comes and goes too but mostly is gone :-( At least I can get on my own now lol.

    Hi Jodi....I did like the sweet potato but I think I over cooked it. I 'baked' it in the microwave and my friend said don't do it for long...but seems 5 minutes s too long. I just had it with real butter and salt...I think I'll like them :-) Perhaps I'll try pumpkin next lol.

    Not sure my oven would cook a is gas but very temperamental and can't decide whether to stay on or not. I rarely use it for cooking because of this but it is useless for cakes so I guess souffle is out of the question :-(

    And you like Tull cool is thins...I really never thought they made it big over here. The Christmas album is very good and very nice to listen to something unique.

    The stripey fabric doesn't have to be flannel at all...I was just wondering out loud if his pants were made from bedsheets as it is so similar to our old sheets. Not that it would surprise me with him lol.

    Like I say I won't do an exact if I could...but that is the feel I am going for.

    And thanks all for the is a very strange feeling at the moment.

  6. Hey Jayne, 1stly, Jethro Tull? Wow, I understand that Brits love them. Aren't they really heavy?

    Talk about skinny pants, surely they can't go any skinnier than the ones Ian Anderson's wearing in those pics??

    I took a closer look at the striped pyjamas (4th last) and lo and behold, did I not use those for my tent top? You just need to age and shred them after. Go take a look, will you, and let me know if they are suitable.Must they be of a certain material. Mine is polyester, I think. I have them in orange and green/blue. I also have dark blue stripey shijira-ori fabrics (google it for details) bought at our S$2 store. I will see if I can take pictures of them and send them to you.

  7. Actually Jayne...I should clear that is really not so much a souffle as a plain casserole someone just named it 'fancy'...not at all...just something great to have with holiday turkey...OOOOOo Holida Turkey..dosen't that sound yummy!!! anyway....forgot to add...I saw Jethro Tull in concert in 1971...never forgot it...two other big names with him...actually Tull opened for them...but their names escape me as all I can remember was how brilliant Tull was.....ahhhh the good old days of Great Rock and Roll


  8. Congrats on being half American!!!! I love sweet potatoes baked with lots of butter.

    I remember those sheets and I also remember the brushed nylon static things too.

    Looking foward to Rock Star two x
    Debie xxxxx

  9. Hooray for "half american"!! You probably know more about the US than lots of people that live here-if they don't allow you to stay all of us bloggers will go have a talk with them! My account occasionally acts up still too. Most times if I keep refreshing the page my blogs I follow eventually show up- but sometimes I have to wait till later in the day. I can't wait to see the second pair of jeans- I thought you did pretty well on the first pair-especially if you don't enjoy sewing! What a fab rock band this is going to be!!

  10. Fab photos....Totally wild.........can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Congrats from here too:O)

  11. Hi Sans....heavy...nah not at least not in the sense of say Metallica them on might like them :-)

    I can't view your blog right now to look at your tent :-( I have just ordered some fabric so I'll see what that is like.

    And yes his pants are tight but it isn't so bad when they are tucked into boots.

    Hi Jodi...oh a casserole...that I could manage. I am a bad cook and my oven is a bad oven so a souffle was out of the questions...but a casserole..I think even I could do that :-)

    I've never had a holiday turkey..not an American one anyhow !

    How cool you saw them...and shows how good they were is you can't remember the other bands lol.

    Ooh Debie....I remember those sheets as well lol. Did you have a brushed nylon nightie as well...I was like a freakin fireworks display whenever you moved in bed lol.

    Hi Kim...the second pair of jeans are just dandy...not so skinny :-)

    Hi Julie..he is wild isn't he...he will be so much fun.


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