Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More Alice

Better than the last ones ?

I made the petals on this one with clay instead of paper and I think it is much better.

As for the leaves well.....hmmm not doing too well with the clay ones. I can make them but can't figure out how to attach them to the wire.

For those that haven't seen the movie...and that includes me :-) .... here is a picture of the flowers I am using as inspiration. I just noticed they have eyes painted in so I'll go back and do that with mine.

I am busy, busy, busy with other plants at the mo so can only spend a few minutes on this when I am waiting for the others to dry.

I am on leaf duty for the next few days....they are all painted but need another coat and veining which takes forever. Still can't be worse than picking teeth which is what I've been up to the last few days lol.


  1. I love it! (I thought your first ones were great, too.) Can you do the leaves out of paper, or is there too much contrast with the clay petals?

    - Grace

  2. Me encantan como te estan quedando!!!
    Consigues darles personalidad.
    besitos ascension

  3. Yes, most definitely better, the polymer clay petals work! :o)) I will have to see the film to see the flowers you are using as inspiration! :o)

    Michelle xx

  4. Thanks Grace. I will try with the paper and see what they look like. As this is more of a caricature rather than a real plant it might work.

    BTW I was in Albuquerque a short while back and thought of you :-)

    Thanks Ascension.

    Michelle I've gone back and added a pic of the movie :-) I think the clay petals are much better...I've just never made a clay flower before lol.

  5. I love these! So clever! I took Joanna to see Alice in 3D and liked it alot! The scenery and costumes were wonderful!


  6. OMG that is so wonderful Jayne I LOVE it!!!! Definatly go for the clay, the petals work really well, I think once the eyes are in it will be perfect! I have to check my Alice book and see if there are any other pics, also my book gives size guides for all the characters for thier heights so Ill check if they give the heights for scale, Keep on with them though please they are so good! Love Kate

  7. Thanks Jody..I've yet to see it :-)

    Kate...you likey...thanks :-) I am on a roll here lol. Never thought I'd be doing things like this :-)

    If you can tell me the size that would be fab. I can see they are bigger than Alice in one pic I have but I don't know how big Alice is lol.

  8. Looks great! :)

    How about you insert wire in the clay leaf, then it can be wired around the flower stem. You could always cover the wire there with more clay. Just a thought.

  9. Jayne, they are WONDERFUL!! Told ya! The leaves in your pic look fabulous and don't look like clay at all! I prefer paper when it comes to plants but you will know better. Love em. Show us more when you can.

  10. I love them! The talking flowers were always my favorite part, and yours looks great!

  11. The polymerclay petals look super!

  12. All of your clay flowers are fab, great work :)


  13. Wow- I think that the clay makes the flower look a lot more similar to the movie flowers- fab job! I have not seen the movie yet :(

  14. Arh, now I know what they look like!!!! :o))

    Your's will look even better once you paint the eyes in. ;o) Are you going to make them in other colours? :o))

    Michelle xxx

  15. I seriously love these.... can you make them larger? I would love one or two to display at my house!

  16. Oh! me gustan mucho tus flores. Me alegro haberte encontrado. Saludos.

  17. Thank you all xxxx

    Dale that is what I am trying to do but me and clay don't get on lol.

    Susan...you know I prefer paper but it wasn't working with this. I'll never got to pretty plants with clay but it works better with these.

    I will have a go with other colors Michelle.

    Mrs Adventure....thanks. bigger...as in life sized ? Don't think I'd be able to go that big at all. My sculpting skills are seriously lacking.

    My plants are often smaller than a penny so these, at about 4-5 inches tall seem huge already :-)

  18. I luv these flower folks you make they are so different!
    Arrr he does look a very happy flower must have been looked after really well! lol


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