Thursday, 28 October 2010

The best laid plans and all that....

Well as excited as I was to go and see The Nightmare before Christmas in 4D it won't be happening this year. Luckily they do it ever year at Halloween time so perhaps next year we can make a full weekend of it and do the whole shebang with the Pumpkin Kings dinner as well.

My computer monitor has been acting up the past few weeks and has been flickering at me. Then it started flashing and then it started going on and off making it impossible to use. Mick took it apart and ordered the capacitors to fix it but when he came to do so the back light had blown out as well. Likely my fault for carrying on using it when there was a problem :-(

So, we had to to buy a new one. All you can get now are the wide screens. I don't like them but figured I'd get used to it. I set it so the fonts were readable but then it wouldn't run my camera software of photoshop. To do that it had to be on the highest resolution which meant the font size was too mall for me to read. And on top of that my photos all looked squat. I tried ever combination of settings but no way could I work with squat photos lol.

Luckily Mick found me a second hand, old fashioned square monitor so I am good to go now.

On top of this I had to visit the dentist. I have a totally irrational and crazy dental phobia. I can give blood, have shots, do surgery etc but when it comes to the dentist I am a quivering wreck....literally.

I found a dentist that deals in patients with 'high anxiety' and went to see her. I have to say they were fantastic. I've had dentists refuse to treat me as my blood pressure goes so high. Dentists who claim to deal with the likes of me leave me sitting in the chair, surrounded by the sights and smells of a dental office, for ages. Dentists who get totally embarrassed when I am sitting there in tears.

So, to find someone who really understood and wanted to help me is a great step forward.

Unfortunately I have bone loss in my jaw so they are unsure whether anything can be done. My teeth don't look bad but they are not secure in my jaw. Apparently it is a genetic thing and no amount of brushing or flossing will help. They are going to try putting some drugs into my gums and see if it can be built back up and doing some gum surgery before making the decision whether to take them all out or not :-(

So tomorrow I will be dragged to the dentist by Mick and given a wonderful drug that will render me useless. I will then sleep the entire day away and have zero recollection of the whole day when I wake up.

As I have no collection of ever being hurt by a dentist, my new dentist also thinks I need to see a hypnotist to find out why I am like this so I will be seeing a therapist shortly and see where we can go from there.

So with having to buy a new monitor, a dentist bill of about $750 so far (after insurance) and the fact that I will likely still be whacked out on Saturday there will be no going to Hollywood this weekend.

I am not too upset though as next week we are off to San Francisco. A very dear friend of mine is flying there from the east coast to attend a wedding. She will have a day free so we are driving up there to meet her. I met her in a miniature group a long time ago and although we've never met we have become very close friends so I am very exited about it.

I've been finishing off some minis and have some rather spooky ones to show you but I am going to save those for Kats Halloween party. I really want to join in so will schedule a post in case I am not up to it :-)

I've also made some small sets of grungy pots which are now in my etsy store. They can be used for decoration only or actually used to put plants in.

I apologise that I've been so slow replying to emails or reading blogs but with no monitor and then the whole dentist thing I've just not been able to do it :-(

And in case I don't make it on here before....



  1. What a bummer to have teeth issues right before Halloween! I'm having problems with mine, too... and have no insurance. :( And i really, really don't like going either. Terrible to admit to it, but I've been twice in the past 15 years. And it was only because I had to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled. I don't do well either, so your not alone. Hopefully you can get all this behind you soon:)


  2. I feel your anxiety, Jayne. I managed to avoid dentists most of my life (I did have a really icky one as a child. He was rough and he had bad breath, among other things.) but when the inevitable came, I was fortunate enough to find a nice gentle one who helped me overcome my high anxiety. Nowadays, they're all about saving teeth when they can. Good luck with yours.

    I like the mossy pots. Not just that thet're mossy but the style of them. They remind me of Braxton Payne pots.

  3. Hi Katie, yes the timing sucks :-(

    I have to admit dental insurance, at least ours, really isn't that good. The $150 is what I haev to pay out of pocket. I am sure they inflate the prices when insurance is involved as well. I thought dental work in England was high but it is crazy high here.

  4. Horrible isn't it Tabs. My doc is so useless and just wants to give me happy pills and told me the more I go the quicker I'll 'get over it'

    I have no bad recollection of a dentist which is why she thinks a hypnotist might work to find out what it is. At this point I'll try anything.

    They do want to save my teeth if they can but a good thing as well is they don't want me to waste money on work if it will only last a couple of years. A dentist trying to save me money...that's a first for me lol.

    Glad you like the pots...they are a bit mossy...and with real moss as well not just green paint :-)

  5. ((((((((( hugs ))))))))))) I feel for you so much. I have shrinking gums and I dont like the dentist either. Have a lovely time in San Franny xxxx

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  6. Hope all goes well with the teeth, my friend has shrinking gums... her dentist told her its a side effect of the UC medication, so I guess I have got it too come. Will be sending you good vibes tomorrow that all goes quickly and well.
    Love your new pots, I'm stalking your etsy shop at the mo:) LOL Have a great halloween and if you are upto it, come on over to my blog, I am having a giveaway till sunday and then Gertie is having a party!! :)
    Julia xxx

  7. ugh- add my name to the list of people with a phobia about the dentist. In fact- one of my reoccurring bad dreams is about all my teeth falling out! I hope all goes well- shame about the movie, but hopefully next year. Wish I could come make you soup and jello while you healed ♥

  8. ((())) feel for you jayne , hope it goes okay at the dentists.I'm having such a rotten time with my mouth right now and am a nervous patient too, have had toothache for 6 weeks now ,3 courses of antibiotics didnt work and xrays have showed up a rogue dental growth down in the bottom of my gum touching roots of 2 teeth,have been referred to dental hospital but might have to wait another 8 weeks to be seen and the waiting is painful and scary !
    really hope everything went okay for you and you can enjoy halloween.
    julie xx

  9. Oh, take it easy, you've had a hard time of it! I hope things get better for you soon. Happy Halloween and I like your grungy pots, so cute.


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