Friday, 30 April 2010

Interested in a giveaway ?

A giveaway with a difference ?

I just hit the 200 follower mark....wooo hoooo.

A huge thanks to all of you who read my ramblings, leave me comments and offer support and advice. I have made so many dear friends through this blog.

I think this is worthy of a giveaway. But... there's a catch. I would love to use this opportunity to raise some money for a charity I have been helping recently.

I have done a number of trades recently where the person who got something from me didn't have to send anything in return but was requested (with no obligation) to donate whatever they could to one of a number of charities close to my heart.

These people need donations a lot more than I need another miniature.

This would be another way I could raise money for one of the charities who provide safe and clean drinking water for children.

Every day more than 4,000 children in developing countries die, simply because they don't have clean drinking water.

So here is what I propose. Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this whether they be positive or negative.

My idea is that to in order to enter the giveaway you donate 200 pennies ($2) to this charity.

10c buys one packet of Pur Water Purifier.

1 packet will provide 10 liters of clean, safe drinking water.

$1 gives a child clean water for 50 days.

You can see more information at the website and I'll post more when I do the actual giveaway.

I will not be personally collecting any donations.

In order to be eligible for the giveaway, I will ask that all participants donate directly to the charity (they take paypal) and copy their confirmation number into a comment box on the giveaway post.

The confirmation number will merely show you made a donation and will not show how much nor divulge any personal details.

Because I'd like to raise as much money as possible, if you then mention it on your blog you will get 2 entries.

There will be a selection of prizes to choose from….both pretty and wacky plants.

The winner will be drawn at random using a random number generator. You will see that I have set up my blog to give each comment a number.

I decided on $2 as that is 200 pennies…do you think that is too much ?

What do you think about the general idea ?

I haven’t seen anyone who has done anything like this. I have tried to think of any problems this might cause and the only one I could think of was the possibility of fraud so, by having you donate directly, that removes any doubts that the money would get there.

Unfortunately there will be no way for me to determine how much money is raised without asking people to tell me how much they donated and I do not think it fair to ask that.

I appreciate that many of us don't have a lot of spare money these days but I am hoping many of us can afford just $2 and that between us we can make a difference to those who can't just turn on the tap to get a drink of water.

So bloggy friends...what do you think ? Any thoughts / ideas / problems with this ?


  1. What a thoughtful idea, Jayne. I actual have seen this done on another site and there were no problems with it.


  2. I think it sounds like a great idea!

    - Grace

  3. It's a wonderful idea, I went and did a donation right away :)


  4. Love the idea. Will donate even if I don't win :)

  5. That is a wonderful idea. I sponsor two children through a world wide organization and help with their communities. Helping them was gift to myself and it is wonderful getting messages from them and their parents about how much we help. A little goes such a long way in so many countries.

  6. I think its a wonderful idea :o) I've donated anyway and am going to try and add a link to the webite on my page. It's just pennies to us but its life or death for those concerned!

  7. I'm quite pleased with myself! I managed to get a link box to CSDW working on my side bar so hopefully others may notice it and more donations may head that way, although I shall never know how many... thanx for highlighting this issue, having clean water is one of those things that so many of us just take for granted.

  8. A really sensible idea. Look forward to taking part.

  9. 6Y355372MU403772W ..Hope that is the correct conformation # Jayne...I think this is the COOLEST idea ever!!!! Thank you for bringing this to our attention...



  10. Thank you all so very much - it is really appreciated.

    To everyone else after this comment, if you want to enter this giveaway please read the newer post.


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