Monday, 4 October 2010

Something different

With all my recent commissions I am somewhat all floozied out so thought I'd spent a day playing with some clay.

I am still working on plants but need something to do in between drying times. 

I watched Beetlejuice last week which got us talking about Tim Burton and The Nightmare Before Christmas movie...which I'd never seen. So we decided to watch it.

I know I am soo behind the curve here but what an awesome head is swimming with loads of new ideas now :-)

Who knows...maybe I'll even watch Harry Potter soon too :-)


  1. Jayne,

    These are fabulous in everyway, they look really mouldy and gross (in a great way)! lol This is soooo weird, as I've recently asked an artisan if they will make me some pumpkins going over and on the turn with a worm or caterpillar on the top! lol

    Superb! Harry Potter next then?! lol
    Will email you later...time allowing!

    Michelle xxxx

  2. Hi Tallulah. I love the mouldy pumpkins. Beetlejuice is still one of my favourite films. As for Harry Potter - you will need oodles of time to spare - it is sooooo long! Mind you, there are some good characters and imagery. Pan x

  3. Jayne, A Nightmare before Christmas is one of my Ben's favourite films. I brought him a special collectors edition of the film last year for Christmas. You ought to watch the Corpse Bride as well.
    Love your mouldy Pumpkins, is that a maggot coming out of the eye socket?
    You haven't watched HP!!!!!!! Jayne, you'd get loads of ideas for your miniature plants, from the Herbology Teacher, Professor Sprout. LOL

  4. You see also the "Corpse Bride" Tim Burton: poetic and wonderful!
    The rotten pumpkins makes me tenderly :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  5. Fabulous 'mouldy old pumpkins' :0) I love the one in the left hand side middle, he looks a bit shocked at going mouldy!! lol
    Julia xxx

  6. oh Jayne, you've never watched Harry Potter???!!! I think I've seen each movie about 100 times each- I love them! Tim Burton is soooo awesome- wouldn't it be great to spend an afternoon talking ideas with him? I love your pumpkins- especially the one with the worm crawling out of his eye :)

  7. floozied out! LOL sounds like an oo-err statement haha... am loving the maggotty worm in the pumpkin eyeball :o) I might have to revisit Beetlejuice, been ages since I saw that film x

  8. Me encantan, son terrorificamente preciosas.
    besitos ascension

  9. Love these! Love their faces and colours!Excellent work!:)

  10. Hi Michelle

    I didn't know whether to put mouldy or is spelled differently here lol.

    Glad you like first attempt was Boo and she is only a tad on the turn so I fancied doing some even more gone lol.

    yes HP next perhaps ;-)

  11. Hi Pan. I've seen bits of HP when it was on TV but it is how long it is that puts me off. I a not one for sitting still for long...I could never go tot he cinema to watch a movie :-)

    Beetlejuice was a fun movie :-)

  12. Debbie I've seen the Corpse Bride and absolutely love it. I missed out on Nightmare as back when that came out I was working crazy hours - I missed most of the 90's lol

    it is a maggot...or a worm...that was a last minute decision he he.

    I agree watching HP will fill em with ideas...and make it easier to make the commissions from it fact It should be required watching for me I think lol

  13. Thanks you have a wonderful way with words that always makes me smile.

  14. Hi Julia...that was the first one I did...I like that one best as well and he came out as shocked looking as I hoped :-)

  15. Hi I told you I was behind the curve lol. I only watched Wizard of Oz for the first time last bad is that lol. Especially as Oz is the regular Christmas movie in England just like a Christmas story is here. Deprived childhood lol.

    To meet and natter with Tim Burton would be

  16. Wendie at my age I'll take any oo-err I can get :-)

    I guess I'd be more concerned if Mick was all floozied out lol.

    I really enjoyed Beetlejuice even though I don't like Keaton he did this well.

    The maggoty eye was a last minute thing but I do love it :-)

  17. Thanks Ewa...the coloring was the fun bit...I did it all with chalks...very messy but fun :-)

  18. A great film for inspiration and the pumpkins are fabulous. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  19. Thanks was very inspirational...wish I had more clay skills and I'd be making all of it lol. I'll be practicing though :-)

  20. Very very wonderful, Jayne!! Wow!!

    Harry Potters not so bad ...

  21. Love the pumpkins, especially the spooky one with the worm! Just wait til you see HP films, you'll have so many ideas running round your head you wont know where to start!! Cant wait to see the Burton inspired plants! Kate xxx

  22. Hi Jayne
    The nightmare before Christmas is a very good film
    and the moldy old pumpkins are great!

  23. I've never seen Harry Potter either. We tried watching it but it just didn't click for us. I know we're the exception. Love your pumpkins.

    By the way, your house in England with all the bakelite sounds incredible!


  24. Thanks Susan...worthy of a wow :-)

    Not so bad...hmmm that doesn't sound convincing lol

  25. Hi head will explode me thinks lol.

    Glad you like them :-)

  26. Hello Lola....I see you like the movie as well. I am glad you like my pumpkins...thank you xxx

  27. Hi Claudia...thanks. I think I am one of the exceptions never having seen HP :-)

    My Bakelite was interesting but not as pretty as yours...all dark brown stuff. Very common in England for fittings but most people took it out way back.

  28. WOW, getting "floozied out" is apparently a good thing because you're GOOD with the clay. Those moldy pumpkins are so cool!

  29. Totally cool! :-) I love the mouldy old pumpkins tee hee!


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